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An ancient burial lies in ruins outside of Seyda Neen – the few who know of the secrets it holds guard them closely, and the tomb lays all but forgotten.

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Samarys Ancestral Tomb Expanded

Part of the May Modathon Month 2018!
Winner of Week 1 (alongside Sophisticated Save System by NullCascade and Tel Uvirith LITE by Mala)

Recently, there has been some strange activity in Seyda Neen – someone claiming to be a Temple acolyte has been asking around about an old tomb along the north coast of Seyda Neen, and strange, dancing lights have caused the disappearance of more than a few adventurers along the path to Balmora. An ancient being awakens from their slumber by mysterious forces who seek to recover a lost artifact. Travel to Samarys Ancestral Tomb and return the ancient being to their slumber once and for all.

(Please note Screenshots are from alpha version, and some things have been changed since then)


This mod modifies Samarys Ancestral Tomb's interior, turning it from a simple three-room dungeon into a much larger dungeon with an unmarked quest. The urn containing the Mentor's Ring now requires the unmarked quest to be completed (but you can still solve it if you go murderhobo or accidentally attack the quest-giver). There's a few pieces of new loot, and a significant change in the atmosphere and layout of the tomb itself!

Requirements and Installation

Only requires Morrowind. As it's just an .esp, unzip the file to your Data Files directory, or use a mod manager.


May not be compatible with any other mods that edit Samarys -- although it has been confirmed to work with MCA.


Use however you wish. I may work on some of the other tombs and add them to my project (An Addendum to Tamrielic Lore). It's just an .esp file, so merging with another file shouldn't be too difficult.