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This mod adds a male only, lore-friendly modular armor.

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For Skyrim Special Edition -> HERE

This mod adds a male only, lore-friendly modular armor, you can obtain the armor by going to Throat of the World, you know....that place where you talk with Paarthurnax, there's a chest right next to the Word Wall, I've also added a very small "cosmetic surprise" at the same location, however you will have to find it by yourself. The armor and most pieces can be upgraded/enchanted. The female version of this armor can be found here.

Before using any of the equippable pieces, make sure to equip the Cuirass first, otherwise they won't fit as intended since this armor is not made to be mixed with other armors. The armor is not weightslider compatible(default armor weight is 50) sorry, there was no other way.

This armor may or may not be compatible with SOS (Schlongs of Skyrim)

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Q: Is the armor craftable?
A: No, the armor will not be craftable.

Q: My character has a neck gap, help!
A: Set your character at weight 50.

Q: What mods have you used in the screenshots?
A: Most of the screenshots are not mine, so I cannot answer.

Q: Will you add weightslider support?
A: At the moment no, there would be too much work involved.

Do not modify or re-upload without permission(s).

Eiries and Stealthic for screenshots
Kalilies for .ESP help
CD Projekt RED for the Witcher 2
LordOfWar for The Witcher 2 ports
Better Males by Chris57 and FavoredSoul