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This mod overhauls the looks of some Khajiit to add some (lore-friendly!) diversity. Accidentally deleted first mod.

Permissions and credits
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Khajiit are bound to the Lunar Lattice, the ja'Kha'jay. The phases of Masser and Secunda at birth determine the form a Khajiit takes in life.
-Jobasha, Interview with Three Booksellers

While Skyrim’s default, lynx-like Khajiit design suits its northern aesthetic, it doesn’t represent established Khajiit lore very well. Khajiit morphology is a really unique bit of worldbuilding that rarely gets used to its full potential (especially in the actual games.) So after finally getting comfortable with modding, I decided to make a mod that tries to add a little of that spice to Skyrim.

There are 17 different kinds of Khajiit- this mod currently includes 7 additional types to Skyrim's default Khajiit (which I consider Cathay.)
You'll see:
  • Pahmar-Raht- "Due to them being the strongest of furstocks, they are usually deployed as bodyguards and warriors.... they resemble Senche-Tigers."
  • Cathay-Raht- "Khajiit of this furstock were nicknamed as 'jaguar-men' by the Imperial Geographical Society."
  • Tojay- "Little is known of the Tojay, except that they live in the southern marshes and jungle regions of Elsweyr, as well as the Tenmar Forest."
  • Ohmes-Raht- "In contrast to men and mer, the body of an Ohmes-raht is covered by light fur, and they do have a tail."
  • Ohmes- "They resemble Bosmer, though they are sometimes shorter. To avoid being mistaken as such, many Ohmes tattoo or paint their faces to resemble a feline aspect."
  • Dagi-Raht- "Physically, they have facial features that are comparable to that of lynxes and are short in stature, making them among the smallest of the
  • furstocks.”
  • Suthay-Raht- "They are similar in height and build to the races of man, but like Suthay, they have digitigrade legs. The Suthay-raht furstock was the most common in Morrowind near the end of the Third Era."

As Seen On:

Thanks M66rten for the amazing rap video!

Thanks XNarivaX for the shoutout :D

SE version here.
Xbox version here. (Thanks for porting, BraccaMykar79!)
Available Patches:
  • 2k Textures
  • Apex Khajiiti Armory (original and rebalanced versions)
  • Better Claws and Gauntlets for Ohmes /Ohmes-Raht
  • Expressive Facial Animations (for Ohmes-Raht)
  • USSEP (version 4.5b I think)
  • Ohmes Ri'saad
  • Varaharadaro's Khayla
  • High Poly Skyim-style M'aiq
  • Oblivion-style M'aiq

Available Addons

No armor or playable races are included in this mod. This only overhauls NPCs.

Q & A
Q: Will it work with this other NPC overhaul?
A: Depends. For something like BeastHHBB, you'll need to load my mod after it (this allows my Khajiit to overwrite HBBB's, while keeping the Argonians from that mod.) You might need to pack the assets of this mod into a bsa to overwrite HHBB’s bsa, or unpack HHBB"s bsa.

Q: What about body mods?

A: Not sure. I don't know how to install body mods, and at this point I'm too scared to ask. I think there would be some texture issues with some body types, I imagine if your NPCs have revealing armor, this might be an issue.

Q: I installed this and some kitty titties stopped jiggling!!

A: Install the Vanilla skeleton version. Currently the regular version contains a few vanilla-based skeleton edits (if you happen to know how to edit skeleton proportions, please DM me!)

Q: Texture resolution?
A: 4k with some 2k textures. There is a 2k resolution patch available in optional files.

Q: Why no quadrupeds?!?
A: I'm not a modeler and can't craft a proper Senche. Also, I'm worried about how it would effect the NPC's AI and all that jazz. Try Creatures of Nirn- Alfiq for friendly kitties, or Alfiq Spellcasters for less-friendly kitties. 3 Pahmar Khajiit Followers or the Senche Khajiit Lich Companion would be the closest available to Senche/Senche-Raht.

