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A World Of Pain for Fallout 3
[aka AWOP4FO3]
By djmystro (aka David LeMaistre)
This mod adds loads of new and detailed interior locations with an enemy stronghold vibe along with loads of new enemies to battle, several main quests, new companions, lots of new items to collect, loads of notes and loads more tricks and traps.
The new interiors are all big and heavily cluttered in a realistic and lore-friendly manner. They are also designed to scare and test the player in many unusual ways (especially with MMM running which can fill certain areas up to ridiculous degrees depending on chosen settings).
Like AWOP for FNV it’s currently built entirely from vanilla content to show what can be done with just the original game assets so file size is low and installation should be easy.

Drag AWorldOfPainFO3.esm to the Fallout3 Data folder. Select from the data menu on startup or use FOMM (or similar) in the same manner. Launch game & enjoy.
For updates just copy over the old version no need to back old stuff up. It will able be kept online anyway.

-Asylum Main Entrance suffers from severe slowdown during combat despite being a very compact location from which I have deleted everything unessential. If you find you are experiencing constant problems during combat I recommend using the ‘killall’ command in this area (watch out for unessential companions though) once the enemies have spawned (which is a triggered event rather than instant area spawn). Despite the slowdown I have never had a CTD in the area and the door teleport is an easy load. Everything else plays fine as far as I am aware so if you spot any other bugs please let me know.
-Some minor problems with Asylum Patient Hostility data.

Hey everyone,
I'm sorry to say that I'll probably never be updating the AWOP mods again.
It's nothing against the Nexus or the games or modding scene in general. I feel I have done all I can with the Fallout games and have burned out on them to such an extent I can't even play through my own stuff anymore. My mind is now on other things (happier things I feel) and I do not have the time to maintain these mods or the comments pages anymore.
Thanks for the feedback over the years and sorry if I have been a needlessly harsh gobshyte in the past. It's nothing personal. I get frustrated easily for a lot of reasons and tend to fire off in all directions but there's not time to go into that here.
All the best to everyone that has helped out with AWOP, any of my other mods or just enjoyed the experience and felt inclined to let me know (and the modding scene in general of course) :)

AWOP for FNV is officially a modder's Resource (also Psiclones) and can be used for any purpose the Nexus community sees fit.
Feel free to copy out sections if it helps you get started on a mod.
AWOP for FO3 (and my other Fallout 3 project - Wasteland Defence) is not a Modder's resource. However I do give open permssion for any of my mods to be patched *with a seperate* .esp (or .esm if needed) in any way and for whatever reason (just to be clear duplicate main esm files are fine for the FNV stuff but not the FO3 stuff). Feel free to upload any patches without asking me for permission.
Duplicating the existing AWOP patches is fine as they are already patches though you will probably have to re-gain the permission of the original author to avoid breaking any rules for uploading to the Nexus.

Have fun and good luck out there all :)

PS: Thanks for all the awesome feedback about AWOP4FO3 :) It's been great hearing all these mad battle scarred war stories. Glad it's all been as much fun as I'd hoped for. :)
PPS: Here's my YouTube link if you're interested in seeing what I'm getting upto in the future:

-Version 1.2 Released!
- Adds over 10 new interiors.
-A new unmarkerd quest to battle through.
-Lots of new Air-Dropped Wasteland Loot crates in strange places.
-Loads of new Notes and other stuff.
-Several Bug Fixes (such as - Drug Extracts can now be sold/dropped, Taxidermist’s Rifle is playable and The Warden should say Goodbye normally).

-Version 1.1 Released!
-Adds a big new location to Arlington Cemetary called The Special Affairs Bereau with new enemies and items.
-Fixed all reported bugs (and a few unreported ones) such as removing the Pint Sized Slasher Mask, making the Asylum's final Patients much tougher and more aggressive, fixing Vonda's relax package so she does not head back to the Asylum when given that command (and the same thing with The Warden) plus a few other mainly aesthetic fixes.

