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Mod: Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood, Version 3.0
Game: TES IV: Oblivion
Requires: Shivering Isles
Authors: David Brasher, Daniel da Rosa, Nomadimp, Cleitanious
Release Date: 11/3/11
1. Information on the Mod
2. Installation
3. Version History
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
5. Copy Status and Credits
This mod expands the Order of the Virtuous Blood by adding 28 additional quests which
become available after you have beaten the vanilla Order of the Virtuous Blood side-quest. This mod
is the result of merging "Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood", "Kendrel - The Vampire
Huntress", "OVBE - Order of the Virtuous Blood Expanded," and "Caldera Update." Three mods about the
Order of the Virtuous Blood and a Morrowind mod where some of the action is going to take place after
mod construction is finished. It has been revised to make it compatible with "Bloodlines." khamuy
made a patch to make it compatible with "StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised." There are new NPCs, playable
Ordinator armor, wooden stake weapons, additional dialog, a system to sell vampire dust in large
quantities more rapidly, more books, and lots more vampires in the world.

Cyrodiil is suffering from a plague of vampirism. With the Oblivion crisis, the attentions of
the authorities have been focused elsewhere, and things are starting to get badly out of hand. You
may encounter vampires at night on isolated country roads, and even walking the streets of the cities.
There are customized boss-level vampires the quests will lead you to seek out and destroy.

Vampire hunting is not without its risks. It really isn't safe to get infected with porphyric
hemophilia over and over. You must have a pure heart and a steadfast resolve if you are to avoid
turning into one of the things you are fighting so hard against. If the work does not destroy your
body, it still might destroy your mind and your soul. But if nobody is willing to take the risks and
make the sacrifices, things may become very bad for Cyrodiil indeed.

This mod provides an amazing amount of play-time. The last full play-test logged 45 hours
of in-game time on a brand new character who fast traveled a lot and sometimes ran past enemies rather
than fighting in order to quickly reach the quest targets.

To start the vanilla quest "Order of the Virtuous Blood," which you must complete before
playing the mod, you must achieve a fame rating of five (5), go to the Imperial City Temple
District, and talk to Ralsa Norvalo. The new quests in this mod are what come after the vanilla
quest. After the vanilla Oblivion side quest, talk to Roland Jenseric to find out about the new quests.

If you have already completed the "Order of the Virtuous Blood" quest at the point when
you activate the mod, you just need to go to the headquarters of the Order of the Virtuous Blood
in Seridur's Basement and talk to Roland Jenseric. Roland keeps a schedule, and is only there
during certain hours. So if you don't see him, you might have to wait for him.

To start the quest with Kendrel the Vampire Huntress you must not be a vampire, must be
level 10 or higher, must have completed the 'Order of Virtuous Blood' quest, and must have joined
the Order at its end. The quest will kick in after about 10 days have passed.

In this quest, the player receives a letter from the Order of Virtuous Blood written by Gilen
Norvalo, in which he asks for help again. He says that a famous vampire hunter came from
Morrowind and contacted them by way of his daughter, telling them that he discovered that a cult
of vampires, related to the Quarra Bloodline, is reuniting with its leader, a powerful and cruel
vampire which once threatened the existence of the entire Imperial City. The vampire hunter's
daughter said that the pack of vampires he was tracking brought him to Cyrodiil, but not knowing
the land, he eventually lost their trail and needed help. Since Gilen, Grey-throat, and Jenseric are too
weak to fight vampires themselves, Gilen decided to send the player a letter, asking for him to deal
with this situation. The vampire hunter's daughter is waiting for the player at the Tiber Septim Hotel.

This quest is a humble but honest homage to Joss Whedon's iconic TV series "Buffy the
Vampire Slayer." It is an effort to create a lore-friendly story and pay tribute to the TV show.
The intent was to create an atmosphere that could be related to the series in its sense of humor,
flavor, and style.

To start the OVBE quests, you must complete the vanilla "Order of the Virtuous Blood" quest,
sell ten units of vampire dust to Roland, wait one day, and then go visit both Roland and Gilen in the
headquarters of the Order.

To start the six newest Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood quests, talk to Roland
after you have recruited four people in the "Happy Hunting" quests. He will tell you who you need to talk
to in order to receive the first of the quests in this new series. If you update to this new version from
an old one, you can go do these quests anytime after you have recruited four people in the "Happy Hunting"
quests, even if you have beaten all the quests in the old version of the mod.