Q: What armors are you using in your screenshots?
Here’s a breakdown (according to my memory):

Q: Will you ever make the furstocks playable?
A: Nope. Some of them are already playable mods (see credits.) Plus, I don't want to put up with the headache of creating multiple new playable races while balancing unique skills and fixing so, so many compatibility issues that come with custom race mods.

Q: I don't like the look of X character... can you change them/make them modular?
A: I can but I won't. This is my mod I made in my spare time and I like the way it looks. Grab yourself  Project Proteus or xEdit and tweak it to your heart’s content! (If you use a patch, you will also need to edit it as well.)

Q: Does the game consider them actual Khajiit?
As much as I can get it to recognize them without adding RaceCompatibility as a master (they all have the IsBeastRace keyword.) Bandits might not threaten to turn them into rugs specifically, but since they're bits of code with no sense of immersion, they don't care if they get generic threats.

Q: Can I use this mod to do a thing?
If you use my mod as a master, please do! If you are wanting to use something as a standalone resource, please seek out the mods and their author's permission.

Q: this mod sux, x-type should look like y because that one dev said that one time on that one website...
A: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


(this goes for any other furstock as well)

Q: Are you a furry?

A: Nope!

Future Plans

  • Jiggle physics- use Vanilla Skeleton version of Project ja-Kha'jay
  • Khajiit Overhaul- not sure if I'll backport my patch or not
  • other mods that add custom races- npcs will appear naked. Needs a patch with xEdit. Here's how (NSFW site)
  • other NPC makeovers that use a BSA- let my mod overwirte, if that doesn't work either pack this mod's assets into a BSA or unpack the other mod's


Serval Khajiit Race by Niroku
Dagi-Raht Race by Westly, Nuska, ElfPuncher, Lilium, TMPhoenix, expired6978, MONSTERaider, TheUnexpected, FelesNoctis
The Mane- Lion Khajiit Replace by DracoWarrior729
This One Feels Like a Tiger by DracoWarrior729
Races of Nirn- Kapo'tun by DracoWarrior 729 and DakersOwO
Kapo'tun white tiger retexture by SirRumple
Khajiit Overhaul by Nightromodzz
Yiffy Age (NSFW site) by Bad Dog
Bestial Beast Races by OnHolyServiceBound
Vanilla Warpaint Absolution by DomainWolf
Community Overlays by DomainWolf
Beast Race Bodypaints by DomainWolf
Frecklemania 2 by tetrodoxin
Nuska Warpaint by Nuska and synth13
Feminine Khajiit Textures by MONSTERaider
Masculine Khajiit Textures by MONSTERaider
Better Khajiit Male Texture by OBLbeginner, KrittaKitty, and MrLenski
Better Khajiit Female Texture by OBLbeginner, KrittaKitty, and MrLenski
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
Kala’s Eyes- Beast Race Edition by guidethisonekalaheria
Khajiit Eyes Extended by DaltonTheHobo
DreamBurrow’s Khajiit Eyes by DreamBurrow
Natural Eyes by nevenbridge81
Khajiit Aesthetics Compilation by ak0d
Glowing Khajiit Eyes by PhysicsFish
Khajiit Hair by Saerileth
ApachiiSkyHair by apachii
KS Hairdos by Kalilies and Stealthic
Beards of Power by Mharlek1
BeastHHBB by Mharlek1
Slof's Fluffy Khajiit Tails by AlienSlof and Finius
Beards by Hvergelmir

Special Thanks
katiexmongo for their super handy Compendium and for their KO Male Preset
varharadaro for their presets
expired6978 for RaceMenu
meirmi for their tutorial on replacing NPC faces
turulo for NPC Nif Merge
ousnius for SSE Nif Optimizer
Bone Tongue for Creation Kit Stability Performance Fixes
Groovtama for XPMSE
Bethesda, obviously
Additional Recommended Khajiit Mods
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The two ribbons are made of images found at The Ta'agra font and translation provided by The Ta'agra Project.