There are currently over 50 new explorable interior locations added of varying sizes. These interiors can be found in one of the following containing areas:
An old pre-war burial cavern is the home of a very tough gang of Beastlords. It can be found west of Little Lamplight. The exterior is also well guarded.
A big multi-floored ex-Enclave Research Facility found not far from The Capitol Building.
Located near the Sewer Waystation with three floors to battle through and a quest NPC.
A huge multi-level Underground Metro Station, shopping centre and Vault all in one with lots of abandoned and forgotten shops to explore. The only way in and out is through the Old Olney Metro Hub.
A small house in the centre of Fairfax Ruins.
A Rumble Zone to the east (east of Wheaton Armory).
A big Underground Fort which has been converted for a new purpose. You’ll need to have found one of Zeus’s Keys to gain entry.
A Rumble Zone in Takoma Park. Accessed via a new Car Tunnel past the Behemoth who stomps around there.
East of the National Guard Depo lies a building that is not only said to be haunted but defies the laws of time and space. Only thing is no-one ever returns from there alive to confirm the myths.
A big Vehicle repair and purchase warehouse where a second Fire Ant Queen has begun to take over. Accessed via a collapsed trusswork tower converted into a bridge.
A Small shack North of Megaton (under the collapsed overpass) and an early way to start Zeus’s Quest.
Found by entering Old Olney’s Fire Station or its vanilla sewer network. The Metro Hub is the only way to access Crystal City.
A Rumble Zone east of Anchorage War Memorial (around the back of Dukov’s place).
A X-Files inspired ex-government containment facility now populated by Chinese Ghouls.
A Rumble Zone in the far South West of the map (south-east of Dunwich).
A big Sewer interior to explore and level up early.
Connects to a Talon owned Metro and the unmarkered Talon Outpost not far from Cooper’s Hotel (near the Sewer Waystation).
The Rumble Zone creator’s well defended home, previously a Vault-Tec Storage Facility.

* To access the Rumble Zones you will need a Key to Fort Detrick. These can be found in one of dozens of loot crates that have been Air-Dropped around the wastes (along with an explanatory note). There is also a key available in Milgram’s Shack to the north of Megaton.

[Early Location Combat Montage]

[Freindship Asylum Edited Walkthrough]

[WARNING - Spoilers Ahead]

-The Taxidermist [Cooper’s Hotel]

Zeus’s Quest (unmarkered)

-Vonda or The Warden [Friendship Asylum]

.308 Minigun (unique)
.32 SMG (rare)
.44 Hunting Rifle (unique)
5mm Chinese Assault Rifle (rare)
Auto-Plasma (unique)
Brain Destabiliser (unique)
Plasma Pistol Overcharge (very rare)
Defective Auto-Plasma (unique)
Railway Assault-Rifle (unique)
Silenced Sniper Rifle (unique)
Zhu-Rong Magnum (unique)

-6 New Potato Crisp variants
-10 new Snack Cake variants (Fresh variants are Unique items)
-Vonda’s unique recipe items (x10)
-Loads of fresh food variants in lore-friendly places.
(All new food and drink items have unique bonus effects. Vary rare fresh variants of the new food types have double their standard effects plus no rad-damage.)

-4D Storage (Small, Medium and Large variants available)
-Broken Audio & Movie Discs (common clutter to sell)
-Inedible Psycho & Buffout extract (Rare valuable items)
-Gold Framed Certificate (Rare valuable item)
-Rumble Zone Vid-Discs (Rare Valuable Item)
-Movie Tickets (Common weight-less clutter)
-Rotting Ears and Fingers (Worthless clutter)
-Blank Military Ids (More generic clutter)
Plus a few other bits and pieces.

[Note about Map Markers : If you already have the explorer perk active they won't show up as undiscovered locations unless the perk is turned off and on again (resetting it essentially). However you can always just follow the hollow triangles on the compass and discover them as usual.]

