RR Mod Series - Melchiors Mudcrab Merchant by Melchior Dahrk and Resdayn Revival Team
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Official forum thread by Melchior Dahrk:

Melchior's Mudcrab Merchant

by Melchior Dahrk & Resdayn Revival Team

Version 1.1 + (\/)Oo(\/)

This mod is a model and texture replacer for the Mudcrab Merchant, making him stand out against the other mudcrabs in a classy way.


To install, simply copy the .bsa archive and .esp file into your Data Files directory.

Register the .bsa archive with BSA Reg tool:


Please ask before incorporating this into any mod or before redistributing this on a different hosting site.

I'll most likely be fine with it, but I'd like to be asked on this one.

- Melchior

Distribute and modify the plug as you want, just don't forget to scribe us in to the list of authors

- Siberian Crab (ex C17)


Load after BTB - Settings.esp otherwise the model changes to the Mudcrab Merchant will not take effect.

V1.0 - Initial Release
v1.1 - Updated UV, texture, and positioning for his pipe; updated readme with some incompatibilities notes;
and added mipmaps to the shell texture to avoid the grainy effect from far off

v1.1 + (\/)Oo(\/) - fixed crab's bottom shell UVW map;
crab's pipe smoothed and retextured;
added some stuff to make landscape around moar... moar... moar unique
models and textures are repacked in to the .bsa archive


E-mail - [email protected]

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Melchior Dahrk:

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My special thanks goes to LeKsoTiger from for her wonderfull painting, which was used as

concept-art for this mod: