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Five towns, 15 player homes, ten quests, new dialog, some voiced dialog, new meshes, new textures, new animations, new music, new sound effects, openable windows, exterior homes, new books, new creatures, taverns, hotels, shops, fences, stealable paintings, enterable windows, hidden NPC safes, huge Gallery. See below for full description...


There are many specially chosen sound effects and music in Pell's Gate and Lakewood Village. To experience the mod as intended, play with ingame music off.

Small Update 23rd September

*The small home in Ravenview Village is now a proper exterior house (See the video). Buy the house from the
town general store.

The door is lockable/unlockable.
The curtains are openable/closeable.
The windows are openable/closeable.
All candle can be turned on/off.
ALL storage is safe.
The views are incredible.
It will not rain inside the house, thanks to Vince's scripts.

*There is now a chest in the sewer in Woodland Village, with a key so you can get out again.
*The Baggot Row Apartment in Pell's Gate is now lockable/unlockable.
*Shana in Lakewood Village shouldn't diss you anymore if you say you are not going to live there.
*You can now go back and have the option to buy the Lakewood player houses after refusing them the first time.


This is the newest expansion to the mod. Lakewood Village has been overhauled. I uploaded the ESP separately, this is because it took 4 hours to upload the main files and it is much easier to make any necessary quick fixes and upload just the ESP, rather then the whole file. Here are the changes:

*The exterior of the town has been entirely retextured using washington's Morrowindesque Houses resource.

*An Inn - You can rent a room for yourself, or a room for your companions. Even a room for yourself and another room for your companion.

*Bakery - self explanatory really.

*The Tavern has had a heck of an overhaul. It is now full of folks, with musicians, music and dancers.At it's full time of day it can have up to 14 NPCs in there. Which may affect FPS, although I run a medium machine and have no problem.

The tavern is definitely the most atmospheric I have built and the only tavern where I felt I got the atmosphere and character I wanted for so long in a tavern.

*Guards - Lakewood now has guards. They are currently in regular armor. They were going to get new armor, unfortunately the person making it has not been online.

*Willow Hall - This is the largest player home in the town. There are two versions of it. One is the original Willow Hall and the other is revamped version.

The new version is an exterior home like Seaview House in Haven Bay. The windows are openable and there are views over the town and lake. To buy either house talk to Darla in the Tavern and then go to Tamrin in the General Store.

*Lakewood Cottage - there are five different colour schemes for this house. You can choose which one you want when you buy the house.

SEE THE VIDEO FOR LAKEWOOD COTTAGE to see the different schemes. This is important as you have only one chance to buy which house you want, so you need to know which house before you buy it.

Talk to Levitaus Pompious in the Bakery to buy the house.

*The Quest - This is a short quest. I got burn't out and cut it short. Things you need to know are...

- You start the quest by talking to Old Tomas. It will come up in his random dialog, when he talks about 'Reban'.

- There are many specially chosen sound effects and music for the quest and mod in general. I you want to get the full effect play with your ingame music off so you can hear them.

- 'Lukren' is pronounced 'Luke-wren' Sorry for his voice acting. I did it and then altered my female voice into his. I hope to replace it with much better voice acting.

- Yes you can return to the 'location' and yes you can buy drinks from the barkeeper.

- There is an issue with 'ghosting'. Some doors take on the ghost effect after the quest. This is temporary, I haven't overwritten any vanilla doors. This is some strange game quirk and should be gone when the cell reloads.

*Dialog - There is lots of new dialog, a heck of a lot. I took a different approach to dialog and tried using the random system. So it works like this:

Each NPC in the town (except the two street merchants and the 2 musicians), has an opening line and then it goes to a random list of dialog that is exclusively theirs. Each NPC has 5-10 conversations in their random dialog. These incorporate life stories or general stories and can be quite long...okay for very long....okay so they do waffle on rather a lot, but they have some interesting things to say.

In an effort to make it more personal, dialog can reflect...

