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Lux Via is reworking main roads while still focusing on lighting, adding consistent light sources between towns and villages, improving or reworking from scratch many bridges, crossroads and adding a lot of points of interest to make roads a bit more interesting.

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Lux Via is the final opus of my Skyrim lighting project. Since vanilla roads are quite lackluster I've tried to bring some life to all main ones. Via main purpose is to add consistent lighting between towns and villages, depending on hold's climate, lore or town proximity lightsources may be different and more or less sustained.

Most bridges have also been improved or completely reworked from scratch, many crossroads now have better lighting and have been reworked too depending on locations and situations. Most changes have been made with consistency in mind, vanilla assets I'm using depend on vanilla locations (basically I'm using imperial fort assets when near an Imperial fort etc.).

Compatibility is also important, Via should be compatible out of the box with many mods, I didn't edit inner cities and tried to only edit town and village surroundings without being too close. Most conflicting areas are around some bridges since navigation needed to be redone.

Patches for popular mods editing this locations are included into Lux Via patch hub FOMOD in its own mod page. Check the banner below for the link

- Additional lightsources and lighting along main roads. Lightsource type may depend on holds lore, town proximity and/or events.
- New lightsource assets are ENB light compatible, some of them have been improved with better environmental mapping or even created from scratch such as new magical lanterns near Winterhold.
- Reworked or improved bridges. Most vanilla bridges have been improved or completely reworked from scratch and now also have proper lighting.
- Improved crossroads and roadsigns. Many crossroads and roadsigns have been improved or even completely redesigned.
- Lots of points of interest and small improvements have been added along most roads. Most of them have lighting purpose, some are only about consistency but all of them are about bringing some life to quite desolated vanilla roads.
- I've designed the whole mod with compatibility in mind, most mods should be compatible out of the box or not conflicting at all. Most changes have been done around cities only without messing much with the city itself. Bridges may conflict a lot though since I may have edited navigation meshes or landscape but some patches are provided to ensure everything works as well as possible, especially new towns such as Amber Guard or Lainalten since they have been added right next to bridges.

Just install the FOMOD like any other mod. all current patches and an optional no-ENB light version are available upon install.
Lantern and posts resources are separated from Via main resources and will most certainly be used as a master for upcoming mods or even Orbis when I'll have enough time to replace most vanilla lanterns with better ones. Hence why Via is relying on two master plugins, one for all lantern assets and one for Via.
I'm also adding a light plugin so that people can manage conflicts more easily. Via light plugin is basically forwarding most important vanilla changes such as navmesh or landscape edits.

Running DyndOLOD is highly recommended.

Since Via main plugin is editing vanilla assets, I would recommend to load it as low as possible especially below mods editing landscapes. As far as I'm concerned I'm loading it last right after all other master plugins. Light plugin should be loaded near the bottom of your load order too, Orbis should win most conflicts though since both mods are editing Solitude vanilla lanterns.

Lighting has been designed with the same assets as Lux or Orbis so if you need to increase global lighting, check Lux page sticky message, I've explained how to do that with a small video. Running the ENB Light or synthesis patcher on Via plugins with the right factor (by default it's using a 2.0 factor to cut in half fade values, anything lower than 1.0 will increase my own lighting fade values - usually 0.7 works well for people not using any ENB).

Assets with or without ENB light.
Master plugins for all lantern resources and main Via plugin.
An additional light plugin (ESPFE) with forwarded navmesh and ladscape edits to help with load order and compatibility.

Some compatibility patches are already done and included into Via FOMOD.
Via isn't compatible with mods serving the same purpose. Bridge, roadsign or crossroad overhauls may conflict a lot, some have been patched though. All mods editing roadsign texture or design are fully compatible though, I'm only editing their placements.
All mods adding lighting along roads aren't compatible at all though, at best they would stack and thus create a lot of dupes, at worse they would break landscape with too much lighting or even cause shadowcasting light conflicts. Thus all lantern mods aren't compatible with Via.

Lux Via is fully compatible with Orbis and Lux, since all of them have been designed to work together and used at the same time.

All my patreons for their really helpful support.
InstantKor for his incredible help with most assets improvements and fixes.
AgentW for helping with textures and beheading testing.
Ra2Phoenix for his always valuable expertise and help with many compatibility patches.
WeldingMan and Noah for the incredible amount of bug reports I got while testing the beta version.
wSkeever for indirectly helping with most lanterns ENB lighting.
Antique Statue for Skyrim SE by 3dregenerator uploaded by Tamira:
Oaristys for Modder's resource packs:
Hallgarth for Skyrim Bridges Plus:
sa547 for The Wood Bridge Project:
CDRedProject and Winedave for Witcher Decor HD:
Hrodeberht1 for Windhelm Braziers HD:
EvilEyedKyo for EEK's Resource Repository:
Qwafee Lantern by Qwafee:
SaevaVeritas for HPP Improved Whiterun braziers:
T4gtr34um3r for Happy Little Trees:
MM - Real Lantern by MassiveMaster and zhoulia:
Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim and vanilla lantern replacer by mathy79:
Old n Dusty Lantern Replacer by SDlutz:
Skyrim Posts Replacer by SDlutz:
Nordic Lantern - Replacer by css0101:
Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous by rudy102:
Static Mesh Improvement Mod by Brumbek:
Jets Resources by jet4571:
Ruins Clutter Improved by raiserfx:
Skeleton Replacer HD by PraedythXVI:
Glass fix for Wearable lanterns SMIM patch by Sthaagg:
Blended Roads by T4gtr34um3r:
Blended Roads Redone by winedave:
Brumbek for SMIM
Novelyst for SMIM improvements
Bethesda, of course.