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House of Healing at Weye by David Brasher
Oblivion » Guilds/Factions
Added: 06/04/2010 - 08:00PM
Updated: 22/02/2011 - 01:34AM

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Uploaded by David Brasher


Last updated at 1:34, 22 Feb 2011 Uploaded at 20:00, 6 Apr 2010

Mod: House of Healing at Weye, Version 1.6
Game: TES IV: Oblivion
Requires: Shivering Isles
Compatible with: Ruined Tail's Tale, AKF_Weye, Region Revive - Lake Rumare, WEYE_TICS,
Dragon Captions - The Imperial Fortress of Weye, Weye Dog Shop, and Static Weapon Modders Resource
Author: David Brasher
Release Date: 2/21/11
1. Information on the Mod
2. Installation
3. Version History
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
5. Copy Status and Credits
This huge mod has 46 quests geared toward more peaceful character classes such as
healer, monk, pilgrim, and bard. It was inspired by the Imperial Cult and Mage Guild factions in
Morrowind. There are lots of low-key comparatively non-violent quests mixed in with the really
dangerous stuff. The goal is to help the sick and injured and to gain knowledge rather than to get
rich or fight evil.

Frustrated with how it is so easy to get to the end of all the quests in a guild or faction and
then have nothing left to do, this mod makes it so the last 18 quests given out by the three main
quest-givers, repeat or cycle and are never truly done. So you can quit playing when you reach
that point or continue on as long as you are enjoying it without the sudden end that you have no
control over.

The House of Healing is dedicated to helping people that nobody else can help, but it has
a surprising number of enemies. The church and state level charges of necromancy, vivisection,
and daedra-worship at the House of Healing. The Mage Guild doesn't like to see mages
practicing outside of the guild.

The organization is run as a charity, and is perpetually short on funds and personnel. The
leader is not very good at politics and makes some bad decisions because he is a well-meaning
healer, not a skilled administrator. The bill collectors want their money, the enemies persecute
the operation, and the work itself is sometimes difficult and dangerous.

To start the mod, go to the House of Healing at Weye near Fort Nikel near the Imperial

This mod uses lots and lots of silent lip-synced dialog on lots of new NPCs.

There are lots of bizarre and tricky puzzles or minigames involved with alchemy and
illness diagnosis.

This was a training mod made when I was learning how to mod. It therefore has many
issues. The project was abandoned about a year ago because of scripting troubles, lag,
excessive file size, structural problems, excessive complexity, and fatigue. I decided to fix a
few problems with it, do a bit of play-testing, and upload it as a semi-abandoned alpha release.

Hopefully some people will get some enjoyment out of it, although it is imperfect, and is too
big to adequately play-test and overhaul.
2. Installation
If you run more than one Weye mod, load order and patches are very very important.
After installation, fix your load order according to the instructions below.

Extract (decompress) the .esp file, meshes, textures, and sounds to your Oblivion
directory, the default is: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\
Mark the box next to the "House of Healing at Weye" plugin.

Alternately, extract someplace else. Then move the esp. to Oblivion\Data\, and the
Meshes, Textures, and Sound folders there also. Merge the new folder with the old. Often
you can simply drop the "Data" file into the "Oblivion" folder Make sure the files go into
the proper directories they were in when you downloaded the mod.

Weye is too crowded, so the House of Healing has been moved to the outskirts of Weye.
This mod is now compatible with the six most popular Weye mods and another one of my mods.
Advertised names, versions, actual plug-in names, and download locations:


Ruined Tails Tale 3.0 (RTT.esp)

AFK_Weye 2.0 (AFK_Weye.esp)

Region Revive - Lake Rumare 1.3 (Region Revive - Lake Rumare.esp)

WEYE_TICS 1.1 (Weye, the Imperial City Suburbs - [Weye.esp])

Dragon Captions - The Imperial Fortress of Weye 1.4 (Fort Weye.esp)

Weye Dog Shop 1.1 (JADWayeDogShop.esp)

Static Weapon Modders Resource 1_0 (Static Weapon Modders Resource.esp)

House of Healing at Weye (House of Healing at Weye.esp)


Region Revive Lake Rumare Patch (Rumare-AFK_Weye Patch.esp)

Ruined Tails Tale Patch (RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp)

Healer WEYE_TICS Patch (Healer WEYE_TICS Patch.esp)

The mods in Weye conflict badly with each other. You can't run all eight of these at once.
My goal was to make it so my mod and any one of the other six could be played at the same time.
My secondary goal was to make it so as many as possible of these mods would work together at
one time and not be buggy, ugly, and conflicting.

In the load order, mods go first, and the patches come last. The patch overrides the mod.
In some cases, a certain non-patch mod needs to come later than another non-patch mod to
override it. House of Healing is itself a patch and usually goes last.

AKF_Weye and Region Revive - Lake Rumare have been set up to work together with
the patch: Rumare-AFK_Weye Patch.esp.

Ruined Tails Tale 3.0, (but not lower versions) requires a patch to avoid conflicting with
most Weye mods: RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp

The House of Healing is itself a big patch to get 5 out of the 7 Weye mods working at once.
It must usually go last in the load order of Weye mods.

WEYE_TICS is a very big and disruptive mod that conflicts badly with the other 6 mods.
To get it to work, I had to make a special patch to go last in the load order: Healer WEYE_TICS
Patch.esp. And then it still puts things like rocks and trees interferring with the Weye Dog Shop,
and barrels and a fence partly blocking the inn door for Ruined Tail's Tale. This mod also has
missing meshes, and requires a patch for missing textures.

