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Forceful Tongue is a lightweight shouts overhaul, designed to balance in a sensible manner this underwhelming but cool mechanic.

Permissions and credits
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Features and Changes
  • Completing “The Way of the Voice” allows your shouts to scale with your level, up to 50%.
  • Shouts whose purpose is similar are grouped under categories, such as Crowd Control, Offensive, Summon, Support and Utility. Most of the shouts’ cooldowns are consistent under above-mentioned categories, with some exceptions.
  • New Inventory Models for all Shouts.
  • Shouts don’t benefit from Magic Perks.
  • Voice of the Sky blessing replaced with Pilgrim of the Voice.
  • Call of Valor heroes level scales with the player, from a min. of 25 to a max of 50. Stats and equipment are also improved to be more reasonable.
  • Dismay changed to be an AoE shout.
  • Drain Vitality absorbs attributes.
  • Battle Fury and Elemental Fury Weapon Speed bug fixed.
  • Kyne's Peace changed to be an AoE Calm shout. It affects NPCs too.
  • Whirlwind Sprint also improves your Movement Speed.
  • Dragonborn Flame's Fire Wyrm attacks only enemies and won't stay in the same spot anymore.
  • Dragonborn Force doesn’t disintegrate enemies anymore.
  • Dragonborn Frost improves Ice Form too. Frost Breath doesn’t encase targets in ice anymore, instead it summons a Frost Wyrm, like Dragonborn Flame.


Crowd Control

Bend Will
Cooldown: 25\30\35
Targets up to level 30\40\50 are placed under your command for 10\20\30 seconds. \Dragons are forced to obey you.

Cooldown: 25\30\35
Targets up to level 30\40\50 are disarmed.

Cooldown: 25\30\35
Nearby targets up to level 30\40\50 flee from combat for 10\20\30 seconds.

Cooldown: 25\30\35
Dragons are forced to land for 10\20\30 seconds.

Drain Vitality
Cooldown: 25\30\35
Absorbs 5 Stamina\Magicka\Health for 10\20\30 seconds.

Ice Form
Cooldown: 25\30\35
Targets are encased in ice and receive 5 Frost Damage to Health and Stamina for 10\20\30 seconds.

Kyne's Peace
Cooldown: 25\30\35
Targets up to level 30\40\50 won't fight for 10\20\30 seconds.

Unrelenting Force
Cooldown: 25\30\35
Targets are staggered\thrown away. Deals 30\40\50 damage.


Cooldown: 30\45\60
Deals 30\60\120 damage and may flings victims into the air.

Fire Breath
Cooldown: 30\45\60
Deals 30\60\120 Fire Damage. Targets on fire take extra damage over time.

Frost Breath
Cooldown: 30\45\60
Deals 30\60\120 Frost Damage to Health and Stamina.

Soul Tear
Cooldown: 30\45\60
Deals 30\60\120 damage. Fills a soul gem if the target dies within 10\20\30 seconds. \Permanently reanimates a corpse up to level 50.

Storm Call
Cooldown: 120\180\240.
Summons a Lightning Storm for 30\45\60 seconds. Lightning bolts deal 30\60\120 Shock Damage to Health and Magicka.


Call Odahviing
Cooldown: 5\5\90, can be used once a day.
Calls Odahviing.

Call of Valor
Cooldown: 90\90\90
Summons Gormlaith Golden-Hilt\Felldir the Old\Hakon One-Eye from Sovngarde for 120 seconds.

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt
  • Level 25~50
  • Equipment: Ancient Nord Set, Nord Hero Bow, Nord Hero Sword, Nord Hero Arrow x30
  • Spells\Shouts: Healing, Become Ethereal, Dismay, Dragonrend, Frost Breath, Ice Form, Unrelenting Force
  • Perks: Recovery, Regeneration, Respite, Overdraw, Critical Shot, Shield Wall, Elemental Protection, Juggernaut, Armsman, Bladesman

Felldir the Old
  • Level 25~50
  • Equipment: Greybeard Robe Set
  • Spells\Shouts: Greater Ward, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh, Dragonhide, Fireball, Incinerate, Fire Storm, Ice Storm, Icy Spear, Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Storm, Become Ethereal, Dismay, Dragonrend, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Ice Form, Unrelenting Force
  • Perks: Alteration Dual-Casting, Destruction Dual-Casting, Magic Resistance, Recovery, Atronach, Stability, Ward Absorb, Mage Armor, Augmented Flames, Augmented Frost, Augmented Shock

