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A patch to add some lighting to RedBag's fantastic Falkreath overhaul.

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RedBag's Falkreath is beautiful, no doubt about it... but it's also super dark as there are no lights added to the streets or anywhere apart from a few inside the arena.

This is my 1st patch using CK (I normally do everything through SSEedit) and it helped me learn how to place objects, etc.

It's only for Lux users though. It adds Lux style lanterns and lighting. So you need Lux Resources (New optional patch requires the resources.esp and not Lux Via.esp as well).

ESL flagged, load order is easy. Just load after Lux. Doesn't actually have RB's Falkreath as a master as it just adds items and doesn't touch any landscape or records. It won't look right without RB's Falkreath though as i've placed lights onto the building walls, etc.

I tried to make it subtle and only add lighting to the busier areas. There's still quite a few dark areas and I may add a few versions with extra lights in the walkways, etc.

Massive thanks to RedBag for Falkreath and GGUnit for Lux.