- What house you own.
- Whether your clothes are suitable for the location.
- An item you are carrying.
- What sex you are.
- What race you are. (not many of these though)

Overall there is approx 300 lines of dialog. I should probably count that though. That is just a rough estimate.

You may find lines repeated in an NPCs random dialog, which can frustrate a wee bit. But hopefully this system works well in creating slightly more dynamic NPCs in the town. I would be interested to hear your views on it after checking it out. Keep pressing NPCs for info, you may be surprised what you hear next. Also you may think you have heard it all only to hear something completely new.

Anyway, that is all I can remember for now. I will add anything else that comes to me. meantime...


Edit: In Haven Bay, Seaview House has been revamped. Much better views and vanilla ambiant environmental sound effects. The atmosphere is hugely improved.


Please do not post spoilers.

People keep asking me what exactly isn't lore in the mod so I thought I had better elaborate. All of the towns exteriors are completely lore friendly. What isn't lore friendly is in interior cells and is....

*The Gallery interior as a whole, in particular the Egyptian Exhibit.
*The secret Asylum area does not follow lore having electric lights.
*The gramaphone.
*Many player buyable homes have working toilets, sinks, light switches, even plumbing.


In this mod there are five towns....


A 19 building town near Mackamentain. There is an inn, a tavern, a bakery, a general store and 7 buyable player houses. This town has one short quest. There is loads of new dialog for every NPC in the town.


This town has 14 buildings with an inn, a general store and two towns. There are two player houses, one buyable and one obtained through quest. No new dialog in this town.


This town has 27 buildings with an inn, a clothes store, an armor store, a bakery, a town hall and a buyable player home. One quest and other areas to explore. No new dialog in this town.

Haven Bay

This small town is located in Valenwood, it contains a shop, an inn (with music, musicians and dancers), street merchants and a very unique buyable player home. No new dialog in this town.


This is the largest town in this mod and has the most to do and see. This is a town created for thieves with enterable windows, hidden safes, stealable paintings, openable chests, dark alleys. You will have to search carefully though as Pell's Gate residents hide their valuables
In the town there is...

A Town Hall
A Gallery
4 buyable player homes (3 apartments and a town house)
A clothing Store
An Armor Store
A Book Store
A General Store
Alchemy Shop
A Fence
Street merchants that close up at night.
A posh Hotel
Two further inns
A completely new custom creature
New dialog for almost every NPC
Lots of new meshes.
Houses with exterior views.
Named streets.
Music in taverns.
Much to explore and uncover.
Every NPC house in Pell's Gate is decorated uniquely.
Six quests.

Some Important Info

You MUST be out of the Gallery by 7 pm, as the receptionist and the curator will tell you. After the theft security was heightened and the guards will attack on sight and not stop to ask why you are there.

You cannot access the security room in the Gallery during the Quest to Find the Septim Crown. This is to prevent you from robbing the Gallery while you work there.

You cannot access the security room during the day until 7 pm. This is to ensure you have to do your robbing the hard way.

Quest to find the Septim Crown

This quest takes place within the Gallery. The septims crown has been stolen and you have a chance to help find it. To start this quest you need to read the latest newsletter about the theft. This can be found in the newspaper holder right outside the General Store. Once you have read that you can go to the Gallery and speak to the Curator, she will be in the main Atrium in the afternoons. She needs to like and trust you before she will offer you a position on the Gallery staff, as her secretary. Once you have the job she will give you a key and you can access the staff areas of the Gallery,including your own office. On the desk of your office you will find further instructions and also instructions on where to find a complete ingame
walkthrough if you are having trouble. PLEASE NOTE, this quest has no journal updates. This is a 'whodunnit' quest to find the thief.

Suggestion - When you get a new note in your office pigeonhole, remove it. Otherwise it can get confusing as the notes build up.

