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This mod brings back many of the classic unique weapons, armor and clothing from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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This mod brings back many of the classic unique weapons, armor and clothing from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This is a ported version of my original Skyrim mod, now it can be enjoyed in the Special Edition.

Changes from the original: Hatred's Heart and Hatred's Soul have been moved so that they're no longer outside of the borders. The Glacial Cave containing Shadowhunt has been significantly altered to not be such a boring location, also it's been moved to within the borders. New unique purse textures for each of the rings that are found in small purses to make them stand out as something special and not just another coin purse. And a few other minor changes.

See Change Log for updates.

Here is an example of the new cleaned and upscaled textures:

WARNING: The Blackwood Ring of Silence does 150 damage per second you have it on. It can kill you.

Locations of all of the items:


Escutcheon of Chorrol: Peak's Shade Tower, Southeast Falkreath.

Redwave   - Redwave Ship, Solitude Port.

Witsplinter  - Alva's House, Morthal.

Frostwyrm   - Ivarstead Mill, Added a small new Storage cell owned by Temba Wide-Arm.

Amelion Set   - Lost Echo Cave.

Eye of Sithis   - Dawnstar Sanctuary, before torture room.. or before finding Cicero.

Ring of the Gray   - Riften Jail Sewers, Its a 'coin purse' on the ground.

Blackwood Ring of Silence   - Argonian Assemblage, a 'coin purse' on a shelf.

Jewel of the Rumare   - Crabber's Shanty on a shelf.

Circlet of Omnipotence   - Mara's Eye Pond on a barrel.

Helm of Ferocity   - Dushnik Yal Longhouse on a shelf.

Ring of Transmutation   - Silent Moons Camp its a 'coin purse' on a chest next to the ladder at the end.

Antique Cutlass   - Helgen Keep on a shelf.

Draconian Madstone   - Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn in the hidden room on a shelf.

Tower of The Nine   - Solitude Temple basement area before Potema's Catacombs.

Ring of Wortcraft   - Whiterun Arcadia's Cauldron a 'coin purse' on a shelf.

Hands of the Atronach   - Winterhold College Midden on the Atronach Forge.

Akaviri Sunderblade   - Ancestor Glade Next to a rock near one of the higher up trees.

Aegis of the Apocalypse   - Bloated Man's Grotto next to the Oathblade.

Hands of Midnight   - Hag's End next to the Assassin of old.

Birthright of Astalon   - Northwatch Keep on a shelf.

Calliben's Grim Retort   - Thalmor Embassy on a bookshelf in a bedroom.

Sinweaver   - Thalmor Headquarters upstairs on a wall.

Battleaxe of Hatred   - Embershard Mine on a table.

Captain Kordan's Saber   - Dainty Sload at the end on a table.

Dagger of Discipline   - Falkreath Sanctuary on a shelf.

Rasheda's Special   - Riften Blacksmith's House over the fireplace.

Ring of Eidolon's Edge   - Mehrunes Dagon's Shrine on a plate with some salts.

Cowl of the Druid   - Boulderfall Cave on a shelf.

Veil of the Seer   - Cragwallow Slope on an end table.

Robe of Creativity   - Darklight Tower at the end on a table with a troll skull.

Dondoran's Juggernaut   - Raldbthar in the main room where the bandit boss is.

Apron of the Master Artisan   - Whiterun House Gray-Mane main bedroom.

Boots of the Swift Merchant   - Bard College main bedroom.

Quicksilver Boots   - Thieves Guild Headquarters in Riften.

Black Band   - Dawnstar Sanctuary on the table when you first enter it is a 'coin purse'.

Honorblade of Chorrol   - A small cave near Falkreath and Peak's Shade Tower, Be ready for a fight, and a good rock climb.

The Deciever's Finery   - Solitude's Raidiant Raiment.

Rockshatter   - Orotheim on a chest.

Sufferthorn   - Redwater Den near the well.

Hatreds Heart   - Near The Chill in Winterhold in the Dried Well. Be ready for a fight.

Hatreds Soul and Soul arrows   - Near The Chill in Winterhold in the Dried Well. Be ready for a fight.

Ring of the Vipereye   - Harmugstahl on a table next to the Alchemy lab.

Shadowhunt   - In a small glacial cave near The Chill in Winterhold. Be ready for a fight.

Sorcerer's Ring   - Hob's Fall Cave on the enchantment station.

Circlet of Verdure   - Snapleg Cave.

Ring of the Oceanborn   - Northshore Landing In Solstheim.

Ring of Desiccation   - Bleakcoast Cave.

Two Headed Septim   - Wreck of the Southern Squall.

Blackwater Blade   - Wreck of the Southern Squall.

There's a journal in coc Qasmoke that has all the locations in it. If you want to add it via console though you can do it like so:

help "000QasmokeCheatJournal" 4 
then type in the form ID like this:
player.additem XX036BB5 1
The XX being the place it is in your load order I.e. 05036bb5

Or if you would rather just go to my testing cell: coc 000OblivionArtTest

Hints and Helpful Tips -

How to uncurse the Honorblade of Chorrol - You need Holy water along with an amulet of Kynareth, 10 Salt pile, and a Potion of Ultimate Magicka. It's done at the Skyforge, holy water can be found in temples, try Whiterun.

The Blackwood Ring of Silence does 150 damage per second you have it equipped and may kill you.

Recommended mods (Mods that add more artifacts) 

Legacy of the Dragonborn

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

Credits are as follows:

Steel Heater Shield -

Cutlass -

Gizmodian for the Dagger model used as the Dagger of Discipline -

lKocMoHaBTl for the eternal armor and greatsword + mace models and textures -

InsanitySorrow for the meshes and textures used as the Akaviri Sunderblade -

InsanitySorrow for the meshes and textures used as the Honorblade of Chorrol -

InsanitySorrow for the meshes and textures used for Shadowhunt -

ghosu for the meshes and textures used for Sufferthorn and Redwave -

ghosu for the meshes and textures used for Rings of Socerer and Vipereye -

PROMETHEUS_ts for the Khajiit Skeleton Meshes -

Enderverse for the plain normals and mask textures for Steel Heater Shield -

noraimironhand for allowing me to use the sword mesh from -

markusliberty for his Cyrodiil Ship and Boat Resource -

The_Funktasm for the Morrowind Style Clutter (The potions in the Southern Squall) -

DanielCoffey for the new book meshes + textures -

Let me know if there are any problems.

sirjesto for xEdit cleaning.

MrShadowBlood for their cleaned and upscaled textures.

Xbox One Version:

Original Version:

Spanish Version by celiand:

Polish Version by nazg2001: