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Adds a new oxygen meter to the game for when you are underwater. Using a custom Scaleform menu and SKSE plugin, based off the original Oxygen Meter by PO3.

Permissions and credits
Oxygen Meter 2


  • Oxygen meter appears when underwater.
  • Granular control over meter placement via ini file. (Position, scale and rotation)
  • Option to fade out meter when drowning
  • No longer uses staff charge meter, now uses a custom scaleform widget as a newly implemented UI element, in the style of the vanilla UI

PO3 for writing the original Oxygen Meter, helping me wrap my head around c++ and cmake and looking over my code.
Shrimperator for being incredibly patient with me and answering my dumb questions and just being generally wobbly.
wSkeever for creating the video, thumbnail and being supportive as always.
Ryan for CommonLib.

Further Info
For modders, menu name is oxygenMeter if you want to use UI.Invoke on it or use HideMenu/ShowMenu console command.

Menu displays oxygenMeter.swf, so if you want to skin it you should edit that. You can get the .fla from the source link below, or edit in jpex if you're more comfortable with that.

This is my first attempt at a SKSE plugin, so while I've tested it a good amount and I don't think there should be any issues, if you do have any please let me know.