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Replaces many of the vanilla weapons with different, vanilla-friendly weapons. AWOP integration included.

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Known Issues
For whatever reason, the laser rifle and plasma rifle do not play nicely with the Anniversary Anim Pack by Hitman. It has something to do with how the models are set up for the ISControl node, but I'm not too well-versed on how to actually fix it. The easiest solution I can provide is to simply rename or remove the 2hrAttack4IS.kf that the anim pack provides. I'll look into this issue more thoroughly to see how to fix it.

Note: This issue was fixed in Version 1.3 by changing the attack animation. Laser and Plasma Rifles will have recoil, but it's better than not being able to shoot straight.

A simplistic weapon replacer mod, with very little rebalancing.

VEW is a project I began after creating two previous attempts at replacing weapons. I created VEW as many weapons I had previously replaced felt out of place, especially considering certain weapons couldn't be replaced, like heavy weapons and energy weapons. So, I created this mod to compliment a more vanilla-centered experience. Some weapons have been replaced to better resemble their FO1/2 variants as well, for lore consistency.

B42 Optics and Descriptions support.

There are a few optional ESPs:
VEW - AWOP - Repairlist: Creates a merged repairlist, allowing you to repair weapons using scrap metal, electronics, duct tape, wonderglue, or abraxo cleaner. You have to enable AWOP as well to use this, unfortunately.
VEW - LWIS Patch: An optional patch for "Laser Weapon Iron Sights", since that mod uses scripts to replace the weapon's models, I had to overwrite the scripts in order to make it work. (Optional in 1.3)
VEWBetterFireAndGrenadeDamage: Essentially what it says on the tin. Explosives will deal about twice the amount of damage, and fire will do more damage over time.
HonestHeartsWeaponIntegration: The .45 Auto Pistol and .45 Auto SMG will occasionally show up in the hands of enemies, such as Fiends, along with the .45 Auto ammo. This is unnecessary if you have another mod (which probably does it better) that adds DLC weapons to the Mojave. (REMOVED in Version 1.3)

In order for the L30 Gatling's sound to play correctly, the long wind-up animations for the Minigun are included from FO3. This also fixes some issues with aiming in 3rd person, but this may adversely affect your use of said weapons. (As well as having an audio hiccup, but there's not much I can do about that)

This mod is still in it's early stages, if there's any bugs, please let me know and I'll work on fixing them in the next update.

This mod would not be possible without the assets created by:


WME is compatible with this mod, granted you place this mod above WME. The weapons that haven't been replaced/changed will still have their respective mods added.

Someone has created a patch for WMX, if you use VEW and WMX, get it here.

LIST OF WEAPONS REPLACED (All weapons have their vanilla names, unless in quotation marks):
NEW in v1.1
NEW in v1.2

NEW in v1.3
NEW in v1.4

Assault Carbine -> XM177E2/Generic CAR-15 (JacareDaLacroste, with edits by me)
Service Rifle -> M16A1 (JacareDaLacroste, with edits by me)

Light Machine Gun -> M249 (SpamPTRS, Camon, Millenia)
10mm Pistol -> Slimline 10mm Pistol (user826)
Hunting Rifle -> Better Hunting Rifle (SpamPTRS)
Caravan Shotgun -> Better Caravan Shotgun (SpamPTRS, Camon)
Marksman Carbine -> "Marksman Rifle" (SHAD0WC0BRA)
All-American -> All-American Marksman Rifle (SHAD0WC0BRA)
*Brush Gun -> Winchester 1895 (spamPTRS) [REMOVED IN 1.4]
9mm Pistol -> Glock 17 (SpamPTRS)
9mm SMG -> MP5 (NS97)
Sniper Rifle -> Precision Shooter's Rifle (user826)
Cowboy Repeater -> Winchester 1892 (SpamPTRS)
10mm SMG -> MAC-10 (amosho75gr, Dreambornmuse)
Gauss Rifle -> "Coilgun" (user826)
Sawed-off Shotgun -> Sawed-off (SpamPTRS)
Big Boomer -> Hell's Reach Sawed-off (SpamPTRS)
Frag Grenade -> M67 Grenade (SpamPTRS)
Varmint Rifle -> "Vintage Carbine" (M1 Carbine/butchcassidy1118)
Riot Shotgun -> Winchester City Killer (Ryss5an)
Plasma Rifle -> P94 Plasma Rifle (Linerunner)
Laser Pistol -> Wattz 1000 (Linerunner)
Laser Rifle -> Wattz 2000 (Linerunner)
Gatling Laser -> L30 Gatling (DaiShiSHUN/Linerunner)
Plasma Pistol -> Classic Plasma Pistol (DaiShiSHUN)
Minigun -> 6-barrel Minigun (odin_ml)
Flamer - Flambe 450 (steel_hardburger)
Lever Action Shotgun -> Model 1887 (Camon)
Boone's Sniper Rifle -> M40 Sniper RIfle (butchcassidy1118)

