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Adds lots of pouches, bags and bandoliers to help easing your burden.

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Important note:
Hello. Thank you for checking out my mod. Unfortunately due to many factors, I can no longer support it. This means that:
  •  I cannot provide technical support for this mod.
  •  I can no longer update this mod with new features.
  •  I cannot answer asset use requests.
  •  I no longer read through the comments.

  • If you are interested in making a translation, a tweak, or similar patch for this mod, feel free to do so. Just do not include the .bsa file in your own submission (users will need to download the original mod in order for your patch to work).
  • If you would like to use assets from this mod in your own, feel free to do so. Just give a credit and a link to this page.

Thank you for understanding. 
And thank you for years of support and kind words. I am very happy that my work was enjoyed by you all. We are all a great community.

Hope to see you in Elder Scrolls 6.



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What does this mod have to offer + Videos
How to install
How to uninstall
How to get
Please note
Version History
Works with these mods
Known mod conflicts
Known issues and bugs

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Have you ever left behind tons of useful stuff, simply because you could not carry anymore? How many dragon bones, dwemer scrap or other valuable things were abandoned? Too much to count. But now, there is a solution just for you! "Bandolier - Bags and Pouches" offers you a wide selection of various equipment items that should ease your burden! And it can be used with nearly every armor!

What does this mod have to offer?
This mod offers you many items that will increase your carry weight. At the moment, there are 7 new slots for the equipment: Chest, Back Left, Back Right, Front Left, Front Right, Left Side and Right Side. Different items can be quipped into different slots, so you can combine up to 7 different pieces. At the moment, there are 67 different items available.

Small pouches add 25 extra carry weight.
Satchels, bags and box pouches add 50.
Bandoliers add 75.
Large Bandoliers add 100.
But you can also use an optional file that provides no enchantments by default. Copy the .esp file into your data folder and overwrite the existing file.

To see which slots the items are, using and how you can combine the items, look at the screenshot above.

You can find videos showing the mod's features under "Videos" tab.
Keep in mind that most of them were made with older versions of the mod.

How to install:
Extract the files from the archive into your Data folder. Check the Dr_Bandolier.esp in your "data files", in the launcher.

How to uninstall:
If you wish to uninstall the mod, make sure to unequip the items first. Otherwise you will still have the permanent effect on your character.

How to get:
All items are crafted at the tanning rack. However, some items may require extra things that can be crafted at the forge.
Black Dyed Leather is crafted by combining Leather and Frostbite Venom.
Assorted Buckles are crafted at the forge from Steel Ingots.
To make a bandolier with a shoulderpad, you must first make a regular one, and then, combining it with an extra piece of leather at the tanning rack, you can create bandoliers with shoulderpads.
To make Dark Botherhood Items, you must first get the recipe from thier sanctuary. If you cant find it, look for the spoiler in the bottom of this page.
You can upgrade your small bandoliers into the large ones. The recipe will only show if you have small bandolier in your inventory.

Please note:
There might still be some bugs. Please, report them (just make sure they are not already on the "known issues" list bellow.

Feel free to upload your beautiful screenshots to this mod!

Add the mod to your tracker to see when it get updated.

There are plenty of translations available on  Nexus, please search for them individually. 

Version History:

v1.2 - Some minor fixes.
v1.2 - Changed the enchantment school to "NONE" to hopefully prevent it from conflicting with other mods (also counts as vampire-hotfix).
v1.2 - Integrated ttl269's mesh fixes.
v1.2 - Added Pouches to Left and Right sides as well as back, so you can now make a nice pouch belt all around your waist. Comes in Leather, Dark and Pale colors.

