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This mod changes the walk forward animation for each female NPC based on her type (class, job, age, etc). The mod covers Dark Seducers, Golden Saints, female NPCs in Oblivion, Shivering Isles and female NPCs introduced by a number of other mods.

Permissions and credits
Sensual Walks for Female NPCs

Sensual Walks applies a different walk animation for each type of female NPC. Female types are based on...

  • Their class (Noble, Commoner, etc)
  • The job they do (Guard, Thief, etc)
  • Their age (Young or Elderly)
  • A range of other things

The idea is that whenever you see a female NPC in the game, it is always worth watching her walk and trying to guess what type of NPC she is ;)

About Sensual Walks
This mod changes the walk animation used by Oblivion's female NPCs to ones that are more feminine and sensual. It uses combinations of Mur_Zik's, Umpa's, Beni's, Yldenfrei's, AlienSlof's, Sinkpoint's and nao4288's walk animations to provide you with a choice of standard options or lets you change the walk each type of female NPC uses to suite your personal tastes...

Sensual Walks Animations Installer
The Animations Installer copies and renames the animation files used by Sensual Walks for Female NPCs.

It also gives you the opportunity to experiment with the walk animations used for each type of female so you can adjust the walk they use to suite your personal tastes.

You can, of course, use the defaults and not bother with all the options - always a good place to start until you see what it looks like in the game.

Additional Information
- See Supported Mods and Author Credits for information about Female NPCs that Sensual Walks changes.
- Use the Sensual Walks FAQ included in the Help file to answer your questions.
- Visit the Sensual Walks topic on the Bethesda forum for additional discussion and comments
- See Version History for more information about changes made since the initial release.

Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)
- You need OBMM to install the animation files using the Sensual Walks Animations Installer
- You need OBMM or Wrye Bash (recommended) to install the Sensual Walks for Female NPCs mod so it can establish which ESP files to load

Wrye Bash (version 284 and higher)
- Allows you to merge all Sensual Walks mods into a single ESP (Bashed Patch)
- No ESP slots used for Sensual Walks
- Extends Sensual Walks coverage to all mods that change Oblivion or Shivering Isles female NPCs

- Automatically arranges your Load Order for you
- Defines the correct Wrye Bash Tags for Sensual Walks mods

BOSS Userlist Manager
- Automatically generates the correct placement and bash tags for unknown Sensual Walks mods
- Helps maintain and personalise your load order

Clothes that enhance the walks...

Sensual Walks Ready Mods
If you have installed Sensual Walks, then female NPCs introduced or changed by these mods will use Sensual Walks animations...

Better Inns and New Home Owners: Sylar0712 (Marcos)
Companion Vilja: Emma and cdcooley
Gweden Brothel: ghastly
Kvatch Rebuilt - A few Female Guards: BG3
Mondstein - Female Companion: Mondstein
TWMP Hammerfell: Haldar1248

Animation Author Credits: Mur_Zik, Umpa, Beni, Yldenfrei, AlienSlof, Sinkpoint and nao4288

Supported Mods and Author Credits
Sensual Walks for Female NPCs will change the walk animation used by female NPCs in these mods...

Bethesda Softworks

Shivering Isles Female NPCs
Shivering Isles Dark Seducers and Golden Saints

Knights of the Nine
Mehrunes Razor
Thieves Den

Unofficial Patches

Unofficial Oblivion Patch: Quarn and Kivan
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch: Quarn and Kivan

Knights of the Nine - Unofficial Patch: Quarn and Kivan
Thieves Den - Unofficial Patch: Quarn and Kivan
Mehrunes Razor - Unofficial Patch: Quarn and Kivan


CM Partners Mod Basic: Cutthroat Mods
Companion Neeshka: Rsdnt-Evle
Midas Magic Companion Dark Zoe: Krisis1451 (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Midas Magic Companion Karen Iphigenia: Krisis1451 (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Red Sonia: ThePriest909
Rhianna Goddess Companion: Jumonji (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Sexy Eyja HGEC: Zed
The Romancing of Eyja - Abriael Human version: Abriael
The Romancing of Eyja: Madmole
Viconia DeVir Chapter One: Sultericdrums
Viconia DeVir Chapter Two: Sultericdrums
Xenia CM Partner: Korana and Xenius (Version 1.0 and 1.5)

Face Enhancements

Beautiful Women Mod: ntobmodfan
Better Looking Redguards: legendman
Better Redguards: Luchaire
Colourwheels Sexy Female NPCs: Colourwheel
Colourwheels Sexy Imperial Legion: Colourwheel
Oblivion Character Overhaul: nuska
Rens hair on Young Hot NPCs: Xvedren
TNR - ShiveringIsles no helms: Veritas_Secreto and now Arthmoor
TNR All Races: Veritas_Secreto and now Arthmoor
Xeo5 Beautify Female NPCs: eoeeoe (Hosted on Chinese language site)
Younger Hotter NPCs Women: nenina

NPC Generators

5 Cute Elves v1.0 (5 CM Partner Cute Elves Valeria Elenya Maeva Naemya Meliane): Divine Avenger
10Travellers: eramus
Crowded Cities: BkWyrm13
Crowded Cities Improved: BkWyrm13 and prettyfly
Crowded Roads Advanced: Shakh
Crowded Roads 3 Flavors: BkWyrm13
Crowded Roads Revamped: MaXiMiUS (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Crowded Roads Revisited: LazyAltmer
Cyrodiil Travel Services: Arthmoor
Diverse Guards: winterlove
Extended Chorrol: Stootoot
Extended Imperial City: Stootoot
Extended Skingrad: Stootoot
Fireflys Extended Cities Mod: firefly101
moDems City Life version 2.2: Lollerich et al (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
moDems City Life Beautiful People Compatible version 2.2: Lollerich et al (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Oblivion Alive: Lycanus
Roaming NPCs: Phitt
Rumple Mod: ghastley
Tamriel Transportation Network: statttis
Tamriel Travellers (all variations): CorepcMMP
Tavern-Goers: Oblivionuzer

City, Towns, Villages and Buildings

AFK_Weye: Dwip
Ancient Towers: WillieSea
Bananasplit Better Cities: Bananasplit (Full, Full - Blood & Mud Edition and Better Imperial Cities)
Bartholm: JSera
Blood & Mud: Ryan and Team
Brina Cross Village: Thomas Kaira
Bruma Mages Guild Restored: SSJ Heero
Castle Tirith and Tirith Town: manmanman
Dragon Captions - The Imperial City of Sutch Reborn: Biulding3015
Dragon Captions - Villages: cd470 and martinb
Dukecity: Duuke TeAm
EyeCandy Compilation: Hobbs
Faregyl Village: Arthmoor
Feldscar: Arthmoor
Fort Akatosh Redux: onra
Frostcrag Reborn: Indefiance
Frostcrag Spire Revisited: Gruffy
Frostcrag Village: Arthmoor
Glenvar Castle: Quartz
Gottshaw Village: Arthmoor
Imperial City Suburbs: Lady Olivia
ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Forts: SilentResident
Kvatch Rebuilt: Kvatch Rebuilt Team
MTC Expanded Villages: Nernie
MTC Thieves Grotto: Nernie
Reapers The Dark Tower: Reaper9111
Reedstand: Arthmoor
Shezries Towns: Shezrie
Split Expansion: Princess Stomper
Sutch Village: Arthmoor - Hanaisse
Tantrivaylia: EdwardNorth
The Gateway Realm : Dyshein
Universitas Arcanarum: Lambton Worm
Urasek: Arthmoor
Valhalla Asgardia: CELTICDOG
Vergayun: Arthmoor

Unique Landscapes

Aspen Wood: Apallo
Bravil Barrowfields: Bananasplit
Brena River Ravine: chuck21, IAMTHEEMPEROR & Arthmoor
Chorrol Hinterland: Carel de Winter
Cliffs of Anvil: Prettyfly
Imperial Isle: Gondor Wache
Rolling Hills: Malachit
Skingrad Outskirts: GrandDukeAdense - Vorians
The Eastern Peaks: Prettyfly

New Lands

Ardah a desert dream: Stroti
Auriels Retreat: lance4791
Elsweyr City Extension: mpieto
Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina: Iliana (March 2014, November 2010 Add-on and Unofficial Patch v1.4)
Dibellas Watch: Antiscamp
Dibellas Watch Vasthelm Expansion: Antiscamp
Stirk: Tamriel Rebuilt Team
Tales from Elsweyr Anequina: System Shock and David Brasher
The Lands of Solstheim-Vvardenfell-Mournhold: The SoVvM Team
TRoN (The Underdark - The Realm Of Northdark): Underdark Devteam (Version 1.1)


