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This mod adds quality-of-life features and improvements to the compass, seen in games such as The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, etc.

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The compass in Skyrim is... well... a bit underwhelming. For each type of marker, they look the same. So, for example, when you have several quests enabled, it becomes impossible to know what quest are you facing just by looking at the compass. You find yourself again opening the map, trying to guess which one of them is the match. Well, no more!

Compass Navigation Overhaul aims to improve the game experience by adding some useful information to those markers, such as the name of the marker and distance.

The angle to start/stop showing the details is configurable
Name of the markers will be shown in your game language

In addition to the distance, a height-difference indicator is shown. For example, it can be useful to consider your route when approaching a cliff. This one was inspired by the game Assassin's Creed :)

Distance units can be changed between feets and meters 
The indicator appears when the height difference is more than 3 floors

You can customize the behavior of quest marker names, choosing between the objective or the location/character they point to.
 When you face a quest marker, the current objectives for that quest will appear in a quest-list widget. The less time in menus the better!

The position and height of the list and delay to show can be configured

This mod also offer the option to configure whether to show or hide the following markers in the compass:
  • Undiscovered locations. Other mods remove ALL the unvisited locations, while this one only the undiscovered ones. If they are unlocked in the map, then you know them, and they should appear in your compass, right?
  • Enemies, because you can remember places, but you are not omniscient to sense people through walls. Or yes? You are the dragonborn... Anyways, I'll leave the option there for you.
  • Markers behind doors can be shown in the compass when you are outside.

Open Cities was not installed for this demo, trust me

As an option, instead of hiding the undiscovered locations, there are several options to customize the markers for them. You can have unvisited locations with their marker and undiscovered locations with a "?" marker. The best of both worlds ;)

The compass can be edited to match the theme you want. In the gif below you see the Nordic UI skin for this mod, available in the Files tab!

Nordic UI skin in action + "?" undiscovered markers

From version 2.0.2, CoMAP - Common Marker Addon Project and Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE are supported!
Bruma support needs that you install CoMAP to work.

Markers in Bruma thanks to CoMAP compatibility!

The mod options can be configured from the INI file. In the future I will add an MCM menu to ease things up :)

If you read up to this point, you may be interested on giving it a try in your modlist. So... back to Skyrim again?

Use a mod manager of your choice and install it as any other mod. For manual installation, copy the contents of the .RAR file into the Data folder under your Skyrim installation path.

  • ✅ Any mod that touches the HUD but not the compass - Should be fully compatible (according to how Infinity UI works and my testing with other mods). If you identify a mod that it's incompatible please report a bug with the name of that mod and I will try to make it compatible in the next update :)

Skyrim VR version soon.

These people are awesome and very talented, so go check their job, download it, and don't forget to endorse :)
Also, all the patrons that made it possible, with special mention to:

You guys are the best!

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