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If you're curious about how to backport mods, here's a tutorial I made. I'm no longer taking requests for mods or supporting my backported mods.

You're welcome to make patches or translations for any of the mods on my profile, no need to ask. On the mods I've made, please credit me. If you want to use something in the mod for your own, please refer to the original author's permissions.

I don't respond to every comment any more, but I read every single one: thank you all who leave nice comments. Your support helps drive me <3

 Little FYI for folks who make videos: my username is said like allons-y wise girl (yes, I regret my choices.)

Ja-Kha'jay is jah-Khah-j'ae (... as best I can tell. Again, sorry.)

Currently working on:

  • Children of the Pariah - overhauls the appearances of all named Orc NPCs
  • Paintings of Tamriel - community-driven modder's resource for lore-friendly art


Future Projects:

  • Children of the Green - overhauls the appearances of all named Bosmer NPCs
  • Project ja-Kha'jay: Khajiit Will Follow


If you like what I do, feel free to leave me a tip on Kofi!




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