Fallout New Vegas
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Reduces carry weight bonus of 4D devices from TTW version of A World of Pain mod

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Tweak to capacity bonus provided by 4D devices in A World of Pain and TTW A World of Pain for Fallout 3 mods 

4D Storage devices are awesome reward items, but over 3500lbs extra carry weight is kinda nuts. There's patch for that, but it reducing combined bonus to mere 64lbs is rather extreme too.
This version reduces bonus from all devices combined to 585lbs, from 3505lbs in vanilla AWOP.

to break it down by device:
Gen I: 20lbs
Gen II: 30lbs
Gen III: 50lbs
Gen IV: 80lbs
Gen V: 100lbs - "enclave" version is assumed Gen V
Gen I (Damaged): 15lbs  - former "rusty"
Gen II (Damaged): 25lbs - former "blasted"
Mini: 10lbs
Prototype: 25lbs

requires TTW and AWOP, unsurprisingly
all technical changes are stats of devices, and spells they use: only mods directly altering either can cause incompatibility

instalation/deinstalation mid-game:
there are no new records in this mod. Drop devices and pick them up again, and carry weight enhancing spell will re-apply with new values.