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For Skyrim SE (and previously AE, check out the comments for an AE version).

Adds a looting menu similar to the one present in FO4.

If any issues occur when using this with other TCC patches or content contact me instead of the TCC team.

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  • Turkish
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  • Mandarin
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Works with Skyrim Special Edition, and previously Anniversary edition. Check out the comments for an AE version.

To use this install the QuickLoot mod from the files section with your favorite mod manager. I've tested it with MO2.

Make sure this is placed bellow TCC in the load order, if used with TCC.

I recommend using this with "No Lockpick Activate (SKSE) - Updated". If you do make sure to tick "Open when container is unlocked" in the MCM.

Mod features an MCM to customize different settings:

TCC is "The Curator's Companion", which is a supporting mod for "Legacy Of The Dragonborn".

Created by using the original QuickLoot RE mod from here:

Source code here:

NOTE: Now works with "Better Third Person Selection - BTPS". Thanks Shrimperator!