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A small mod aiming to expand on the number of treasure maps found within the game. New treasure chests are added to recognizable spots all across Skyrim, accompanied by a location where the new maps can be found - either vanilla or brand new dungeons.

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**** As I am currently part of the Skyblivion developement team, updates to this mod will not be as frequent as before. Please, keep providing feedback and bug reports as they really help me fix things when I have time :) 

I don't know about you, but I love a real adventure, and some fine loot to go with it! I really enjoyed the sense of adventure the treasure maps brought to Skyrim, and I don't believe I'm alone. That's why I decided to create this mod!

Treasure Hunter for SSE is a small mod aiming to expand on the already great treasure map mechanic introduced by the game in order to increase the sense of wonder and adventure they add. Even though I really suck at drawing, I still set out on this mission, and hey, they didn't turn out that bad if I do say so myself - for a hastily scribbled map at least.


What this mod currently adds:

- 7 brand new and unique treasure maps, scattered all across Skyrim
- 3 unique unmarked locations, handplaced into the world, each with their own story to tell
- 3 brand new and unique dungeons, with leveled enemies, and of course, LOOT!
- An entirely new progressive perk to go along with the treasure maps; the more maps you find, the more likely you are to find more gold in containers. Thanks to user BlutoBlutarsky for the suggestion!

Two .txt files are also included with this mod; one with all the map locations, and one with all the treasure locations.

What is planned for the future:
- More maps in skyrim
- A unique interesting location for all maps
- Treasure maps on Solstheim
- Treasure maps somewhere within the Dawnguard DLC
- Optional files with treasure maps on other new lands mods (e.g. Falskaar)


This mod doesn't contain a whole lot of files, so it's dead easy to install.

- Click "download with NMM"
- Enable mod
- Enjoy!

- Extract archive
- Copy the contents of the "Data" folder into the "Data" folder in your game directory
- Enjoy!

Bugs and Compatibility

- Currently no known issues.

If you discover a bug, or want to contact me for some other reason, please do not hesitate to do so! Your feedback is much appreciated!

This mod contains few objects, but they are very much spread out on the map. I've tried to put the chests and dungeons where other mods are the least likely to conflict, but the chance may still be high if you have a lot of mods. These issues can, however, most likely be patched. Let me know, and I'll try to fix the issue!