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Adds loads of new 'Rumble Zones' to FNV, mostly in AWOP locations. These areas are filled with monsters which will respawn and offer a challenge to players of all levels. Each location has a unique 'boss' monster with the key to a Reward Box. Happy hunting :)

Permissions and credits
AWOP Monster Patch Version 6.0

This patch adds many huge new locations aka ‘Rumble Zones’ to AWOP and vanilla areas. All these areas are filled with loads of dangerous monsters. Each location has a uniquely named boss creature with a key to a reward box. All enemies are set to respawn including the bosses but the Reward Box will not respawn. All current locations are very dark. Taclights and nightsights just became your new best friend.
If you like what you see please endorse - there's a whole load of hard work had to be done to bring you this slice of FPS madness.

Fixes/replaces invisible enemies.

New areas, mostly standard New Vegas enemies, balanced for vanilla New Vegas & AWOP. Requires AWOP 6.9 (released August 2019) or higher.

-Updates the lighting in both Monster Patch and original AWOP loactions to match the new settings in AWOP version 5.0.
-Removes a few minor conflicts arising from the 5.0 update.
-Also includes an update (and description) for Dogtown1's AWOP-MoMod Patch which has also been updated for compatability with AWOP V5.0.

- 2 New Rumbles added, ‘Forgotten Tombs’ and ‘Howler’s Mine’
- Vault 44’s entrance has been moved to where it's exit used to be in between Hidden Valley and Sloan (and a new exit added on the other side of Hidden Valley). Map markered it too. This was mainly because it was one of the toughest rumbles and being near Goodsprings felt a little too imbalanced (I never went there in the early games and forgot about it later). I also swapped out model-less Fury boss for the new Hellbeast model.
The Yangtze Memorial Rumble is now the new ‘Forgotten Tombs’.
- Rebalanced the Poison Labirynth so it's a bit friendlier to early level players. This basically involved removing a few enemies and replacing them with a load of Parasites. I also removed a couple of Hellbeasts with no model set and a key that was spawning on the Giant Roaches.
- Dropped a few new Zombie Super-Mutants into Death Caverns.

New To V1F:
-Further tweaks to the Repcon Ghoul rumble. Worked perfectly on my last test.
-More Robots in the Repcon Robot Rumble (about half got removed by accident)
-Fixed a hovering door in the Ant Caves
-Reduced a few boss enemies size so they can fit through smaller gaps (scorpions mostly).
-A few other minor bug fixes.

New to V1E:
-Removed the Repcon Rocket from the ghoul rumble due to excessive FPS drops around that area.
-Made a few minor navmesh tweaks to the same area.
-More Ahztek mods (from Ahztek Weapon patch) in Reward Boxes.

Ant Caves
Collapsed Underpass (Emergency Railyard Station)
Cresent Canyon
Darklight Mountain (at The Devil's Throat)
Death's Caverns (also at The Devil's Throat)
Forgotten Tombs (at Yangtze Memorial)
Goodsprings Sewer
Howler’s Mine (North East of Goodsprings Cemetary)
Infested NCR Bunker
Radiological Research Facility
Repcon Rocket Lab
Repcon HQ
Sunnytime Cigarettes
Underground Nightstalker Den
Underground Lakelurk Nest
Vault 40
Vault 44 (at Hidden Valley)

Nipton Sewer (Vanilla version only)
Searchlight Storage Bay (Vanilla version only)
The Fire Pits (Vanilla version only)

The main bulk of new creatures used are currently from Dogtown1’s awesome ‘Monster Mod’ (aka ‘Monster Ranch’). You will also run into many of Reco22’s ‘Serial Killers’ who are roaming the wasteland.
The old Serial Killer file has been used as a base for this mod. All changes to AWOP locations have been removed so the original file will play fine alongside this one.

Drag the AWOPMonsterPatch into your FNV data directory and allow for overwrite if prompted.
Arrange Mods in the following order:
-AWorldOfPain.esm (5.0 or above)
-AWOP-MoMod *
*(Optional patch by Dogtown1 to add MM Creatures to existing AWOP areas - download at the Monster Mod site)

I'm really hoping for some pix of these new areas but I don't think I'll have time to take any myself so I will be very grateful for any contributions.

This patch should run fine alongside all existing AWOP patches.


AWOP Book Of Earache Patches (with complete BoE as a resource):

AWOP - The Patches:
Lots of different patches for AWOP including Low Loot, CaliberX Ammo, more weapons etc...

Myself - David LeMaistre
Dogtown1 - For:
- 'Monster Mod'
- 'AWOP-MoMod' (Adds Monster Mod creatures to existing AWOP areas).
- Post-Version 1 'AWOP Monster Patch' updates.
- Location 'Death's Caverns'
- Location ‘Vault 44’
- Location 'Poison Labarynth'
- Loaction 'Howler's Mine'
- Main page screenshots.
Reco22 - For the Serial Killers mod

Modded Armors used in screenshots:
Ghost Variants (NV Nexus)
TYPE3 and SKINNY LNC StealthSuits (NV Nexus)
AEVGear NV (NV Nexus)
Wasteland Warrior 2 NV (NV Nexus)
Alice Armors (NV Nexus)

Unique FO3 Armor Ports:
Hentai Mania - Apple Suit
Bronson's Dark Temptress
Backsteppo / TKone's Microbikini, Harness & Thong (assorted)