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Modlist focused on location and dungeon mods

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As a gamer, I've always been extremely fascinated by the worldbuilding of Morrowind and it's definitely what keeps me coming back to this fantastic game!
As a modder, almost all the mods I've released are related to locations and landscapes.
As you can imagine, over the course of the years I've tested and tried almost every town/location mod out there and I thought I'd share my knowledge with the community on this topic!

This guide's purpose is to provide a relatively small list of mods that when used together will replace what Morrowind Rebirth has to offer and with a result that's - in my opinion - superior in terms of:

- Lore/vanilla friendliness and accuracy: I only selected mods that are vanilla/lore friendly. To give you an example, compare what Rebirth does to Ebonheart to what the mod suggested in this guide does. Or take a look at Balmora and Seyda Neen.
The goal here is to expand and improve the game we fell in love with in the first place rather than changing things without a precedent.

Morrowind Rebirth is a mod that does many things, but I think what people appreciate the most are its towns and dungeons overhauls, provided in a single package for convenience.
I cannot provide you with a single package, but with a list of mods which will allow you to make your own overhaul.

I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to bash Rebirth. I feel part of a community and I have no interest in picking sides and fight over modding.
Rebirth is a great mod and I respect the author.
The purpose of the modlist is simply to help people putting together what I think is the best version of Morrowind to play in 2021, at least when it comes to dungeons and towns.

Please note that this modlist is very focused on towns, dungeons and landscapes. If you need instructions about setup, graphical replacers, bugfixing ecc. there's already excellent guides you can follow and that are perfectly compatible with the mods listed here.

The one I recommend is this one if you're on Vanilla engine, and this one if you're on OpenMW.
These two guides are useful if you need to learn how to setup a modded install, but don't fall for the trap of installing hundreds of mods. The only true must-have, essential mods are listed here.

Lastly, I strongly recommend using the mlox file hosted here:

So, let's get down to business!


Beautiful Cities of Morrowind 
Covers almost every settlement

Concept art palace

Pre-release Prison-moon

Tel Mora
OAAB Tel Mora

Vos, Tel Vos and Grazelands
OAAB Grazelands

Nordic Dagon Fel
The Grove of Ben'Abi
Ancient Foes
Of Justice and Innocence
Gray North - Ruined Redaynia
Sanctus Shrine

You only need one mod here: TOTSP Solstheim Overhaul.

There's patches provided here and here for many mods, making it much less incompatible than you would think.
Of all the various patches, I would definitely recommend installing Wanderers of Solstheim as it makes the wilderness a bit more interesting to explore.

Since TOTSP doesn't edits interiors, I also suggest this:
Interiors of Solstheim

Immersive Mournhold
Dark Brotherhood Headquarters

Some of these have patches that work as esp replacer into the zip of Beautiful Cities of Morrowind so make sure to replace the esp files once you're done installing the assets.

Animated Morrowind/Animated Morrowind for OpenMW
Abot's Boats: it's not clearly stated on the mod page, but this also adds random traveling boats, making the world feel less static
Abot's gondoliers: same as the previous one. Even if you're not interested in real time travel, having random traveling gondoliers moving across Vivec is a great feature.
Traveling merchants: again, this helps making the world feel less static

Creeper the scamp
RR Mod Series - Mudcrab Merchant
Silt Strider
Concept art armours made by Asthaar (all merged into a compilation mod suggested further down in the list, you can skip them for now)

Shrine of Azura
Simple Vivec Library Overhaul
The magic rock of Maar Gan
OAAB Shipwrecks


Tales from the Ashlands - The Great Hive Baan Binif
Foyada Mamaea Overhaul
Caldera Mine Expanded
Strider Burial
Faces of Vel - Ash Mire
Trackless Grazeland


Every dungeon mod by Seelof
OAAB Tombs and Towers
Andrano Tomb remastered
Maren's Misfit Mabrigash
Samarys Ancestral Tomb Expanded
Mamaea Awakened

Another one of the main selling points of Rebirth.

You only need:

Vanilla friendly creatures and undeads expansion

Vanilla friendly wearables expansion

With this list, I can assure you that you'll explore a Vvardenfell that feels extremely familiar but has more character, more depth and it's closer to what pre-release screenshots and official concept art portraited.

The screenshots provided here don't even scratch the surface of what the mods in the list actually do.
I hope this modlist will be of some use!