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Very simple fix for A World of Pain (AWOP) to remove the Fiends added near the Underpass settlement - regardless of which Underpass mod is used. Tested with Living Desert, Underpass Restored, Simply Uncut, New World Hope - Big Empty Rebuilt, and Retribution of the Shi. Changed the Fiend BASEIDs, but no new REFIDs, so there should be no conflicts.

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  • The Fiend Camp North map marker has been disabled, and the Fiends there have either been disabled or swapped with a Rancher (2) or a Destitute Traveler (2). The REFIDs are exactly the same though, so it should not cause any conflict with another mod that disables or modifies them. I wanted to use as much of the AWOP setup as I could, and I feel these nameless unused NPCs fit in with whatever other NPCs are added. They haven't been edited, so they may not be the exact same faction as the others. But in this crazy world, who is?
  • The Mad Brahmin have been switched to the passive variety, 3 near the camper and the one at the Mole Rat Ranch. Don't worry, he still stands victorious in a field of mole rat bodies, but when they all respawn they will have learned the power of teamwork. Underpass mods probably address some of this, but I wanted this mod to work even if there was NO Underpass added.
  • Removed some loot boxes and decor that conflicted with objects added in the other mods.
  • Gore and blood removed from the camp and Mole Rat Ranch. The Brahmin probably still eat meat, but they are very secretive about it.
  • There were 4 Fiends near the Riddler Games and Usanagi's medical clinic. I didn't intend to remove them but they kept attacking me while I was testing this. So I swapped two for high-level NCR Heavy Troopers, meaning you will likely see a firefight that should end in a slightly safer world. Unless the NCR hates you, in which case, have fun finishing them off.

This should work with any other mod, but I tested every Underpass mod I could find just to be safe -