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Adds about 170 new & intense locations to the wasteland filled with enemies and loot. They vary from small Gas Stations to huge maze-like sewers and derelict factories. Adds several days of new gameplay possibilities. Filled with quests, NPCs with dialogue, vendors and some of the toughest enemies you will ever encounter.

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A World Of Pain

by David LeMaistre aka Dj Mystro


Adds approx 170 intense locations to the wasteland filled with enemies and loot. They vary from small Gas Stations to huge maze-like sewers and derelict factories. Adds several days of new gameplay possibilities. A massive new linked Underground complex awaits filled with quests, NPCs with dialogue, vendors and some of the toughest enemies you will encounter anywhere in the game. Also adds many  Mark II weapons, Armors and items to the game with enhanced statistics to help and hinder you throughout.

Everything has been done using vanilla content from the New Vegas base game. No DLC is required to play A World of Pain.

This mod is not to be used as a basis for launching an inter-galactic war under any circumstances. If I discover for now on, anyone duplicating the contents of this mod due to it's status as a modder's resource for that purpose and I'll set it to 100% copyrighted and if need be remove the mod entirely to save any more unpleasantness.



If you are updating AWOP for Dead Money from 2.0 you should do so before you start Dead Money as the file is now a master. Do NOT update if you are already playing Dead Money.

A World of Pain for Dead Money. If you have the Dead Money DLC and want to add some exciting new areas and add some Pain to the Sierra Madre. The new locations are some of the most detailed and unique that I have attempted so far and loot is very scarce. Ammo drops are mostly in bundles of 2-8 rounds and you'll need to use the reloading bench a lot and scavenge from every corner to get through the new encounters.

Also added are several new notes, recipes and healing items.


Use your favourite Mod Manager to install A World of Pain. It is compatible with FOMM, NMM and Mod Organizer.


If you are updating 5.01 to 5.4 and have any AWOP quests in progress, you should finish those quests before updating or you WILL break your save game.

Optional Requirements: Settings Menu

If you wish to use the built in settings menu, you will need:

NVSE http://nvse.silverlock.org
The Mod Configuration Menu

This will allow you to control the Loot Destruction settings and other options provided in the menu.
If you do not wish to use NVSE and MCM the mod will still function without them and use the default settings.

Optional Requirements: .INI File Edits

AWOP v6.01 and later versions no longer need .INI file edits in order for NPC's to have the correct faces and skin tone. However, other mods may still require them, in which case here are the edits to be made -- for performance reasons they should be avoided unless absolutely necessary:

Open the file 'Fallout_default.ini' which should be found in the Steam/SteamApps/Common/FalloutNV folder
Search for the line:


and change it to:


Repeat this process for both the FALLOUT.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini which should be located in your
My Documents/My Games/FalloutNV folder.


I have been asked many times about where fans can make a donation so I think my recently set-up bandcamp site would be best. You can buy an album or several or just make a donation and support my career at the same time:
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AWOP's Optional Plugins

  • LowLoot
  • LowLootMkIIWeapons
  • LowLootMkIIWeaponsArmor
  • LowLootSkillBooks
  • LowLootMerged (LowLoot+LowWeaponsArmor+LowSkillBooks)
  • Nerfed 4D Storage
  • LowNPCS
  • LowNPCSWastelandOnly
  • LowLootNPCS (LowLoot+LowWeaponsArmor+LowSkillBooks+LowNPCS)
  • LowRobots
  • VeryLowRobots

AWOP Compatibility Patches

  • Essential Visual Enhancements (EVE)
  • Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX) with optional IMPACT and EVE
  • Weapon Mod Expansion (WME) with optional IMPACT and EVE
  • CaliberX
  • Freeside Open
  • JIP CCC Avatars
  • Russell
  • Sortomatic
  • Redesigned II
  • Redesigned 3
  • Fallout Character Overhaul v2
  • Fallout Character Overhaul v3
  • Monster Mod
  • Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition

Any other patches for AWOP will need to be updated to be compatible with the current release version.


David LeMaistre aka Dj Mystro - Author


For Novac's "Collapsed Tunnels" and much work on both patches for Monster Mod.


For the DOD (Destruct On Death) implants meaning once killed enemies and any of their tagged possessions are destroyed in a variety of cool ways. Maximum difficulty, minimum loot (Only applies to high power weapons and armor).
For fixing Hoff's Quest.
For repairing Roach's Quest.
For fixing the Note Perks.

rickerhk, Quetzlsacatanango & davidallen

For solving the major bug with reappearing objects in the wasteland.
For solving many issues with scripting and quest creation.
For helping to restore a corrupted file back to full health.
For advice fixing many issues regarding the Underground Troop quest.


For assistance with the reappearing wasteland objects.


For quest objective fix info and advice on AI packages.
For help with advanced NPC dialogue options and permanent fixes for Frankie's and McMillan's quests.


For bug fixing, enhancing and overhauling Quests
For overhauling the Companions and temporary Companions
For general cleanup and spelling/grammar checking dialogue
For repairing the underground doctor
For various NPC fixes
For many other fixes and balancing
For installer scripting
For WMX, WME, Impact, EVE, MMUE, MoMod, FCO and NVR3 patches
For reworking FAQ / Change Log / ReadMe and adding Spoiler Articles

Roy Batty

For general cleanup and dirty edit removal
For navmeshing and navmesh optimizing and finalizing
For cell optimizing
For general worldspace and interior bug fixing
For worldspace lighting enhancements
For Armor and Weapon rebalancing
For general cleanup and spelling/grammar checking notes and messages
For general balancing and bug fixing
For Sortomatic (update), Russell and Freeside Open patches
For Initial WMX and Impact patches
For reworking description
For fixes to AWOP Monster Patch (Vanilla)

For fixes to weapons and armor
For fixes to NPCs
For bug fixes and bug reports
For forum discussions and troubleshooting advice
For a patch for Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3.2


For countless terrain, cell and worldspace fixes
For misc fixes
For general spelling/grammar/congruity checking in dialogues, notes and messages
For faction fixes
For bug reports


For the Mk II Shotgun VATS fixes


For the Mk II Recharger fixes and many other weapon fixes


For all his tips, tricks, advice and support


For advice and support


For advice and support


For advice on scripting the Starter Box


For the Ghost Town Workshop terminal entry
For the Pit Stop Bomb Shelter terminal entry


For music markers in cells


For the header graphics

Maps of the Underground in the images section

For the old optional file adding voice over for Frankie's dialogue

For frequent accurate aesthetic bug reports

For frequent accurate aesthetic bug reports

For accurate support and bug fixes for other users in the forums

For three AWOP themed desktop background pictures


AWOP for FNV is officially a modder's resource (also Psiclones) and can be used for any purpose the Nexus community sees fit. Feel free to copy out sections if it helps you get started on a mod.

AWOP for FO3 (and my other Fallout 3 project - Wasteland Defence) is NOT a modders resource. However I do give open permission for any of my mods to be patched *with a separate* .esp (or .esm if needed) in any way and for whatever reason (just to be clear duplicate main esm files are fine for the FNV stuff but not the FO3 stuff). Feel free to upload any patches without asking me for permission.

Duplicating the existing AWOP patches is fine as they are already patches though you will probably have to re-gain the permission of the original authors as well to avoid breaking any rules for uploading to the Nexus.

Like this mod but for Fallout 3 :)

For anyone who wants to have a go at something similar to AWOP here's a quick guide I wrote for creating large interior locations fast.

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