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Small things that don't need their own page.

Permissions and credits
Traveling merchants and Stonewood pass compatibility patch
Now you can follow the courier who goes back and forth from Balmora to Caldera go through the stonewood pass! This version is based on Lucevar's fixed/improved version of this mod.

Remiros grondcover patch for the Stonewood pass
Self explanatory

Riders by rotat - patch for the Stonewood pass
This fixes two things and doesn't necesseraly have to be used alongside the stonewood pass. I noticed the rider close to Caldera was causing CTDs (and was also placed inside of a rock when using the stonewood pass).
I completely changed the script assigned to the rider, moved him to Vos and made him into a traveling merchant, going back and forth from Vos to the neaby ashlander camp.

Riders by rotat - patch for Stonewood pass and OAAB Grazelands
Since the rider I moved to Vos was conflicting with OAAB Grazelands, in this version that rider has been removed

Yet another guard diversity - full cephalopod and RR better cephalopod armor compatibility patch
This esp simply chges the ID of the cephalopod armor in the RR version of the mod so that if you load it AFTER yet another guard diversity, the guards will use the improved version of the armor.
Not needed anymore since YAGD now has a version for the RR version of the armor but I'll leave it here as it could be useful as a modder resource.

Stav's mages guilds overhaul and No-Frills Open Vivec Compatibility patch
Self explanatory

A wooden well for the Skaal Village
Only for HOTV Sosltheim Overhaul. Uses this resource to add a beautiful and detailed wooden well to the Skaal Village.

Vality's Bitter coast for Vurt's Bitter coast
Merges Vurt's Bitter coast trees and Vality's bitter coast for vurt's bitter coast and removes ground edits for better compatibility.

Vality's Ascadian Isles
Removes ground edits from the esp and makes some tweaks to make it more compatible with my town overhauls (and town overhauls in general).

Jsp Mines and Caverns compatible with The Ashen Divide
Simply removes edits to Zainsipilu from Jsp Mines and Caverns for compatibility with The Ashen Divide

Fixed Falensarano - The ruined Stronghold
This is a small edit to the mod Falensarano - The ruined stronghold where landscape edits have been removed for compatibility.
There were also dirty edits that have been removed and some small tweaks here and there.

Sheogorad Groves of the North and Illuminated order patch
Clears the path to the lighthouse added to the sheogorad region by Illuminated order.
Load this file after both Illuminated order and SGOTN

Pluginless Illy's Hotpots
Simply renames the meshes to make this mod a pluginless one

Animated Morrowind for RP Town Overhauls
This is Animated Morrowind - merged by Abot, made compatible with my town overhauls and with Lucevar's Even Seedies Eight Plates.

Children of Morrowind - RP Town Overhauls and TOTSP

Based on Abot's fork, merged with Lucevar's edits.
Made compatible with Tomb of the Snow Prince, Beautiful Cities of Morrowind and:
- Removed dogs
- Removed playgrounds
- Removed cats
- Removed teddy bears
- Reverted most moms to use vanilla heads and hair
- Removed most high poly hair models from the kids
- Reduced the number of kids added by the mod

There are two versions: one for my stadalone overhaul mods/BCoM before 1.6.3 and one for BCoM from version 1.6.3 forward.
This is because 1.6.3 version of BCoM adopted the paper map placement for the FQ canton like in Rethinking Vivec, which requires a different placement for the kids.

Caverns Overhaul by Luigian - Individual mods (Fixed and Improved)
The original mod has a lot of great ideas but was never finished or fixed. Other mods make Cavern Overhaul an outdated mod anyway, but there's some locations that have not been covered by any other mod. I decided to take some of these location, fix them a bit, replace the blank square/doors with assets from OAAB and publish them as standalone mods. I might expand on this in the future, but for now there's only Ashinabi and Dubdilla (separate esp files).
The Dubdilla overhaul also carries over/incorporates/merges the edits of Dubdilla Location Fix so don't use both.

Less Over-the-top Sheogorad: Gorves of The North
I really love Sheogorad Groves of the North but I think the first version was the best one. Starting from version 1.2, the mod became a bit over the top.
Unfortunately, the first version has been deleted from the Nexus so it's no longer available. 
I took version 1.2.1 and removed some stuff to revert it to how it was in version 1.0 I also changed the Sactus Shrine quite a lot as I thought it was a bit too much even in version 1.0.
The esp comes with patches for both Remiros and Aesthesia groundcover but the esp grasses only cover the Sheogorad region, because they are meant to be used alongside the "No_AC" grass modules from Beautiful Cities of Morrowind. 
You can still use them WITHOUT Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, but you have to make your own grass esp with no edits to the Sheogorad Region in that case.

No Trespassing - Merged and Trimmed Down
Antares once made a series of mods called "No Trespassing" (available here)
Quoting Antares, this is what the purpose of these mods was:
"In Morrowind is very ugly that you can enter and visit (and sack) all the houses. In this mods, the houses and shops have more walls and doors that close the private areas."

I simply merged all the modules together and removed edits from some interiors to avoid conflicts with great and popular mods like "Balmora Redecorated".

Vanilla friendly weareables expansion
This is a big and weird one and it might be taken down from the Nexus at any moment.
Basically, I’ve been accumulating, merging, tweaking, and expanding cool armour, weapon and clothing mods.

The goal of this project was to:
-         Give as many unique items a unique look
-         Add variety
-         Introduce concept art clothing/weapons

To give you an idea of the “potential” of integrating these new armour sets into the game, look at the screenshots I uploaded. The khajits in the two screenshots are just some random bounty hunters that got some of the
new armours through levelled lists. Swag factor way above 9000.

All of that while remaining as vanilla friendly as possible and while keeping the quality consistent with vanilla or slightly better (no PBR, HD, high poly stuff).

I’m uploading it here instead than of its own page because I lost track of what I merged into this and there’s likely too many people I should ask for permission/credit.
In case you’re one of the authors and you’re not okay with this being uploaded here, just PM me and I’ll take it down.
This goes to replace (that I can remember):

Snowy Crown
Magebane Replacer
Unique finery replacer
Danke’s armor
Every armor mod by Ashtaar
Ivolga's Armored Robes
Quorn's resource integration
Rogue Telvanni Overhaul by Leyawinn
Most weapon replaer by Rubberman
Properly clothed npcs
Antares Robe of Drake Pride
A hunter’s mark
More unique spell breaker
Concept art ordinators

Morag Tong polished + Daggerland
This takes Morag Tong Polished but makes some tweaks to integrate the excellent concept art armour made by Ashtaar.
Some members of the Morag Tong now wear the new armour, you’ll get the armour as a reward as you climb through the ranks. The armour has also been added to levelled lists so you can find it as you would find any
other armour in the game.

This is dependent on the other mod I uploaded: Vanilla friendly wearables expansion