Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

HQ meshes for a glazed pottery with a new 4K/2K textures. HQ meshes for in-game silverware with a new HQ candles. Realistic apples, tomatoes, potatoes, and a common bed pillows, plus HQ meshes for a common plates.

Permissions and credits

This is some kind of a everlasting WIP project. At least until I get bored by this game ;)

Straight from the Heart Quality Addons and Tweaks for the game, with some new meshes and a high quality textures.

For now:

- HQ meshes and textures for the glazed pottery (three color variants, you can mix them). My meshes are compatible with a Rustic Pottery mod
- HQ meshes for the silverware plus a new HQ candles (require a "Superior Silverware" mod)
- HQ meshes and textures for the common plates
- HQ meshes and textures for the common bed pillows
- HQ meshes and textures for the apples
- HQ meshes and textures for the tomatoes
- HQ meshes and textures for the potatoes
- Changed a mapping and a meshes for the noble low tables
- Corrected a UV mapping for the tablecloth in Dragonsreach

The new candle meshes take full advantage of the ENB SSS effect, so, of course, they look best with ENB.

See the images section for a more details :) Sorry, but all images, right now, are from the LE version.

LE (Oldrim) Version here :)


Because I did a UV tweaks for a the meshes, changed a texture paths and have made a new mesh for a candles, install my mod after all the others (SMiM, RCI or Particle Patch), and during installation say yes to overwrite all the files.