This mod uses vanilla voiced dialog as well as custom silent lip-synced dialog. To get delay
and lip movement, you may do one of three things:

(1) Download the optional silent voice files (Part 4 of 4.)
(2) Use Universal Silent Voice, available at: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622
(3) Use TES4Gecko to create your own silent voice files.

This mod uses a lot of minimally modded vanilla locations across Cyrodiil. The adventures
will take you many places all over the map. There are also two Morrowind worldspaces included.

Instructions on where to look for the vampires can be rather vague. After all, the vampires
avoid being seen and don't want to be found. So you may have to visit several dungeons before you
find the right one. The mod was designed this way on purpose. There will not always be a quest
marker on your compass bar leading you around like a puppy on a leash. If you really can't find the
right dungeon or are in a big hurry, you can refer to the spoiler document which is included with the

The mod adds a player-owned non-respawning chest to the headquarters of the Order of the
Virtuous blood. You will be visiting the headquarters at the beginning and end of each quest, so it is
handy to have a place to stow your stuff.

The containers in Vando Manor do not respawn and are safe to store your belongings in.

This mod is compatible with Bloodlines http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14601
You will need the patch available at the download point of this mod.

The vampires have been set to be compatible with OOO. Attempts have been made to make the
Cheydinhal Mage Guild compatible with OOO.

2. Installation
You must install the first three downloads, and may install the fourth if desired:


Part 1 of 4 (.esp plug-in file.)
Part 2 of 4 (Meshes and textures.)
Part 3 of 4 (Meshes and textures.)


Part 4 of 4 (Optional silent dialog files.)

For each download, extract (decompress) the .esp file and textures and sounds to your
oblivion directory, the default is: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\
Mark the box next to the "Order of the Virtuous Blood" plugin.

Alternately, extract someplace else. Then move the esp. to Oblivion\Data\, and the Meshes,
Textures, and Sound folders there also. Merge the new folder with the old. Often you can simply drop
the "Data" file into the "Oblivion" folder Make sure the files go into the proper directories they
were in when you downloaded the mod. This is not a good option for the sound files in part 4 of 4
because they are too large to easily move when decompressed. It is better to decompress them exactly
where you want them.

The mod has become large enough that my Internet connection has trouble dealing with it.
So the mod comes in four pieces. Install all of them the same way. If you use Universal Silent Voice
(Available at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622) you do not need part 4 of 4 of the
download. The .esp in part 1 of 4 will be updated frequently, as will the optional silent voice files
in part 4 of 4. The meshes and textures in part 2 of 4 and part 3 of 4 will be updated seldom or never.
If you are updating your version of this mod, read the version numbers and descriptions on those two
files carefully. The old meshes and textures you already have may still be current and you won't need
to download again.

