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Male-only standalone armor, requires 1.8

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2/12/2013: File uploaded made by eleglas to clean up files and added "Hood Down".
Now available for Beast Races.

Thanks insane0hflex/svaalbard!

Thanks Brodual!

=====Author’s Note=====

This is my first mod for Skyrim, so I know the normal issues will occur for example clipping, but this is the best I was able to get it with what little knowledge I have in modding. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section whether positive or negative so that I can learn more about what I am doing. Originally this armor was meant for a companion mod I am trying to create, but it is taking a long time to figure things out, so I am releasing this in the meantime. Lastly, I will not be making a female or a beast compatible version of this armor so sorry about that.



This mod adds a new standalone armor the game, compatible with the slider and can be found in a chest not far within Ysgramor’s Tomb. The story behind the armor is that it once belonged to a fugitive half-elf who made his final stand within that very tomb. His spirit refuses to rest until someone worthy claims the armor that once hid him away from his enemies.


1.Download and extract file into the Data folder, by default its location should be steam/steamapp/common/Skyrim/data
2.Retrieve the armor at location in game or via console command.

1.Remove the mesh and texture folder for armor as well as the .esp file


Bethesda for the creation of Skyrim, the meshes and textures used for edit, and the creation kit.
eleglas for fixes to the hood and work in the SCK
Kpheonix57 for helping to make it craftable and enchantable.
Leather Texture from