DLC Replaced Weapons:

Courier's Stash (Pre-Order Pack):

Weathered 10mm Pistol -> "Classic 10mm Pistol" (Ryss5an)
Sturdy Caravan Shotgun -> Sawed-off Caravan Shotgun w/ SCS Textures (user826)

Gun Runner's Arsenal (Most GRA tags have been removed, and replaced with "Arsenal"):
Battle Rifle (GRA) -> M1 Garand (SpamPTRS) - Special, needs its own repair formlist
Assault Carbine (GRA) -> "Commando Carbine" (G36C/butchcassidy1118)
12.7mm SMG (GRA) -> "12.7mm Carbine" (Top-Loading Carbine/user826)
Anti-Materiel Rifle (GRA) -> "Payload Rifle" (user826)
Cleansing Flame (GRA) -> Flambe 450 Cleansing Flame (steel_hardburger)

Dead Money:
Automatic Rifle -> BAR (Camon)

Old World Blues:
Christine's COS Silencer Rifle -> "Covert Sniper Rifle" (SpamPTRS)

A World of Pain integration, upgraded weapons have been replaced with the following (Every weapon changed has had their name updated as well):

10mm Pistol Mark 2 -> "Operator Pistol" (MK23/butchcassidy1118)
9mm Pistol Mark 2 -> "Enforcer Pistol" (PT92/SpamPTRS)
.357 Magnum Revolver Mark 2 -> "Single Action Army" (Single Action Army/SpamPTRS)
10mm SMG Mk2 -> "Universal Machine Pistol" (UMP/butchcassidy1118)
Hunting Revolver Mk2 -> "Dragoon" (SpamPTRS)
Hunting Shotgun Mk2 -> "Tactical Shotgun" (M1014/butchcassidy1118)
LMG Mk2 -> "American Machine Gun" (M60/butchcassidy1118)
LMG Mk3 -> "Buzzsaw" (MG42/butchcassidy1118)
Sawed-off Mk2 -> "Locomotive Shotgun" (SpamPTRS)
Sniper Rifle Mk2 -> "Magnum Sniper Rifle" (AW Magnum/butchcassidy1118)
Sniper Rifle Mk3 -> "Chinese Special Sniper Rifle" (user826)
Trail Carbine Mk2 -> "Yellow Boy" (SpamPTRS)
9mm SMG Mk2 -> "Micro 9mm Submachine Gun" (Micro Uzi/butchcassidy1118)
9mm SMG Mk3 -> "9mm Carbine" (user826)
5mm Hunting Rifle -> "Mosin-Nagant" (butchcassidy1118)
Minigun Mk2 -> "US Military Minigun" (SpamPTRS)
Minigun Mk3 -> "High Tech Minigun" (SpamPTRS)
Anti-Materiel Rifle Mk2 -> "Black Arrow" (Zastava M93/SpamPTRS, Dreambornmuse)
Assault Carbine Mk2 -> "American Assault Rifle" (M16A3/JacareDaLacroste, with edits by me)
Assault Carbine Mk2 -> "Prototype Assault Carbine" (XM8/butchcassidy1118)
.308 Marksman Rifle -> "Combat Marksman Rifle" (SCAR-H/butchcassidy1118)
.308 Marksman Rifle Mk2 -> "Soviet Assault Rifle" (AK-47/butchcassidy1118)
Riot shotgun Mk2 -> "Assault Shotgun" (user826)
Riot Shotgun Mk3 -> "Automatic Shotgun" (AA-12/butchcassidy1118)
Service Rifle Mk2 -> "Republic Automatic Rifle" (FARA 83/butchcassidy1118)
Silenced .22 Pistol Mk2 -> "Covert Pistol" (Hush Puppy/SpamPTRS) [This was already included, but unused]
Silenced .22 SMG Mk2 -> "Covert Submachine Gun" (Sten Mk2/butchcassidy1118)
Varmint Rifle Mk2 -> "Soviet Carbine" (SKS/butchcassidy1118)
12.7mm Pistol Mk2 -> "Desert Eagle" (Linerunner)
Plasma Caster Mk2 -> "Turbo Plasma Caster" (Classic Plasma Rifle/DaiShiSHUN, Ported by WebbProductions2020)
.44 Magnum Mk2-> "Schofield" (SpamPTRS)
Laser Pistol Mk2 -> "Basilisk" (Zhake)
Lever Action Shotgun Mk2 -> "Redemption" (SpamPTRS)
Brush Gun Mk3 -> "Final Medicine" (SpamPTRS)
Shishkebab Mk2 -> "Plasma Greatsword" (Xenosapiens)