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Complete automatic MCM quest tracking of the base game, DLC and a whole load of popular quest mods.

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Completionist - Quest Tracker

How to use:

Completionist - Quest Tracker is a small, intelligent, user friendly mod that automatically tracks vanilla quests from Skyrim and the supported mods listed below through an easy to use MCM.

When you first load the game the mod will automatically build all the information necessary based on your load order, simply enter the MCM, configure a few settings and you are ready to go!

Supported Mods:

Legacy of the Dragonborn with full compatibility for:

Clockwork [SSE]
Helgen Reborn
Interesting NPC's
Moonpath To Elsweyr SSE
Moon And Star
Project AHO
Skyrim Underground SSE
Teldryn Serious - A Teldryn Sero Backstory Quest SSE
The Wheels of Lull - Unwound Edition
The Gray Cowl Of Nocturnal SE
Undeath Remastered
Vigilant SE

Developer Info:

If you find this little mod useful please consider endorsing it :)

If you notice any errors with the information provided when highlighting over quests in the MCM or if you notice non-radiant quests not updating to the correct sections properly in the MCM please reach out to me in my Discord server in the "Completionist Support" channel so I can update it as quickly as possible, thanks and enjoy!