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Complete MCM quest tracking of Skyrim, official DLC, Creation Club (Including Anniversary Edition) and a whole boat load of popular quest mods available here on the Nexus!

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Completionist - Skyrim Completion Tracker (SE-AE)

How to use:

Completionist is an intelligent, low maintenance, user friendly mod that automatically tracks quest completion from Skyrim, official DLC, Creation Club (Including Anniversary Edition) and the supported mods listed below through an easy to use MCM.

Fully supports Skyrim AE, SE and VR (VR untested but reports say it works fine)

When you first load the game Completionist will automatically build all the information necessary based on your load order, simply enter the MCM, configure a few settings and you are ready to go!

Supported Mod List:

Developer Info:

If you notice any errors with the mod or have any suggestions / feature requests join my Discord server and post in the mod-support Channel.

If you find this little mod useful please consider endorsing it, thanks and enjoy! K1ngTr4cker