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Adds voiced Dialogue to 3 main NPCs on the mod, using AI and voice cloning

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Hello everyone, this small addon mod does exactly what it says, adds the complete voice lines for 3 main NPCs in the "A World of Pain" mod.

Voiced NPCS:

Using AI voice cloning, I used the voice files present in FNV voice BSA and created voice file by file, adding lipsync and through the GECK, I added the voice lines to the characters. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE REGARDING THE USE OF THE VOICES

I can't express enough my gratitude for all the voice actors who participated in the dubbing and making of FNV, a game that has given me great moments of fun and joy through the years.

This mod is a product of my will to learn how to use voice cloning, and the sole purpose of adding to the immersion of the original "A World of pain mod" and contributing to this great community, by no means this mod will be associated with any monetary transaction, nor it will apply to any program that intends to reward modders with monetary gain or donations; I hereby express that I will not benefit in any monetary way from this mod. My only intention is to improve my modding skills and learn the process of AI voice synth.

Drag and drop, nothing fancy

If the mod goes through its life cycle w/o issues and there are no complaints/requests from the Nexus or the Voice actors, I will continue to voice the full mod, in the other case, this mod will be taken down immediately, and all the files associated with it will be deleted at once.   

Elven Labs