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Freckle Mania is back!
More options, better quality!

RaceMenu overlays/resources for facial/body freckles, skin complexion & dirt, female and male.

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Ruining your favourite body texture authors work since '14
My Screenshots

Freckle Mania is back, and better than ever!

Looking back, I wasn't really happy with the quality of the first version, so I remade the whole thing.
And since it got somewhat popular, I think it deserves an upgrade. Thanks for your support!
This is a compilation of face/body/hand/feet overlays based on Race Menu 3 (so you need that).
This time, we have overlays for both male and female (UNP)! Inlcuding:

4x4 full sets for female
3x4 full sets for male
10 face only for female
5 face only for male

and much more!

You can use both Freckle Mania and Freckle Mania 2, there isn't anything that gets overwritten.
Which also means you can combine overlays from one version with the other one.

Please, upload screenshots of your characters!

But stay SFW! ;O
Stick to the Nexus rules please, no nudity.

I have to remove your images otherwise, and I really don't want to do that :|

Use the Mod Manager of your choice.

This mod is a RaceMenu plugin, it won't work without it!
Several things you need to do to have full access to all overlays:

1. Edit your SKSE.ini file to contain the following information:

It is located in Skyrim/Data/SKSE
If there is no such file, you need to create one yourself. 
Open up Editor, insert the lines as mentioned and save the config in . 


or (depending which version you downloaded)


2. Edit your NiOverride.ini

This one comes with RaceMenu and is located in Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins
You need to enable FaceOverlays to have access to the dirt/blood overlays included in this mod.
Find bEnableFaceOverlays=0 and set it to 1.
Warning: Game will crash if you get decaptitated while wearing one of these overlays.

3. If you have trouble making the overlays show up,
optimize your load order.

This usually goes without saying, but sometimes it helps moving the .esp around.
If it was after RaceMenu.esp, try loading it before that one, or vice versa. 
See Video above!

If you don't like videos (why wouldn't you?), here's a summary:

[Makeup] tab for facial overlays (freckles)
[Body Paint] tab for body overlays (freckles & dirt)
[Hand Paint] tab for hand overlays (freckles & dirt)
[Feet Paint] tab for feet overlays (freckles & dirt)
[Face Paint] tab for facial overlays (dirt)

1. Select a slot
2. Set the color to something visible
3. Press T to open texture browser and select
4. Stack layers, mix and match with other parts
5. Save and Load color with F5/F9 to match

(Hint: [Makeup] overlays have a somewhat different behaviour, manual color adjustement required)


If you're running low on VRAM, don't use too many layers.
Alternatively, use these overlays and apply them directly on the body texture
using Photoshop, GIMP, or any other Image Editing Software that supports .dds!


Feel free to use these overlays for your followers or whatever, you don't have to ask.
Just add this mod to your credits!