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Small things that don't need their own page.

Permissions and credits
Riders by rotat - patch for Stonewood pass and OAAB Grazelands

Since the rider I moved to Vos was conflicting with OAAB Grazelands, in this version that rider has been removed

A wooden well for the Skaal Village

Only for HOTV Sosltheim Overhaul. Uses this resource to add a beautiful and detailed wooden well to the Skaal Village.

Vality's Bitter coast for Vurt's Bitter coast

Merges Vurt's Bitter coast trees and Vality's bitter coast for vurt's bitter coast and removes ground edits for better compatibility.
Optionally, there's also a version of Vality's BC addon, without landscape edits and tweaked a bit for better compatibility with BCoM. This is meant to be used with vanilla trees (or vanilla-like BC tree replacers like SM's).

Vality's Ascadian Isles

Removes ground edits from the esp and makes some tweaks to make it more compatible with my town overhauls (and town overhauls in general).

Jsp Mines and Caverns compatible with The Ashen Divide

Simply removes edits to Zainsipilu from Jsp Mines and Caverns for compatibility with The Ashen Divide

Fixed Falensarano - The ruined Stronghold

This is a small edit to the mod Falensarano - The ruined stronghold where landscape edits have been removed for compatibility.
There were also dirty edits that have been removed and some small tweaks here and there.

Pluginless Illy's Hotpots

Simply renames the meshes to make this mod a pluginless one

Animated Morrowind for RP Town Overhauls

This is Animated Morrowind - merged by Abot, made compatible with my town overhauls and with Lucevar's Even Seedies Eight Plates.

Children of Morrowind - RP Town Overhauls and TOTSP

Based on Abot's fork, merged with Lucevar's edits.
Made compatible with Tomb of the Snow Prince, Beautiful Cities of Morrowind and:
- Removed dogs
- Removed playgrounds
- Removed cats
- Removed teddy bears
- Reverted most moms to use vanilla heads and hair
- Removed most high poly hair models from the kids
- Reduced the number of kids added by the mod -> highly important to reduce the FPS loss
- Swapped race of some kids and moms to make dunmer more common than other races
- Removed most custom clothing, particularly stuff that seemed to stand out the most like some very bright shits and pants and various sandals with socks

Caverns Overhaul by Luigian - Individual mods (Fixed and Improved)

The original mod has a lot of great ideas but was never finished or fixed. Other mods make Cavern Overhaul an outdated mod anyway, but there's some locations that have not been covered by any other mod. I decided to take some of these location, fix them a bit, replace the blank square/doors with assets from OAAB and publish them as standalone mods. I might expand on this in the future, but for now there's only Ashinabi and Dubdilla (separate esp files).
The Dubdilla overhaul also carries over/incorporates/merges the edits of Dubdilla Location Fix so don't use both.

Less Over-the-top Sheogorad: Gorves of The North

I really love Sheogorad Groves of the North but I think the first version was the best one. Starting from version 1.2, the mod became a bit over the top.
Unfortunately, the first version has been deleted from the Nexus so it's no longer available. 
I took version 1.2.1 and removed some stuff to revert it to how it was in version 1.0 I also changed the Sanctus Shrine quite a lot as I thought it was a bit too much even in version 1.0.
The esp comes with patches for both Remiros and Aesthesia groundcover but the esp grasses only cover the Sheogorad region, because they are meant to be used alongside the "No_AC" grass modules from Beautiful Cities of Morrowind. 
You can still use them WITHOUT Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, but you have to make your own grass esp with no edits to the Sheogorad Region in that case.

No Trespassing - Merged and Trimmed Down

Antares once made a series of mods called "No Trespassing" (available here)
Quoting Antares, this is what the purpose of these mods was:
"In Morrowind is very ugly that you can enter and visit (and sack) all the houses. In this mods, the houses and shops have more walls and doors that close the private areas."

I simply merged all the modules together and removed edits from some interiors to avoid conflicts with great and popular mods like "Balmora Redecorated".

I also tweaked the pathgrid in the various cells and made a White Suran compatible version (compatible with any variant of white suran, so BCoM and Pearl of Ascadian Isles).

Vanilla Friendly Wearables Expansion

This is a compilation of mods that does a couple of things:

-         Adds new armours and weapons
-         Gives items/weapons/armours with a unique ID, a unique model
Expands on the ideas of Properly Clothed NPCs, by covering many more NPCs (Properly Clothed NPCs is already merged here).
It was compiled over the course of the years, by slowly merging stuff into a single esp file.
All the replacers and addons I merged into this are meant to fit with vanilla, so there’s no HD, reflective, high poly stuff.
Compared to the standalone mods, that usually drop the new additions into a store, I changed the various mods by adding the items to
various levelled lists or by placing items directly in various shops.
Since I kind of lost track of what’s exactly been merged into this and what the permissions for those are, I’m uploading it here, with
the caveat  that I’ll take this down should one of the authors of what’s included here ask me to take this down.
An almost complete list of what’s included here is in the readme.

As a bonus, there’s an esp that mixes Morag Tong Polished with Daggerlad by Ashtaar, so that Ashtaar's armor is better distributed among members of the Morag Tong. If you use this patch, makes sure to grab the assets from the original mods (Daggerlad and Morag Tong Polished).

I also added some optional patches to give TR Telvanni Guards and OAAB Telvanni guards the cephalopod armor made by Danke (which is included in the main esm).

Important note: as this places new items and NPCs around, it's meant to be used alongside Beautiful Cities of Morrowind and there's currently no alternative version planned.

Antares Little Mods - Merged

This merges some of Antares' little mods into a single esp. These are the mods merged here:
Drillmasters and masters at arms, bounty hunters, you're being robbed, game of three cups, night helms, statues of malacath, master trainers

Love in time of the daedra - TR patch

I know, there is already a patch that moves the entire island somewhere else for compatibility with TR. Thing is, dialogue entries still mention the original location, which means that unless you know where to look, you likely won't find the new island by simply playing game. The quest was also meant to be branching and took into account the fact that you could stumble on the island before starting the quest, something that's likely never going to happen with the moved version of the mod.
So, I decided to make a "proper" patch for TR, by removing some landscape edits and recreating the island in the original location.

Balanced Passive Races and Birthsigns - RP Edit

Small edit to the original Balanced Passive Races and Birthsigns by Necrolesian and BTB, with the idea that realism/balance shouldn’t come at the expense of functionality and convenience.
Some of the most annoying permanent abilities have been turned into toggleable ones and some of the Brithsigns changes (like The Serpent) are inspired by the mod Firmament Brithsigns
For the complete list of changes check the readme.

Less annoying shalk sounds

Pluginless replacer that makes the shalk sound more like a beetle and less like a mad horse.

Lit&Smoking Skooma Pipe

Skooma pipe replacer that simply makes the skooma pipe have a lit candle and a subtle smoke effect.