3. Version History
V 3.0 11/3/11 Attempted bugfix with Dark Brotherhood and Chorrol Chapel Undercroft door.
V 2.9 9/9/11 Redid Bloodlines compatibility work. Patch now required for Bloodlines users.
V 2.8 9/1/11 Fixed bug with disappearing non-respawning player-owned barrel in Cheydinhal House.
V 2.7 8/26/11 Moved some vampires from an unplayable location. Made it so game will autosave right
before a crash point of indeterminate cause that perhaps 1 in 200 computers have. Text
polishing. Fixed a bug in one branch of the chapterhouse quests that makes it so the
final quest won't show as completed.
V 2.6 3/13/11 Fixed guards that are in your party at Wenyandawik so they won't arrest you for accidental
friendly blows.
V 2.5 3/5/11 Fixed vampires in Underpall Cave that were appearing prematurely. Adjusted vampire hunters
at Wenyandawik so they won't arrive too early. Adjusted quest completion requirement on
three new quests to fail soft and accept 70% completion if some of the vampires fail to
appear. Text polishing. Pitched battle AI fine-tuning.
V 2.4 3/5/11 Scripting to prevent Raecius from going missing for better compatibility with other mods.
Deadwood removed from any script that contained it.
V 2.3 3/4/11 Attempt at editing Raecius' AI for better compatibility with other mods so that he won't
go missing. Text polishing.
V 2.2 2/27/11 Fixes to Vando Manor exterior. Fixed bug with Kendrel not disabling after her part is
V 2.1 2/2/11 More modcleaning for the sake of gamers who use TES4Edit and Wrye Bash. A few roaming
vampires are now present after mod is beaten. Added three new quests.
V 2.0 1/24/11 Fixed bug with Gilen's note. Courier scripts revised. More mod-cleaning. Various
small bugfixes. Changed Kendrel quest timing. More wood stakes. Various small bugfixes.
Added three new quests.
V 1.9.5 8/28/10 Fixed bug with Kendrel teleporting. More dialog. Removed dead code related to OVBE Alpha
merge. Various small bugfixes. Activated, debugged, and enhanced OVBE Alpha Cheydinhal
and Leyawiin chapterhouse quests.
V 1.9.4 8/22/10 Fixed broken OVBE Raecius Quest. Various bugfixes and improvements, mainly to OBVE
section of the mod.
V 1.9.3 8/21/10 Fix for final Roland quest which was broken. Dialog and proofreading fixes. More
vendors. Reworking and polishing of a couple of OVBE quests.
V 1.9.2 8/18/10 Distant LOD added to Caldera worldspace. Various bugfixes. Attempt to solve another
OOO conflict. Problems related to the merge with "Vampire Hunting - More Vampires!
Add-On" addressed.
V 1.9.1 8/10/10 Second Kendrel quest added, Roland's quests revised, more debugging, more roaming vampires.
More silent dialog.
V 1.9 7/11/10 "OVBE - Order of the Virtuous Blood Expanded" and "Caldera Update" merged in.
V 1.8.1 6/26/10 Fixed landscape tear conflict with Kvatch Rebuilt.
V 1.8 5/12/10 Fixed dialog bug with Roland and Vampire Dust.
V 1.7 4/20/10 Fixed a defect you could possibly exploit to get too much treasure from vampire
corpses. The third and perhaps successful attempt at compatibility with "Bloodlines."
V 1.6 4/17/10 Another and harder try at complete compatibility with "Bloodlines."
V 1.5 4/9/10 Borders automatically removed, more modcleaning, made compatible with "Bloodlines."
V 1.4 4/6/10 Fixed bug where looting the corpse of a vampire horse could possibly freeze the game.
V 1.3 3/30/10 "Kendrel the Vampire Huntress" debugged and merged into this mod. Made dialog
for "Between the Hammer and Anvil" quest explain what to do better. Tightened
sloppiness in all quest dialog.
V 1.2 3/22/10 Fixed bug where one vampire was appearing too early.
V 1.1 3/21/10 Bug fixes for "Between the Hammer and Anvil" quest.
V 1.0 3/19/10 Initial Release.
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
There are certain computers or mod combinations which have crashes when playing the quest
"Celebrity of Madness" a quest involving recruiting new members to the Order of the Virtuous Blood.
These crashes have never once been experienced in play-testing. No gamer has ever been able to diagnose
why their computer has this problem while 99.5% of other computers do not. There are multiple reports
of this problem, but the reports are very few compared to the download count on this mod. Almost no
people ever have this problem, but when they do it is very unpleasant. So since the problem cannot be
duplicated on two different playtesting computers and no one else who has the problem can diagnose it,
it cannot be fixed at this time. An autosave point has been added to the game before the crash point,
and the Stage result scripts have been altered to make console codes to fix glitched games work better.
If your game crashes when an arena fan gets killed and the other run away, then use this console code
instead of talking to the fans:

SetStage OVBE03 73

If this quest glitches at some other point, use this console code to complete it and go on to
the next quest:

SetStage OVBE03 200

This mod requires Shivering Isles. Oblivion may not work if you do not have Shivering
Isles installed.

This mod won't work if you don't install it right. (To state the obvious.) You must install
These downloads:

Part 1 of 4 (.esp plug-in file.)
Part 2 of 4 (Meshes and textures.)
Part 3 of 4 (Meshes and textures.)

And if desired:

Part 4 of 4 (Optional silent dialog files.)

One of my most recent play-tests took 45 labor hours, but typographical text errors are still
being found and more polishing is still being done. Part of the issues stem from merging what amounts
to five mods and trying to be compatible with several others.

