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Voices to the NPCs in A World of Pain by DJ Mystro

Permissions and credits

lordnevar Has provided an update to the filenames and the voices should once again work with A.W.O.P.!



I really love the work that was done in A World of Pain and I'm a big fan of voiced mods, it helps with immersion. I mean... unless you roleplay your character being telepathic. Any who, I asked a couple of friends (and my mom) if they'd like to voice up some characters for Fallout for personal use (and that of my friends that play New Vegas) but recently I got permission to upload them to the Nexus. 

I started doing this about a year ago but I my classes became the focus of my attention so I haven't played New Vegas in a bit. Why this matters is I voice the characters as I find them (AWOP is insanely big), and I will continue to look for them and voice them as I do. The only other obstacle is getting time with my friends and family to get the recording done.This mod is really expansive and I don't think I found a quarter of the people in it that need voices. Also my main focus are to hit the ones in very prominent locations and that used the most (I use Reed all of the time, she has an awesome shop. If you haven't already you should stop by and see her. Tell her I sent you. I get a good discount.)

Thanks everyone for their support! I appreciate and I'm quite grateful for every download and endorsement! Once I have a free moment I will make a separate forum section for those who would like to help so if a character comes along that I need voicing, and don't have someone (I Don't want to use the same voice actor twice) I can see them without having to run through the general comments section.

-> As of now, there are 121 Fully Voiced and lip-synced lines for that of Reed, Sgt. Arkus (NCR Officer in Goodsprings), and Space

Future Plans (Not particularly in order):
-> Finding and voicing the other characters
-> Maybe redoing Space's Voice? 
-> Get around to converting the .wav files to .ogg

Next NPC(s) to be Voiced:
-> Frankie @ Frankie's Guns and Ammo outside of Goodsprings
-> Rogan outside of Frankie's Guns and Ammo

New Vegas
A World Of Pain 

I suggest you use a mod manager for ease, organization and an easier time uninstalling if needed.

Unzip the file and plop the contents into the Data Folder

No one is allowed to use any part of this mod without the expressed authorization of one of the fine folks in charge of A World of Pain and myself

Credits & Thanks:
Original Mod - djmystro
For Permission to Upload (and continued effort on the mod) - RoyBatterian 
The rest of the A.W.O.P. team!
Providing the filename fix to allow my voices to work with the latest version of A.W.O.P.! - lordnevar 
Telling me about various bugs - kakuri62

Reed - Jacqueline F.
Sgt. Arkus - Sharolette K.
Space - Marie P.