A Brotherhood Renewed: Arthmoor
Adash - City of Magic: LordKain (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Bonds Crystal Isles an Adventure: Bond
Daggerfall Memories - Cybiades: Deathless Aphrodite
Darkness Hollows: DarkRider, TES Alliance
Dragon Captions - The Elder Council: Dragon Captions Team (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Et in Arkay Ego: Et in Arkay Ego MOD Team (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Guards of Cyrodiil Redux: firespark
Hoarfrost Castle: Antistar
House of Healing at Weye: David Brasher
Integration - The Stranded Light: bg2408
Knights of the Nine Expansion: David Brasher
Knights of the Nine Revelation: Lanceor
Kragenirs Death Quest: Povuholo and Malchik
Malevolent: Simyaz and Arilita (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Mystery of Mausoleum: MOM Team
Order of the Dragon EV: Rung Diener_RE Ryan Lazarus Katan
Reclaiming Sancre Tor: DarkRider
Return of Shadows Chapter I: Tc2r Gamerdude Claci (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Ruined Tails Tale: Simyaz (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Saphirias Romance and the Djinnis Chamber: Eddy Kaschinski
Silvercliff - Treasure of Balemero: Stewie
Tears of the Fiend: Simyaz and Arilita (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
The Ayleid Steps: Ervvin (Only use with version 3.4 and later)
The Blade of the Haunted: jaime74
The Dwarves of the Mountain: Emerald Demond
The Golden Crest: Kafana - Nikola Luburic
The Heart of the Dead and the included CM Partners ESM: BFreyermuth
The Kingdom of Shadow: Vlys
The Lost Spires: liquidgraph1 (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
The Sundered Keep: ub3rman123
Vampire Hunting - Order Of The Virtuous Blood: David Brasher and Daniel da Rosa
Verona House Bloodlines: DTOM (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Verona House Bloodines SI Fixed: DTOM-Arthmoor
Windfall: ed_conn


Dragon Captions Resource Pack: Dragon Captions Team (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Less Annoying Magic Experience: bg2408
MAO - Mayus Animation Overhaul: Dark Mayu
Meogron Knights: Meogron
Oblivifall - Losing My Religion: Cliffworms
Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul Full version: Oscuro, dev_akm, MadCat221
T.I.E. (Tamriel Immersion Experience): Veritas_Secreto and now Arthmoor


Female Nudists: ryushi1
Hentai Mania: Hentai
Hentai Mania 2: Hentai (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
Region Revive - Lake Rumare: I_Need_Money (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)
The Great Forest Market: RegentEagle (uploaded by Lyss)

Credits and Thanks
- for making the fantastic Sexywalks by Mur_Zik and Real Walk for Females by Mur_Zik animations
- for allowing me to use them in this mod
- for acting as my mod mentor and friend

- for making the fantastic Umpa Sexy Walk & Umpa Sexy Model Walks animations and allowing me to use them in this mod

AlienSlof, Sinkpoint and Robert
- for making the terrific Slof's Manly Stride animation

- for Sinkpoint's Manly Stride animation (Awaiting Author's permission confirmation)

- for allowing me to use the Pretty Woman walk forward animations

- for allowing me to use the Princess Walk animation

- for allowing me to use the Womans Move animation

- for providing help, support and guidance so that I could provide BBB support for Sensual Walks
- for allowing me to use converted animations from his NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer

- for his wonderful Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)

- For TES4Edit, without which Sensual Walks for Female NPCs could not have been made

The authors of the supported mods
- See Supported Mods and Author Credits

Licensing and Legal
  • You may NOT use this content for commercial purposes.
  • Mur_Zik and Umpa must give you their express permission to include mods that use their walk animations.
  • You may NOT upload or distribute this content without the express permission of Mur_Zik, Umpa and Surazal.
  • You may NOT modify or redistribute modified versions of this content without the express permission of Mur_Zik, Umpa and Surazal.
  • Once you have obtained appropriate permissions, you must include credits for all contributors to this mod as part of your packaging and documentation.

Surazal and Mur_Zik