There are so many combinations, that I mainly focused on three. Things likely will not work
as well if you don't use one of these, but I tried to make my mod so it would not be the one causing
problems in any combination.

Ruined Tail's Tale, AKF_Weye, Region Revive - Lake Rumare, Weye Dog Shop, Static Weapon Modders
Resource, House of Healing at Weye

RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp
Region Revive - Lake Rumare.esp
Rumare-AFK-Weye Patch.esp
House of Healing at Weye.esp
Static Weapon Modders Resource.esp

(Still has the problem of putting a tree through the roof of the dog shop. You could fix it in the
console or the CS if you wish. The problem originates in the AFK\Region Revive\Patch Complex.)

(2) FORT WEYE BUILD (5 out of 8 mods)
Ruined Tail's Tale, Dragon Captions - The Imperial Fortress of Weye, Weye Dog Shop, Static Weapon
Modders Resource and House of Healing at Weye

Fort Weye.esp
RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp
House of Healing at Weye.esp
Static Weapon Modders Resource.esp

(3) WEYE_TICS TWO CONFLICTS BUILD ( 5 out of 8 mods)
WEYE_TICS, Ruined Tail's Tale, Weye Dog Shop, Static Weapon Modders Resource, and House of Healing
at Weye

RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp
House of Healing at Weye.esp
Static Weapon Modders Resource.esp
Healer WEYE_TICS Patch.esp

(Rocks and trees interfere with Dog Shop. Barrels and Fence partly block door of inn for
Ruined Tails tale)

(4) WEYE_TICS NO BIG CONFLICTS BUILD ( 3 out of 8 mods)
WEYE_TICS, Static Weapon Modders Resource, and House of Healing at Weye

House of Healing at Weye.esp
Static Weapon Modders Resource.esp
Healer WEYE_TICS Patch.esp

3. Version History
V 1.6 2/21/11 More mod-cleaning.
V 1.5 7/05/10 Updated to remain compatible with the new AFK_Weye 2.0.
V 1.4 6/26/10 Fixed conflict with Knights of the Nine over wayshrines.
V 1.3 5/20/10 Fixed bug with premature message box. Fixed bugs in quest where sick man is
escorted to the docks.
V 1.2 4/26/10 Dialog reformatting. More mod-cleaning.
V 1.1 4/17/10 Re-done to work with the six most popular Weye mods on TES Nexus.
V W 1.0.0 4/7/10 Patch for WEYE_TICS
V 1.0 4/6/10 Semi-Abandoned Alpha Release.
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
This was a training mod made when I really didn't know what I was doing. It had sat
untouched on my computer for almost a year. The mod ran into problems with lag, scripting,
structure, and complexity.

There are choreography problems with NPCs from three sets of quests coming and going
all at once.

The puzzles may be too strange or hard to figure out. The quests are set up so that if you
fail at a challenge you can still move along though.

The mod is not set up right to always recognize whether the PC is male or female, and
tends to expect that the PC is male.

The mod is too big to test and debug, and is not structured right.

Amount of time spent play-testing has thus far not been adequate. This recent quest
play-test took 25.5 hours of actual in-game time. I don't have enough time or enthusiasm right
now to do another complete play-test or two. Perhaps I will get back to it again sometime.

In Oblivion, if you load a savegame in a cell, that cell gets havoked. If you load inside
the House of Healing, bottles might fall off the shelves.

If you use a mod that changes the size or shape of potions, some of them might fall off
the shelves. (Like if you use "RealitySpectres Amazingly Better Potion Replacer
http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=27534 which is shown in some of the screenshots.)

The Oblivion game engine is buggy when it comes to removing multiple items with the same
form ID at the same time. The computer seems to view collected, purchased, looted, and stolen
items differently. Efforts have been made to combat this by issuing stronger commands using
form IDs rather than colloquial names, but there still may be instances where you are required to
possess a certain number of items, but then the quest-giver will only take some of them.

This mod directly conflicts with the "Olga Companion Mod"

with "Asharnakibibi, Daedric Shrine Ruin"

and with "Daedric Shrine Ruins" which has Asharnakibibi merged into it.

Either the NPC Olga, or the daedric shrine ruin Asharnakibibi, exist in both House of Healing at Weye,
and the above-listed mods.

The House of Healing is in Weye, and there are many mods with structures, objects, and NPCs
there, most of which conflict with each other. I' ve tried to make this mod work with the six most
common Weye mods I know of, both alone and in certain combinations. See the installation section
for details

Trying to make all these Weye mods compatible has messed with the landscape. There
are no tears in it anymore, but it may be bumpy, the wrong color, or too flat if you are not using
the same mods it was designed for and tested with.

Do not attempt to modclean this mod and the WEYE_TICS patch. They are intentionally
dirty with frivolous superficial changes to the landscape to override all the other Weye mods,
make them work together better, and eliminate tears in the landscape.

All my recent testing time has gone to mod conflicts and landscape problems. I have not been
able to test yet if the quests all work in the house's new location up the road.

Running lots of Weye mods all at once can cause lag when in the exterior cells.

I am uncertain what level of support I will be able to provide for this mod. It is just too big
and too flawed, and has sat abandoned for too long. If you encounter a major bug which makes
the mod unplayable, please send me a personal message on TES Nexus, and I will look into
fixing it so I can release an improved version of the mod.
5. Copy Status and Credits
The makers of Visual Pack XT for the daedric textures used.
Bethesda for making the game in an open format anyone can mod.

Copy Status:
Feel free to modify this, share this, or use parts of it. Just be sure to include my name in
your credits and send me a personal message on TES Nexus as a courtesy.