Quest to Rob the Gallery

PLEASE NOTE, you cannot start this quest unless you have completed the previous quest, 'Quest to Find the Septim Crown'. You found the crown and saw the goodies in the Gallery and would like some of those for yourself. Go to the Cloak n' Dagger Tavern and speak to Gramak, the barman. Follow the dialog and after go speak to that grey hooded man sitting in the corner beckoning you over. He has a proposition for you.

NOTE - You need a very high sneak skill to do this quest.


There is so much in this mod that even I have forgotten. Search everything very carefully or you will miss things. Activate everything.

*SAVE OFTEN! You can die in some unconventional ways in this mod.
*Toilets are flushable and sinks useable.
*Check the news bill boards outside the General Store often. When the news changes check the news stand and grab the newest Black Horse Courier.
*If you buy a house with curtains, there is a pull rope to one side to open and close them.
*The windows in Seaview House are openable and so is the patio door.
*Very rarely in the houses with exterior views, it may be snowing. Just leave and then reenter the cell.
*All front doors on the player's houses are lockable and unlockable.
*Examine paintings very carefully.
*NPCs hide their money as safely as they can, be on the look out for purses of money hidden in houses.
*In the Egyptian Display in the Gallery, be sure to read the book in the display case as it contains answers to some important questions.
*At the end of an 'important event' characters dialog can change to reflect it.
*Be sure to read books as there are quite a few.
*There is some three way dialog.
*The Elm Street Apartment is bigger the you think. Take a very close look around it.
*Seaview House has a secret storage room.
*Some windows can be entered.


This mod requires OBSE and ELy's Silent Dialog
Shivering Isles is NOT required


There are compatibility patches for....

* The Lost Spires

* Artifacts

* MTCExpandedVillages

* Unique Landscapes for Aspen Wood & Cloudtop Mountains

* Patch for Guards of Cyrodiil

* Patch for compatibility with 'See You Sleep mod'


You need the main file AND the sound files. I had to split the file up as it is too large.

At this time the files are not in packaged in a BSA. This is because it is easier for me to upload, change, fix etc

A never fail method I now use is:
Download to Desktop. Now unzip to Desktop (Download ZipGenius for free off the net if you don't
have a program to unzip)
Open My Computer/Local Disk (C:)/ Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion
Then click once on Data Files to highlight it
Minimize size of screen to allow you to see the extracted files on Desktop
Drag each extracted file (ESP, Meshes, Textures, Sound) and "Drop" onto "DataFiles"
A message will come up for each one, just click "yes to all"
Start up Oblivion
Go into Data Files
Click the box to the side of "Shezries Towns" to activate this
And off you go.

Personal Thanks

In addition to the credits this is a list of people I would like to personally thank and credit for other mods that inspired and provided me with many resources.

I would like to thank Lady Nerevar for creating the exterior house mesh for the Ravenview cabin for me.

I would like to thank Jbvw for all the amazing resources in his house mod. I really went to town with all of the new animations, meshes and textures.

Arthmoor, for fixing the Dervera Romalen dialog.

Kalikut, without your resources I would never have had my favorite feature in this mod.

MightyJoeYoung, for all his resources.

To all the amazing people on the Oblivion's Real Estate forums. You are all amazing and I feel honored to know you all and privileged to enjoy your company.

To Emma for teaching me about dialog.

Tantrivaylia by EdwardNorth, for showing me how dialog can make such a difference and inspiring me to finally learn about dialog.

To all the amazing people that fulfilled my endless requests for resources on the Official Forums and helped me solve many problems...Phitt, Vacuity, Washington, JDFan, Ghastley,

Wetblanket, for altering and creating windows in the house mesh for Willow Hall, and altering another house mesh so I could build the tavern.

To Ruikuli who made some really brilliant secret resources.

Meo, I would have been stuck at the first gate without your resources.

Ghastley, for the custom creature that will shock the heck out of people. Hehe!

Again to Phitt, who secretly created some resources.

Thank you to everyone who voted and made this mod File of the Month for Dec 2010.

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