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SKSE Plugin that adds Ubisoft style detection meters for stealth.

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Get the v1.6x supporting here


When you are sneaking in game, you may find a fact that quite annoying: You sometimes can not figure out which direction the npc that spotted you come from.

Here is a solution: Detection Meters, a UI feature that is commonly found in many action games with stealth mechanism, also always showing in Ubisoft action games. I had dreaming of such features could be into skyrim for years, now this feature finally come true.

Feature Descriptions:

After you press the sneak key to enter the crouching sneaking state, detection meters will displayed on npcs following mechanism below:

  • Not Combat State: Npcs that has Line of sight on you or head tracking on you or already detected you would displaying a white arrow bar on the screen pointing to the direction they come from. The amount of the whiter bar filling indicates how high the detection value. When the detection value going up to 0 (It's a negative number when undetected), npc has detected you while meter will flashing.

  • Combat State: Only enemy that fighting with you (displayed as a red dot in the compass) would displaying a red arrow bar meter, the amount of the red bar filling indicates how many percent player's stealth point is reduced by the enemy. When the stealth point going down to 0, enemy has detected you while meter will flashing.

Watch the showcase video here:

This mod using a SKSE plugin to excuting it functions and DearImGui to draw it UI, as the result: Script-free, well optimized, and friendly for further modification(Not need to deal with the horrible swf file!).

How To Install And Use:

(1) SKSE for the correspond game version.
(2) Address Library for SKSE Plugins.
Visual C++ Redistributables (2015/2017/2019)

To Install:
Download and Install the mod files with mod manager.

To configure setting:
  • Open "Data\SKSE\Plugins\MaxsuDetectionMeter.ini" to configure the mod setting options.
  • Enter console command ""MaxsuDM reload" to hot reload the configuration settings in game.

To replace the widget:
You can replace the detection meter widget as your favourite style by replace the three PNG file inside the "Data\SKSE\Plugins\MaxsuDetectionMeter" folder. Be noticed that the texture will scaling based on 1920x1080 resolution.
I am looking forward more new texture replacer for it, be free to publish to nexus if you make one.

Compatibility Issues: 

  • Incompatible with the "BorderlessUpscale" feature of SSEDisplayTweaks, must set that option to false before using together with Detection Meter.

  • This mod should not have conflict with any other mods except may occlude the hud element that modified or added by other hud overhaul mods. If that happened, just change the meters position through the "MaxsuDetectionMeter.ini" to compatible.

  • Ershin for his help on coding (detectionlevel).
  • powerofthree for his help on coding(CombatGroup).
  • Fudgyduff for his commonLibSSE.
  • DropKicker for his DKUtils and SKSEPlugins, and teaching me how to use them.
  • WillamWang for made the detection meter texture files, and provide me ideas on making the animated effect.
  • BearForceOne for making showcase video for the mod.
  • People from the Skyrim RE Discord Channel.