Hakon One-Eye

  • Level 25~50
  • Equipment: Ancient Nord Set, Nord Hero Battle Axe
  • Shouts: Disarm, Dragonrend, Elemental Fury, Frost Breath, Unrelenting Force
  • Perks: Juggernaut, Well Fitted, Tower of Strength, Matching Set (Heavy), Reflect Blows, Barbarian, Champion Stance, Devastating Blow, Great Critical Charge, Sweep, Limbsplitter

Summon Durnehviir
Cooldown: 5\5\90, can be used once a day.
Summons Durnehviir from the Soul Cairn.


Animal Allegiance
Cooldown: 20\35\50
Nearby animals up to level 30\40\50 won't flee for 10\20\30 seconds and receive extra Health and Stamina.

Battle Fury
Cooldown: 20\35\50
Nearby ally's weapons are 50% faster for 10\20\30 seconds.

Become Ethereal
Cooldown: 20\35\50
You become ethereal for 10\20\30 seconds.

Dragon Aspect
Cooldown: 90\90\90
You deal 50% more damage with power attacks and your Destruction and Restoration spells are 25% stronger. \ Your Armor Rating is increased by 150 and Magic Resistance is increased by 25%. \ Your Shout cooldown is reduced by 25% for 300 seconds. When you enter in combat, you call an Ancient Dragonborn to your side.

Ancient Dragonborn

  • Level 25~50
  • Equipment: Nord Hero Battle Axe
  • Shouts: Disarm, Elemental Fury, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Unrelenting Force

Elemental Fury
Cooldown: 20\35\50
Your weapons are 50% faster for 10\20\30 seconds.

Marked for Death
Cooldown: 20\35\50
Deals 5 damage, reduces enemy Magic Resistance by 25% and Armor Rating by 150 for 10\20\30 seconds.

Slow Time
Cooldown: 20\35\50
Slows the time by 50\60\70% for 10\20\30 seconds.


Aura Whisper
Cooldown: 15\20\25
Nearby living targets can be seen through walls for 10\20\30 seconds.

Clear Skies
Cooldown: 15\20\25
Clears any unfavorable weather for 10\20\30 seconds.

Phantom Form
Cooldown: 15\20\25
You become invisible and move silently for 10\20\30 seconds.

Throw Voice
Cooldown: 25\20\15
Distracts distant enemies by throwing a prankster voice to them.

Whirlwind Sprint
Cooldown: 15\20\25
Pushes you forward. You move 25% faster for 10\20\30 seconds.

  • Aura Whisper can distinguish between enemies and allies.
  • Battle Fury works on commanded actors.
  • Call of Valor heroes benefit from all Summoner perks.
  • The third word of Dismay and Kyne's Peace work on Undead, Daedra and Automatons.
  • Drain Vitality Absorb Magicka and Stamina effects will no longer work on targets who have no Magicka or Stamina to absorb.
  • Only the third word of Soul Tear can resurrect. The thrall benefits from any Necromancer perk.

Etched Tablets Blessing

Pilgrim of the Voice
Your Shouts are 25% more effective.

Words of Power Meditations

Feim, Eternal Spirit
Your Health, Magicka and Stamina Regenerations is 100% stronger while ethereal.

Fus, Force Without Effort
Your Stagger Resistance is increased by 25%. You reduce the Stagger Resistance of all enemies by 25%. Gives immunity to Unrelenting Force.

Yol, The Fire Within
Fire Breath deals 25% extra damage.

Black Book Rewards

Dragonborn Flame
When Fire Breath kills the target, a fire wyrm emerges from their corpse to fight for you for 60 seconds. It creates an explosion after death.

Dragonborn Force
Unrelenting Force deals 100% extra damage.

Dragonborn Frost
Ice Form lasts 50% longer. Frost Breath deals 50% extra damage. When Frost Breath kills the target, a frost wyrm emerges from their corpse to fight for you for 60 seconds. It creates an explosion after death.

Forceful Tongue is not compatible with mods which purpose is the same, like Thunderchild.

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