Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

A mod intended to correct as many errors as possible in dialogue, notes, terminals, and other text in Djmystro's A World of Pain. Comes with a handful of bug fixes, a new Mk II armor piece, and some other tweaks.

Permissions and credits
A World of Pain is a lovely, large-scale mod that adds tons of dungeons, NPCs, and other content to New Vegas. Unfortunately, its writing needs a bit of help to line up better with the rest of the game. So, I did just that(and a little more).
Version 2.0 for TTW is out! It requires AWOP4FO3 and its appropriate patches for TTW and AWOP4NV. Apologies to non-TTW users -- see sticky comment for more details.
Large-scale revisions: All notes, dialogue, terminal entries, and quests from A World of Pain were reviewed extensively, and edited over the course of several hours. I tried to stay as true to the original content as I could for the most part, while adding and removing punctuation as necessary, fixing grammar, redundancies, all the ellipses crammed in everywhere(...), making characters speak more naturally, et cetera. The vast majority of notes/terminal entries and dialogue have been changed in some way or another. I'm not perfect, but I think they're a lot better. Occasionally, I did rewrite larger chunks of content if I thought they weren't salvageable, such as the quest "where oh where has the legion spy gone?". NPCs connected to the For the Underground quest had their dialogue changed more than most, I'd say. All in all, there are hundreds, maybe over a thousand changes to these parts of AWoP.

Minor NPC changes: All new generic NCR NPCs were renamed to be less of a mouthful. All of them, including Sergeant Arkus, had their 1st Recon Berets replaced with regular berets, for balancing and lore reasons(this change will require a fresh save or opening previously-spawned NPCs' inventory with the console to take effect). One NPC who formerly had no name at all was fixed, and Doctor Vandereng's title is no longer abbreviated.

Weapon and armor changes: The '12 ga Shotgun' was renamed to '12 Gauge Single Shotgun'. Mk II Metal Armor variants were made into Heavy Armor instead of Medium Armor. 'That Gun Mk II' renamed to '5.56mm Pistol Mk II'. It is also now repairable with GRA's 5.56mm Pistols(as is the unique variant, Deckard's Blaster). The Recharger Pistol Mk II had its iron sights fixed. The Recharger Rifle Mk II can now be repaired with Laser Rifles, including their Mk II variant, similar to vanilla Recharger Rifles being repairable with Laser Rifles. Mk II/III melee weapons that previously had no swing/block/etc. sounds have been given sounds matching YUP. The Mk II Zap Glove and Ballistic Fist should no longer use loud, first person sounds when used by NPCs in the distance.

New armor piece: A Rebreather formerly placed in an AWoP cell was replaced with a new Rebreather Mk II, made by myself. It is not a quest item like the original Rebreather, so it can be removed from your inventory if you so please. It has some extra bonuses, similar to all Mk II apparel. Its location is:

Some other minor changes: Wake Up Brew renamed to Wake-Up Brew. Spicy Naan Bread recipe nerfed to only produce one item instead of four. All AWoP radroaches were added to the Radroach Formlist, meaning that killing them counts towards the Bug Stomper challenge now. This change may conflict with mods that also change that list, such as TTW. If there's enough interest, I may make a patch for that.

Exact Changes
The changes listed above are not all the changes I've made. You can find a more detailed list in the Logs tab. Due to how many changes there were to dialogue, notes, etc., I did not list every change down to the last comma this time.

Future Plans and Ideas:
Definitely planned/likely: Give ghoul eyes to a couple of ghoul NPCs I noticed have human eyes, rewrite AWoP messages(think top left, and also objects that open a box with a few options), fix instances where I capitalized compass directions that weren't part of proper nouns, fix dates to be in the format that's standard in the United States, rename a couple of environmental objects that share a name with one that should be unique, fix some large doors that allow exiting the map in one location.
Challenging/unlikely: Review vanilla challenges and see if there are other instances where AWoP isn't counting towards them(e.g. AWoP Radscorpions not counting towards Bug Stomper), do a second review to further narrow down certain words/phrases that are overused in notes and dialogue, give a use to a half-finished Recon Armor Helmet Mk II that's in the mods files but isn't in-game.
Difficult/very unlikely: Remove/replace all high-quality/Mk II gear openly placed in friendly locations(e.g. Frankie's), fix friendly NPCs not coming to each others' aid when they witness theft or assault, fix a certain dialogue check being repeatable, change generic NPCs to say generic voice lines instead of all opening dialogue boxes.

I personally use the FOMM Fork, but NMM, Vortex, or Mod Organizer should all work. I don't recommend installing mods manually. Make sure that my patch is loaded after A World of Pain in your load order.

A World of Pain fans may also be interested in the revisions I've made to A World of Pain for Dead Money.

Special thanks to Djmystro for making A World of Pain, and the many people who helped him get as far as he did -- see his credit section for an exhaustive list :)