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Adds custom icons to world interactions like "Talk", "Harvest", "Sleep", "Activate," like in Oblivion (but with some additions).

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Implements custom, handmade icons to replace the text for world interactions.


1.3+ is out of beta. It supports all official languages and is compatible with all fonts.

New versions no longer replace font files. Just put these two lines into your fontconfig.txt.

fontlib "Interface\Fonticon.swf"
map "$Iconographia" = "Iconographia" Normal

If you do not have a fontconfig.txt file in Data/Interface, you can simply use the 'Vanilla' option in the installer. Most mods altering fonts will ship their own file, which is where the included patches and/or manual editing (if you have a more custom setup) come in.

1.0 will no longer receive updates or support, but the installer will remain available. Patches for version 1.0 will not work with new versions.

Synthesis patcher

Thanks to iXanza (Drop him a kudos here!), we now have a working synthesis patcher. 

There are two patchers in the synthesis git repository named SynOblivionInteractionIcons at the moment. Select the one hosted by cacodemonkey.

Check here for some more info on Synthesis. If you run into any issues with the synthesis patch or its results, ensure your mutagen and synthesis options are set to "Match".

Users still on 1.0 can continue using the old patcher.

Icons for Everglaid's Animated Traversal: Open to ideas for how to visually represent the traversals, I only have Ladder and Squeeze Through for now.
Icons for 'Feed' action for Vampires and Werewolfes: I have the icon ready... haven't figured out how to implement. DM if you have any ideas!




Load this mod's files last. This will solve 99% of issues.

Note: White squares mean your game is looking for a font it can't find. Check your fontconfig.txt.
Note: White squares and weird symbols means you're running an untranslated plugin.
Note: Colored icons will be added as an option in the synthesis patcher sometime. Taking suggestions for color schemes. 

1.1 onward no longer replaces font files. Just put these two lines into your fontconfig.txt.
fontlib "Interface\Fonticon.swf"
map "$Iconographia" = "Iconographia" Normal

Version 1.0 works by altering font files (fonts_whatever.swf). If it doesn't change your specific font file, upgrade.


Highly recommended. Works best with settings below. Not required.
Simple Activate SKSE: Compatible. Just don't hide Activate text.
Quick Loot RE: Patches available in installer for most reskins. Menus have to be patched individually as of 1.1.
Skyrem-MiA (and Emili)Patch available in installer! Make sure to enable the individual features to see icons.
Better Third Person Selection: Compatible out of the box.
Read or Take SKSE: Compatible out of the box.
Use or Take SKSE: Patch available in installer. (INI file.)
Dynamic Things Alternative: Handled by the Synthesis Patcher.
Simply Knock SE: Patch available in downloads. This modifies perk conditions and effects to add the icon to knockable doors.
EVG Animated Traversal: Icons will be added by the Synthesis Patcher. Not all icons are done yet.
MoreHUDCompatible, but the Show Read Books feature might not be.
Notification overhaul: Compatible, as long as this mod's .esp is loaded later.
The Curator's Companion:  There was a bug with book titles in version 1.0. I suspect it will work now.
iActivateiActivate does the opposite of what this mod does. The SkyHUD setup below and emptificator.esp will emulate its functions.

Mods adding plants or activators: Compatible! Run the synthesis patcher to patch your entire load order.

World item patches for 1.1 onward will be handled by Synthesis. The following mods remain supported by plugins or config files.
Smart Harvest, Just Do It, Purchaseable Store-Display Items, SkyREM - Mia and Emili, Use or Take SKSE

How do I patch a mod in my load order, or a mod I am making?
Very simple - just find the "RNAM-activate text override" field of your activator or flora and replace it with the appropriate string (found in the readme.) 
Note: The author recommends end users just run the synthesis patcher.

If the patcher gives an activator in the world the incorrect icon, let me know! I can probably either add a condition or just make an exception for that record.

Mod authors - feel free to reach out and request or provide custom icons for interactions in your mod, and I can add them to the main file.

How do I patch a mod that dynamically replaces activate text?
Most mods that do this (SkyREM - MiA for example) use a perk to dynamically change the activate label for certain categories of world objects based on conditions (furniture with a keyword condition for forge text, NPCs with a 'talked to' condition for Stranger functionality, etc.) It's a little time-consuming, but these can be patched by replacing these labels with the corresponding symbol. This does work reliably.

Scripted overrides, like iActivate, would require the script itself to be edited and recompiled - you can check the .psc for "read", "unlock", etc and replace with the appropriate symbol. This should be possible from 1.1 onwards. Feel free to try. If there is no source available for a papyrus scripted mod, use Champollion to decompile the .pex file.

Do I need a new game?

No. This mod changes three things - Fonts files, game settings, and records. Fonts and game settings are safe to add/remove/change anytime. None of my patches contain any original records and should be safe to add or remove anytime. Someone correct me if this isn't the case.


SkyHUD - For the look in the screenshots, replace the following lines of the following sections in your skyhud.txt file. This will hide the interact button and the extended info under an object's name. (technically, it just moves them offscreen, but it does work.)
fActivateButton Pos X=3000 (no spaces.)
fActivateButton Pos Y=340 (no spaces.)
If you want the icon in the center of your screen, use bDotCrosshair (otherwise, it will overlap and look quite awful) and

Better Third Person Selection - This will override a number of SkyHUD settings, including scale and position. It also nullifies the effects of my Emptificator plugin by default. I don't have any one-size-fits-all recommendations, since I just use the 3d widget in first and third person, this is just something to be aware of.

There is also a setting in BTPS's MCM which determines visibility of the Button icon. Check this if your skyhud.txt or other settings are not taking effect when starting the game.


Tools and Concepts:
Epervier for ESP-ESM Translator! Used for all translations for version 1.1 onwards.
JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler
Fortified and Animated Fort Doors by hype1- inspiration for 'Open' icon
JS Purses and Septims SE by johnskyrim - inspiration for 'Search' icon
Basic Dining Set Replacer by SpotDisk - inspiration for 'Drink' icon
Pickaxe Redone SSE by billyro - inspiration for 'Mine' icon
The Skyblivion Team - inspiration for potion icons.
2 guys in the general for helping me figure out a good talk icon
UESP wiki for numerous reference .pngs
Notification Overhaul SE by Supertron - Seeing this gave me a jolt of inspiration and helped me synergize what I had learned over the past few weeks making my own UI mod with an idea I had years ago. I plundered his .esp for some insight on how to modify interact prompts as well.

Modified fontconfig.txt or .swf files from the following included as patches. 
Quick Loot RE
Dear Diary Dark Mode - SkyUI Menus Replacer SE
Dear Diary  - Paper SkyUI Menus
Horizons UI
Dragonbreaker UI
Imperial UI
QuickLoot EE
Quick Loot Retexture
Enderal Font for Skyrim SE (Dumbledor Font)
Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim
KomixCon Font
Quill - Realistic Font Replacer 
also, Quill - Realistic Font Replacer - Revised
Morrowind Font Replacer
Roboto - Modern Font Replacer
Sanguis - An Oblivion Font - also used in screenshots and banner image. Thanks!
Skyrim SE Main Font Replacer (Oblivion)
Main Font Replacement SE
Sovngarde - a Nordic Font
God Of War 2018 Font Replacement
Typography For Skyrim SE
Diablo Font Replacer (Oldrim)
Scribes of Skyrim
Dark Souls 3 Main Menu and Font replacer
A7 Skyrim Fonts
Pelinal - Neat Font Replacer
Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul