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Adds unique soaps to many inns across Skyrim

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What is this

Inn Soaps is my attempt to use the wonderful unique soap textures and meshes from ScenicGaming that you can find here.

Since no one had made a mod out of the textures yet, I figured I would make an attempt myself.

This is a port of my LE version of the mod. The standalone part of the mod has been ported, and a version compatible with Keep it Clean has been added as well. A compatible version for Bathing in Skyrim has been added as well, but it needs to be tested to see if it meshes with Bathing in SSE as well. A third option for the dirt/bathing mod of Dirt and Blood has been added as well. The esp file has been converted to support SSE format, the meshes and textures have been converted/optimized, and the esp file has been flagged as esl as to not take up any load order slot.

What does it do

This esp file adds the 10 inn soaps made by Amelli to their corresponding inn's vendor list. I have added 0-6 of each soap to the list, which will respawn.

The soaps have been added directly in the merchant container of the inn, meaning that it will be compatible with all leveled lists, as no leveled list was made or changed. This mod will be incompatible with any other mod that changes the merchant chest, however, unless you patch it yourself in TES5Edit (which is actually quite easy to do). 

Currently, this mod does nothing else than that. So the only issue you need to look out for, is other mods that add items into the 10 merchant chests of the inns.

In order to buy the soaps, head to one of the ten inns they are sold in, and buy them from the innkeeper. It should no longer be necessary to have to Merchant perk in order to buy these soaps.

The soaps textures are in 2k.

Legacy of the Dragonborn

For users of the popular LotD mod, someone has gone ahead and made a compatibility patch so you can display these soaps in the Dragonborn Gallery. You can find that mod linked here. Since this is an independent mod made by another author without my involvement, I cannot offer any support for it, nor guarantee its functionality with my files, and thus any questions must go to that author instead. However, if you do use both Inn Soaps and LotD, you might want to check that mod out as well.

Bathing in Skyrim, Keep it Clean & Dirt and Blood

Bathing in Skyrim was ported to SSE by another author a short while back, which seems to have missed my attention. Unfortunately I don't use that mod right now, which makes it hard for me to do a compatibility version of Inn Soaps with the current version of Bathing in Skyrim SSE. XxSAWCEDxX also went and made a conversion of my Bathing in Skyrim file, so thanks again to him. However, neither him nor I have tested this version in SSE, so it probably needs to be tested if it works well with Bathing in SSE as well, since I originally made the file for LE.

Keep it Clean is another bathing mod for SSE. XxSAWCEDxX went through the trouble of making a Keep it Clean compatible version of this mod, you can find it under optional files, use this instead if you use the Keep it Clean mod. Cheers and thanks!

Dirt and Blood is my personal favorite, and the bathing/dirt mod I use myself. Its author, jayserpa, was kind enough to make a patch between their mod and mine, so now you can use my inn soaps to keep yourself clean with the Dirt and Blood mod. Cool, and thanks! If you use this cleaning mod, use the optional file of Inn Soaps instead of the main file, under downloads.

Future plans

- None at the moment


- French translation for all the different files available in the misc. section. You need to download the main file first, for the meshes and textures, then download the French esp file of your choice and have it overwrite after.


- Many thanks to jayserpa for making the Dirt and Blood compatible version
- Many thanks to XxSAWCEDxX for making the compatible versions for Bathing in Skyrim and Keep It Clean
- Many thanks to DrMonops who helped me integrate the soaps with Bathing in Skyrim
- This small mod would of course not have been without the work already done by ScenicGaming, and her soap textures - find them here
- Credits to InsanitySorrow for creating the original soaps as well
- Thanks to Irwine/Confrérie des Traducteurs for the French versions


See the permissions tab.