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Craftable 9mm Pistol Silencer

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This will add the 9mm Pistol Silencer in the list of craftable weapon mods recipes, to use with the workbench.

It require 9mm Silencer Mod and Recipes for Weapon Mods (WMR). For WMR, at least the Original one, then be sure to have enabled its WMR.esm plugin, also you may be interested to enable its ***_S (Simple) or ***_R (Realistic) plugins as well, so you will have more weapon mods recipes then.
I also add a patch for A World Of Pain so you can use the silencer with its 9mm Pistol Mk II. 

I recommend also Realtime Weapon Modding System so you can change the weapon mods easily. 

It has the same recipe and requirements than the 10mm Pistol Silencer - Simple version (see screenshot). 
There's no recipe for the Maria pistol, as it is an unique weapon, but you can find its silencer in the Benny room of the Tops hotel, normally.
Also you will find lots of Teddy Bears in Primm's Bison Steve hotel, as usual.