v1.101 - *Fixed recipe for Dark Vial Belt

v1.1 - *Nexus version is not in loose files instead of a .bsa. You can delete Dr_bandolier.bsa
v1.1 - *Changed names (again) for better sorting.
v1.1 - *All the items are now under “Leather” category in Tanning rack
v1.1 - *”Gray” items are now “Pale”
v1.1 - *Dark satchel that you had are now “Pale”. Very sorry about that.
v1.1 - *Added 2 Pale Satchels and 6 Pale Box Pouches
v1.1 - *New texture for Dark Satchels
v1.1 - *Added 2 Vial Belts. Leather and Dark versions. No shoulderless ones yet.
v1.1 - *Added 8 Vial Holders. Leather and Dark versions. Back L, Back R, Front L, Front R
v1.1 - *Added 4 Book Holders. Leather and Dark versions. Back L and Back R
v1.1 - *Added 8 Pouches. Leather, Pale, Dark, DB. Front L and Front R. They look like pouches from Bandoliers.
v1.1 - *Added a new color pattern for Bandoliers – Dark Brotherhood.
v1.1 - *Dark Brotherhood items require a recipe that can be found somewhere in DB sanctuary. You cannot see the crafting recipe without it.
v1.1 - *Added new material for DB items: Crimson Dyed Leather. You will learn to craft it from the same recipe as the items.
v1.1 - *You can upgrade small bandolier into larger ones at the tanning rack. Both shoulderless and with shoulderpad. The upgrade recipe will only be visible if you have small bandolier in your inventory.
v1.1 - *No more stretching on Male Bandoliers at some animations.

v1.0 - *Large Shoulderless bandoliers now have the right enchantment
v1.0 - *Belt bag now uses both back-right and sied-right slots to avoid nasty collision with right sided pouches.
v1.0 - *You can now disenchant the items to learn the normal "Increase Carry Weight" enchantment
v1.0 - *You can now enchant the items with +carry weight and a few others. (you can use an optional, enchant-less file or do a double-enchant)
v1.0 - *Added a new color set for bandoliers - gray (or you can call it pale)
v1.0 - *Finally fixed the stretching on female bandoliers (see screenshot).

v0.65 - *Changed meshes for the box pouches.
v0.65 - *Added 4 new bandoliers without the shoulderpad, 2 dark small pouches, 8 box pouches for other slots.
v0.65 - *Changed some bandolier meshes for less clipping. Female large bandoliers now have slightly less stretching.
v0.65 - *Changed some item names.
v0.65 - *Changed crafting system, to use Assorted Buckles, which are crafted at the forge.
v0.65 - *You now start by crafting a shoulder-less bandolier and can add a shoulderpad later on.
v0.65 - *Removed the green glow from the inventory model.


Also available on Steam Workshop! Always the updated version.

Works with these mods:
This is a small list of mods that use some of the special slots, and do not conflict with this one.
Black Sacrament Armor mods (but left satchels share same slot)
Cloaks of Skyrim
Winter Is Coming - Cloaks
Leather Backpack
Sabre Gear Backpack /// Fur Bag - Backpack
Dwemer Goggles and Scouter
Wearable Lanterns (Uses same slot as the back right pouch)

Known mod conflicts:
The mod might conflict with any other mods that use the same slots (48, 55, 53, 57, 58, 52, 59).
Angelic Halos and Demonic Horns (Items in that mods use a couple of the same slots)
The Aesir Armor mod (A few decorative items in the mod use the same slots)
oS - Schlongs of Skyrim (Cant have armor and left-side items equipped)

Known issues and bugs:

Sadly, one cannot avoid all the conflicts and possible problems. Here is the list I have so far:

*The Back right book holder is not shaded correctly and may appear darker/lighter than it should. At the moment, I have no idea what is causing it. Please use the back left instead.
*Some items may appear a little bit too far from the body. It is an issue that is almost impossible to solve, be cause of many different armor sizes. It is especially very visible on naked characters.
*When dropped, items sound like they are made of metal. No idea why it is happening, I have tried many things to fix it, with no avail.

Huge thanks to all the people on Bethesda Forums who helped me to sort out a few problems I had with the creation of this mod.
Thanks to AlphaWoIF for his permission for using some Witcher2 models he prepared.
Thanks to dkyingst.deviantart.com for the lineart for the poster.

Location of DB recipe:
.yrautcnaS htaerklaF ni )elbat pam htiw moor( moor tsrif eht ni flehskoob eht no si epicer ehT