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Overhaul of Maar Gan

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Every overhaul begins by addressing a few fundamental questions: “Is it even necessary in the first place? What are the limitations of this settlement, and what can be improved?"

When I first saw Maar Gan, I had the impression that someone had taken a piece of Ald’ruhn, copied it, and pasted it elsewhere with a new name.

There’s evidence that laziness was involved when you consider two things in particular:

  • The Maar Gan shrine, meant to be a point of interest and an essential pilgrimage site, is utilizing the same model as the Mages’ Guild.

  • In the base game, there are only three Redoran huts, and they opted to use just two different ones in Maar Gan. Consequently, there's a clear lack of visual variety. This problem isn't unique to Maar Gan; it extends to a broader issue with the Redoran architecture set. I plan to address this in future releases, but let's not get into that right now.

What’s been done here?

  • The Maar Gan shrine now features a distinctive model from OAAB, originally made by shivatheo to serve as a Redoran temple. The temple is strategically centered with the staircase and gate of the central square in the settlement, ensuring its immediate visibility and drawing the player’s attention.

  • Thanks to OAAB and TD, we now have a much wider selection of Redoran huts. Several huts have been substituted with new designs, resulting in the inclusion of 5 distinct Redoran huts instead of the previous 2. This marks a 250% increase in variety!

  • OAAB/TD integration for most interiors. It was a light touch so don’t expect miracles, but it’s still something worth mentioning.

  • Huleen’s hut has been moved inside the walls. It struck me as odd that it was initially placed outside, with the game providing no acknowledgment or explanation. A plausible explanation could be that Maar Gan was created first, and the quest was added later, prompting them to place the hut outside to avoid altering the town itself.

  • Regarding Huleen’s hut, Lucevar’s Huleen’s Hut mod is merged into this but has been reworked. Since one of the exteriors now utilizes one of OAAB’s new huts, the interiors had to be adjusted to match the exterior.

  • There’s a bit more clutter scattered around and redoran banners on some huts, as seen in official concept art.

  • There’s also an optional add-on called “Ashlandish Maar Gan”, based on an addon I created for BCoM. It draws inspiration from Mika’s 'Mystical and Religious Maar Gan. I appreciated the concept of using blue lights for an eerie atmosphere. The integration of Ashlander items is logical, given that the majority of houses in Maar Gan are owned by NPCs with Ashlander names.

That’s all folks, I hope you enjoy the mod. I certainly had fun making it!


Compatible with BCoM. If you decide to use this mod, skip anything bundled with BCoM related to Maar Gan.

A patch is provided for The Magic Rock of Maar Gan. The patch is only for the rock model itself, as the shrine interior is too different to make a full patch.

Not compatible with other Maar Gan Overhauls.