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A small mod aiming to expand on the number of treasure maps found within the game. New treasure chests are added to recognizable spots all across Skyrim, accompanied by a location where the new maps can be found - either vanilla or brand new dungeons.

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After some years of absence I finally returned to this mod to find it vastly more popular than when I last checked on it, and also some quite pressing issues, so I decided to fix them. It should no longer be necessary to use third party bug fixes with the latest version (However, big thanks to those contributors!)

I don't know about you, but I love a real adventure, and some fine loot to go with it! I really enjoyed the sense of adventure the treasure maps brought to Skyrim, and I decided to add some more of them.

Treasure Hunter for SSE is a small mod aiming to expand on the already great treasure map mechanic introduced by the game. I have tried to keep the maps and dungeons as lore friendly as possible. Even though I really suck at drawing, I still set out on this mission, and hey, they didn't turn out that bad if I do say so myself - for a hastily scribbled map at least.


What this mod currently adds:

- 7 brand new and unique treasure maps, scattered all across Skyrim
- 3 unique unmarked locations, handplaced into the world, each with their own story to tell
- 3 brand new and unique dungeons, with leveled enemies, and of course, LOOT!
- An entirely new progressive perk to go along with the treasure maps; the more maps you find, the more likely you are to find more gold in containers. Thanks to user BlutoBlutarsky for the suggestion! (NOTE: This is not an actual perk, but rather an active effect added to the PC)

Map and chest locations are provided below for troubleshooting or if you simply wish to "cheat".


Treasure Map XI: In a chest in the sunken ship in lake ilinalta

Treasure Map XII: In a chest in the Bandit Chiefs treasure room in a unique dungeon added with this mod, "Bromgolt". Bromgolt is on an island northwest of Winterhold, close to Ysgramor's Tomb.

Treasure Map XIII: In a strongbox on a little island northwest of Morthal, west of the Apprentice Stone.

Treasure Map XIV: In a knapsack on a rowboat in the river, southeast og Markarth. Can be seen from the bridge close to Old Hroldan.

Treasure Map XV: In a chest inside the ship at Orphan's Tear on the north coast northwest of Solitude. (This one's a vanilla location).

Treasure Map XVI: In a chest at the top of the tower in the end of another unique dungeon added with this mod, "White Bluff Hideout". The entrance can be found at the foot of the mountain to the west of Whiterun, not far from Swindler's Den.

Treasure Map XVII: In a large chest on a the balcony of the tower on a new island, located east of Windhelm, not far from the Winter War. Complete the dungeon in order to access it.


Treasure Map XI: On the foot of the cliff on which the College of Winterhold rests.

Treasure Map XII: Under the bridge south of Fort Amol.

Treasure Map XIII: In a crevice right behind the Dwemer bridge at Deep Folk Crossing.

Treasure Map XIV: On a little island to the northeast of Goldenglow Estate.

Treasure Map XV: Behind the waterfall next to Crabber's Shanty.

Treasure Map XVI: Amongst the rubble to the right of Nightcaller Temple as you approach it from Dawnstar.

Treasure Map XVII: Behind some ruins to the left of the road leading from Ivarstead to Helgen, just at the start of the pass. Pretty close to the Alchemist's Shack. East of Haemar's Shame.


This mod doesn't contain a whole lot of files, it is trivial to install.

- Click the Vortex button
- Enable mod
- Enjoy!

- Extract archive
- Copy the contents of the "Data" folder into the "Data" folder in your game directory
- Enjoy!

Bugs and Compatibility

Version 1.2 fixed all deleted navmeshes, removed ITM records and fixed some additional small bugs. I would like to extend my thanks to all contributors who have provided fixes and patches to this mod, and I have taken much inspiration from them when implementing these fixes.

This mod contains few objects, but they are very much spread out on the map. I've tried to put the chests and dungeons where other mods are the least likely to conflict, but there may still be considerable risk of conflict with a large mod list.

I have really appreciated the extensive bug reports from the community, and encourage you to file further reports as issues are found.