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Fixes numerous typos, renames recipes and notes to match the vanilla game, and balances a thing or two in AWOP4DM.

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I like Dead Money, and I love A World of Pain. Thanks to AWOP4DM, being locked up in DM for a while is much more bearable, in my opinion - more dungeons, more vending machine recipes, the works.

Unfortunately, AWOP4DM is pretty full of little reminders that you're playing a mod. Most of its recipes have typos or other inconsistencies with their vanilla game counterparts. As far as I can tell, it doesn't have a small team regularly going through it with a fine-toothed comb like the main AWoP plugin does, so I figured I'd fix what I found for my own sake, and share it with others.


All new ammo recipes and the notes that they're unlocked with have been reviewed. I've made a lot of changes along the lines of renaming "10 mm HP Rounds" to "10mm Rounds, Hollow Point". Renamed the "Auto Rifle" recipe to "Automatic Rifle" because the latter is its in-game name. Fixed a handful of items where "recipe" was spelled, "recipie".

I've also tweaked a couple of Aid items to be a little more balanced by bumping their Survival requirement up from zero.

One more thing as of right now, I've changed a couple of NPCs that were equipped with the Dead Money collar(same one you wear throughout the story of DM) to instead be equipped with a Destroyed Collar(normally only found on the "Man" corpse in Freeside). This is because looting additional Dead Money Collars will cause them to remain in your inventory forever after the completion of the DLC, unless you remove them with the console.

Exact Changes

You can find all of the exact changes I've made in the Logs tab. 

Future Plans & Ideas
  • Rename all AWoP Ghosts to include what variant of Ghost they are(trapper, harvester, seeker).
  • After implementing and testing the above change, add said Ghosts to the proper formlist so that killing them advances their respective Challenges.
  • Fix AWoP enemies dropping Knife Throwing Spears that aren't at full condition. In addition to it being a little janky to have thrown weapons not at full condition, I think it's possibly related to the fact that the number of Throwing Knife Spears can be displayed incorrectly in your inventory.
  • I think the vanilla "Yum Yum Deviled Eggs" recipe is supposed to be "YumYum Deviled Eggs". Whoops, almost got all the typos!
I personally use the FOMM Fork, but NMM, Vortex, or Mod Organizer should all work. I don't recommend installing mods manually. Make sure that my patch is loaded after Dead Money and A World of Pain for Dead Money in your load order.

Fans of A World of Pain for Dead Money may also be interested in my revisions for the main mod.

Special thanks to Djmystro for making A World of Pain for Dead Money, and the many people who helped him get as far as he did -- see his credit section for an exhaustive list.