This mod is still being polished. Needs more play-testing, proofreading, and tuning. Some
parts of the mod are very old and highly-polished, but things have been revised and new content has been
created. New content means new bugs. There is always one more bug hiding somewhere.

Complete portions of the mod:
Vampire Hunting - 14 quests
Kendrel The Vampire Huntress - Walking in the Shoes quest
Kendrel The Vampire Huntress - Letters from the Huntress quest
OVBE Beta - 4 quests
OVBE Alpha - Leyawiin and Cheydinhal Chapter quests
Caldera Update - 3 quests, 8 dungeons
Vampire Hunting, New Quests - 6 quests

Incomplete portions of the mod:
One new Kendrel quest (Work suspended at this time.)
Caldera Update - two new locations to be added (Work suspended at this time.)

Deleted portions of the mod not to be completed:
OVBE Alpha - Skingrad and Chorrol Chapter quests (They were nowhere near complete.)


This mod conflicts with "StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised"


But a patch was made by khamuy to resolve the conflict:

StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised meets Vampire hunting OVB

This mod conflicts with "Lera and Pizz Vampire Hunter" - armor and sword mod
@ http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15533 which puts a chest in the same
location this mod puts a chest. Changing load order could determine whether you have a chest
with vampire hunter armor and sword from that mod or whether you have a player-owned
non-respawning storage chest from this mod.

"Better Cities" conflicted with the Raecius recruitment quest, but that issue is hopefully
fixed in version 2_4 or higher of this mod.

Old versions of "Duke Patricks Nosferatu Class Vampires" conflict and cause CTDs, but the
problem is said to be fixed in the latest version of that mod.

There has been a report that there is a mod conflict which makes it so the parchment,
inkwells, and quills can not be made to work in the Kendrel quest "Letters from the Huntress." The
cause of this problem and possible solutions for this mod conflict are being studied.

This mod conflicts with Hentaimania. That other mod locks some of the Ayleid ruins containing
vampires and adds Hentaimania characters to them. Then the vampires and Hentaimania characters fight
each other.

This mod may conflict with Hentaimania 2. It may break the Celebrity of Madness quest by
preventing the Arena gate from opening.

This mod has a minor conflict with ArenaAlive24Hr. The portion of the Celebrity of Madness
quest where you talk to Owen will not work right if you do not talk to him during the regular business
hours (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.)

Some people won't like what this mod does. They can disable it and uninstall it.

Game balance and the Kendrel the Vampire Huntress quest: The custom vampire NPCs
have modified stats and abilities, but the vampirism script has not been changed. If you use
vampirism mods, your experience may change. The Kendrel portion of the mod was tested with vanilla
Oblivion, and with Scorn's and LG's vampiric mods. The first time it was balanced, LAME and Race
Re-balancer Project (or something, from the same creator of LAME and Integration) were used.
The battles were awesome, but when vanilla Oblivion was used, it was impossible. Now, hopefully
it is balanced right.

The wearable Ordinator Armor does not have unique ground models and is using Dwarven
armor ground models.

In the Morrowind portions of the mod, efforts were made to copy lots of details from Morrowind.
As would be expected, many things did not end up looking quite like the original. There are some minor
lore discrepancies and chronological anomalies. Oblivion is not Morrowind, and the models, scripts, and
hardcoding are different. So things will look and work differently. If you don't like it, you can go
play Morrowind.

Amount of time spent play-testing has thus far not been adequate.

5. Copy Status and Credits
Bethesda for making the game in an open format anyone can mod.
Daniel da Rosa for "Kendrel the Vampire Huntress, Pilot Episode -Walking in The Shoes."
David Brasher for "Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood."
Nomadimp for "OVBE - Order of the Virtuous Blood Expanded."
Cleitanious for "Caldera"
Duke Patrick for wooden stakes.
The makers of Visual Pack XT for the daedric textures used.
Gizmodian for the Sotha Dagger model & Texture.
Treaka for play-testing.
Hel_Borne for the Chitin Dagger
Sangre for the Silver Akaviri Sword
Sarac for the BW Armor

Copy Status:
The portion of the mod made by David Brasher is public domain and may be used if his
name is included in your credits and he is notified via TES Nexus as a courtesy. For the other
parts, permission from Daniel da Rosa, Nomadimp, or Cleitaneous must be obtained. If you have
questions on who did what part, feel free to contact David Brasher on TES Nexus.