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Allows Khajiit's ears to show through helmets and hoods. Now supports EVERY mod on the nexus automatically.

Permissions and credits
This is a exclusive mod, I do not give permission for it to be uploaded to any other website, domain name or file sharing resource.
Anyone who sees this file on another website has full permission to file a DMCA against it on my behalf, and please notify me of it directly.

Universal mod support thanks to the MXPF Tes5Edit resource!

Cats use their ears to balance, hear, show emotion, get around and just generally interact with the world.
Khajiit's do the same, and in Skyrim, the ears are often the only part of the facial emotion of your character you get to see in general gameplay.
And yet the moment you equip any sort of headgear, their ears are hidden under it as if they don't exist, hiding a vital part of your character.
This mod aims to fix this.

The mod is a single Tes5Edit script which you run on your entire load order or just on a mod by mod basis which automatically applies the correct settings and exports them to a single ESP. This approach allows the mod to now support all mods and automatically support any load order as it will automatically export the winning conflict (if you have another mod which edits a helmet, its edits will automatically be accounted for in this script) and means no more patching.

This is a Tes5Edit script, not a Papyrus script. As such it has NO additional performance impact on your game at all, and if you want to uninstall it all you have to do is delete the esp.

Many helmets in the vanilla game don't allow the head to render in favor of a simple design, such as the nightingale hood, dragon priest masks, dwemer helmet etc. If you do not run the mod Improved Closedfaced Helmets these helmets will NOT have ears show up as the entire head, ears including has rendering disabled. If you want ALL helmets to show ears, you must run ICH as apart of your load order.

Argonian players looking for a similar feature should turn their attention towards Horns are Forever which allows horns to show through all types of head wear (and the Argonian Decapitation Fix which includes the correct facegendata to allow horns to also show up on vanilla NPCs)

Installation Instructions
  1. Download Tes5Edit.
  2. Download MXPF.
  3. (Optional but HIGHLY recommended) Download and install Improved Closedfaced Helmets like any other mod. Without this mod many vanilla helmets will not display ears because of an engine limitation. Make sure it is actively in your load order before doing the following steps.
  4. If using NMM, just unpack Tes5Edit anywhere. If using MO, unpack Tes5Edit and add it as an executable within MO.
  5. Download and unpack this mod. Put its files into the Tes5Edit directory. (The Edit Scripts folder should be where TES5edit.exe is, the script file called Khajiit Ears Show.pas should be inside that folder). Do the same with MXPF.
  6. Run LOOT on your load order
  7. Open Tes5Edit with your load order
  8. Wait for it to finish saying Background Loader: Finished
  9. Right click anywhere on the left pane of Tes5Edit and select Apply Script
  10. In the drop down menu at the top of the window that appears select: Khajiit Ears Show
  11. Name the esp. Preferably name it Khajiit Ears Show so people know what mod it is when sharing your load order
  12. Wait for the script to finish running, then close Tes5Edit and save the file
  13. If using NMM, move to the next step. If using MO, right click on the overwrite folder in your left pane and select Create Mod, and name it Khajiit Ears Show. It can go anywhere in your left pane, nothing will overwrite it. Make sure no other files end up in it by accident that may have been sitting in your overwrite folder.
  14. (Optional) Open Wrye Bash and make your Bashed Patch to save a load order space
  15. DONE!

patches are an essential tool of most mod load orders in order to make your mods compatible with other mods. If you do not have one, I highly recommend that you add one as that will make this mod, and many others in your load order, much more compatible. More information can be found on the Wrye Bash nexus page.

For people who need it, the installer file with premade esps is still available for download if you just want easy esps that have already been made for the base game, DLCs, or Improved Closedfaced Helmets etc. DO NOT use this file with the script. The script will already cover all the vanilla helms and hoods. Use one or the other.

Updating Instructions
To add helmets:
If you want to add a new helmet or armor mod into your game, simply place it in your load order ABOVE the esp you already generated with this script and run the script again in Tes5Edit. It will ignore any already patched records and only check for new records to add into the existing esp.

To remove helmets: If you wish to remove helmets from your generated file you must delete the esp and run the script again for the safest method. You should also do this, or run two different esps, if running two different load orders such as with MOs profiles system.


This mod is automatically compatible with ANY other mod on the nexus due to the way that its script is implemented. All conflicts will be automatically accounted for

Credits and Permissions
Thank you to mator for all of his incredible help in getting this new version set up and tested, and for helping me develop this off his new script framework so that this additional functionality could be implemented in the mod.