About this mod

A mod that aims to overhaul the Khajiit race.

Permissions and credits
As the title suggests, this mod aims to overhaul the khajiit race. It builds upon some of my previouse files, "Detailed Khajiit Heads" and Khajiit Body Overhaul For Modders," which has now been hidden. Patches will need to be made for existing or other texture mods.


New RaceMenu sliders added under [HEAD]. (Face Parts & Mouth)

New Head Mesh Morphs From Citrus Heads - [Male  [Female

Hidden neck fur mesh layer & fixed neck seam - [Female

New Mouth Mesh - Maybe (currently morphed only)

New Head & Mouth Normal Maps - [Male

Digitigrade Morph Skeleton By Bad Dog - [Male  [Female

New Feet Mesh - [Male  [Female

Higher Poly Tail Meshes -
 [Male]   [Female]

Tail Normal Maps - [Male  [Female

New hand meshes
- [Male] X  [Female] X

Optional plantigrade feet - [Male] X  [Female] X

Long Tearm:

Optional race add-on with human morphed heads based on Cheetah (DC) Justice League - [Male] X  [Female] X

ptional race add-on based on Cheetah (DC) more humanoid version with 2 ear options - [Male] X  [Female] X

All Files

All DLC: Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire


UNP/UUNP Bodies for Females

Khajiit Overhaul

Male: Compatible with any body/texture, so long as it keeps the Vanilla look.

Khajiit Overhaul - Plantigrade

SOS HDT Bodies for Males

Khajiit Overhaul - Digitigrade (Most vanilla footwear are set to hidden due to the shape of the feet)

SOS HDT Bodies for Males

XPMSE 3.93 - 3.94 (Overwrite XPMSE.esp. If you make a patch with both Imperious and SC Khajiit Improvement Morphs, Loot will give those plugins a higher priority and you don't have to worry about this plugins location.)


Khajiit Chidren mods (The author would need to make a compatibility patch)
Mods that makes race changes to the Khajiit race (Imperious for example; a patch would need to be made)

Recommended Mods

"Better Claws and Gauntlets" (Let this mod overwrite mine)

"More accurate Khajiit chin and lips paint"

"83Willows WHITER TEETH 4all - Orc Khajiit Argonian Werewolf" (Overwrite this mod)

"Glowing Eyes for Khajiits"

"Imperious - Races of Skyrim" (Requires a Tes5Edit patch)

"Predator Vision - Vampire Werewolf and Khajiit" (Won't work unless the patch is made between "Khajiit Overhaul" and "Imperious," if used)

"FNIS PCEA2 - Player Exclusive Animations (dynamic)"

"KISS - Khajiit Cat Sprint and Sneak"

"Claw animations"

Warning: The link bellow is NSFW. By clicking on the link bellow, the site will ask for confirmation of your age and I can not be held liable.

You can follow my progress and see what I am up to on mod related work here at LoverseLab.


Do not re-upload this mod anywhere.

Feel free to use the mod assets for Skyrim NPCs and follower mods (not the player character).  Feel free to use the recourses for any type of Skyrim mod. Being credited is a requirement if you wish to use assets from this mod.

Contact me if you wish to use any of my assets that would effect the player character, for a Skyrim mod only. any other game does not have permission.

This mod's assets do do not have permission to be used for commercial use in a way to make money. Such as for example;  behind a paywall with a service like Patreon, and not available to the public.

Use of my assets for free public media (images and videos) like YouTube for example is not an issue.

The permission usage above does not apply to the skeleton, and maybe the textures. Please contact the author "Bad Dog" over at LoversLab about the skeleton.


Thanks to Blaze69 for organizing files and turning it into a mod, as well as other edits.
Thanks to Bad Dog for use of his digitigrade Skeleton morph, as well a some other assets.
Thanks to Poblivion (LoversLab)/OBLbeginner (Nexus) for texture edits.
Thanks to blabba for the high poly Khajiit Citrus Heads that I used as a base.
Thanks to Bethesda for the mouth mesh.