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An expansion mod for Kogoruhn, the capital of House Dagoth.

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Kogoruhn Expanded
by Greatness7, Remiros, PhDinSorcery, and Meriyal

Part of the Morrowind Modding Madness 2018
A Sixth House/Great House City Mod

This mod REQUIRES the nightly build of MWSE (2.1+) and MGE XE 0.10.1!
MWSE Nightly Build
MGE XE 0.10.1

At a certain point in the main quest, the player is sent to plumb the depths of Kogoruhn, the ancient capital of Great House Dagoth. The player arrives at the lost citadel where lie the ruins of a once-great House...

And finds a tiny Dunmer stronghold, no different from the others. Nothing indicates that a city ever existed here. Nothing indicates that a Great House once called this its home.

The interior of the stronghold is no better. The upper levels are identical to those of any other stronghold, the lower levels are utterly forgettable, and the caverns underneath even more so. Indeed, the whole experience is rather lackluster.

Kogoruhn Expanded greatly enhances the overall experience of exploring the lost stronghold of the Sixth House.

  • A vastly improved exterior, filled with the ancient ruins of what once composed the capital of House Dagoth.
  • Unique environmental scripting that makes visiting Kogoruhn unlike anything you've seen yet in Morrowind.
  • New areas to explore and major revamps to the old ones, often featuring original puzzles and other secrets.
  • Expands the related main quests with additional content, utilizing a mixture of new and vanilla characters.
  • Features over 180 new Sixth House-related art assets, all of which you can use freely in your own mods.

  • Reizeron, R-Zero, R0, ϱ, etc. (for being our unofficial "idea guy", lore consultant, and assistant modeler)
  • vtastek (for his magnificent work in shaders)
  • NullCascade (for the MWSE enhancements that made this mod possible)
  • Tamriel Data (for allowing us to use some of the assets)
  • Darkelfguy (for organizing Morrowind Modding Madness 2018)

Have fun!