-Cooper's Hotel: Between The Sewer Waystation and the Super Duper Mart. (map markered)
-Talon Outpost: Has an entrance in the building next door to Cooper's Hotel (map markered) .
-Springvale Sewer: On the road pretty much dead centre of town (map markered).
-Grayditch Auto: Not far from the Wilk's home. You have to go through up through the floors of a big exterior destroyed building to get to it and climb a bridge (which should be easy to spot). (not map markered).
-Beastlord's Lair: Found at the far West of the map not far from Little Lamplight and Vault 87. The exterior patrols should let you know when you are close. (map markered)
-Friendship Asylum: Follow the main road that leads from Freindship Station to The National Guard Depo all the way to the far east of the map to find it. (map markered)
-Crystal City : (See below)
-Old Olney Metro Hub (and Crystal City) - easiest access is through Old Oleny Fire Station. It's not map markered but is easy to spot. The door is on the side of the building rather than the front to avoid potential conflicts. Another entrnace is in the Olney Sewer Network. (none of these locations are map markered as they are either underground or part of Old Olney).
-Capitol Research: Found in the main "Mall" part of the DC Ruins very near the Capitol Building. It's map markered and Vonda will add the location after a specific dialogue exchange.
- Special Affairs Bereau: Located in the building next door to Mama Dolces in Arlington Cemetary (An extra side door has been added to prevent local conflicts).
-RUMBLE ZONES (Festinger’s Cavern, Fort Detrick, Fort Lewis, Rosenhan’s Brewery, Sperry’s Quarry and Zeus’s Vault) map markers will be added when you find the relevant message. For example Fort Detrick messages can be found along with the Fort Detrick keycard in any one of dozens of boxes scattered throughout the wastes. Collect the note and the marker is added automatically.

Compitable with everything (near enough). Wasteland edits are in very unusual places (though lore friendly) to avoid conflcits.
Confirmed safe to play with:
DC Interiors (all versions)
Alton, IL
The Librarian
xCALIBRuniverse (BOE)
Apocalypse Armory
Mart's Mutant Mod
Billboard Camps
Rivet City Merchants With Point Lookout.esp
Shadows and Dust - Southwest DC
Shadows and Dust - Volume 2
DCXPansion - Stanton Park

BA_PipboyAdvancedUserInterface: adds a building to the Beastlord's Lair entrance exterior. It will probably not cause CTDs to use both but the navmesh is likely to be broken (leading to confused NPCs) and a building is on top of the Entrance so you'll have to use TCL to get through the wall to it.

Q: Where are the Weapons located?
A: (See below)
-.308 Minigun (unique)
Save Vonda in 2077 Friendship Asylum and return to where you first met her in present time to find this.
-.32 SMG (rare)
Fairly common now.
-.44 Hunting Rifle (unique)
Alfresco Lounge in Crystal City
-5mm Chinese Assault Rifle (rare)
Special Affairs Bureau (about 4 or 5 inside)
-Auto-Plasma (unique)
Zeus's gun
-Brain Destabiliser (unique)
only lootable from the living Friendship Asylum Guard Supervisor in 2077
-Plasma Pistol Overcharge (very rare)
one in Capitol Research Reactor room and Zeus has one as backup
-Defective Auto-Plasma (unique)
Very Hard Locked drawer in Crystal City's Gunking on Sub-Level 2
-Railway Assault-Rifle (unique)
Patient 118's weapon. He does not seem to want to use it right now.
-Silenced Sniper Rifle (unique)
Old Olney Metro Hub near Chelk's corpse
-Zhu-Rong Magnum (unique)
Chinese Remnant Capain Zheng's weapon.

Big thanks to Quetzlsacatanango for loads of advice and help with ideas, concepts, traps and problem fixes for this mod.

AWOP for Fallout New Vegas link: