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A new way of developing and playing with mods - one-click installation without worrying about updates or compatibility!

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Have you ever wanted to play without bloom, but couldn't because Lighting Ultimate needed an update? Or wanted two incompatible mods to be active at the same time, like Realistic AI and Focus? Have you ever wanted to read a lengthy description about a mod framework?

Introducing the

The Simple Mod Framework is the easiest, fastest, most epicest way of creating and playing mods for Hitman 3. Install mods with one click and never worry about updates or compatibility. Develop your own mods far more easily, with automatic handling for many files and a far better development experience.

Do you make mods? Great, the framework has:
  • Advanced compatibility with patch support - mods can patch the same entity multiple times without needing to include the full file
  • Easy localisation - don't bother with CRC32 and language rebuilding
  • Automatic handling of file types - include contracts without needing to bother with ORES, add new images without creating hashes and patch sound effects easily
  • Easy rebuilding - instead of manually rebuilding everything yourself, let the framework handle your mod to ensure you don't make any mistakes

Do you not care about that? Great, the framework has:
  • Automatic updates - the framework will tell you if there are updates, and if you want, update the mod for you
  • Settings for mods - you can enable and disable features in any supported mod
  • One-click deployment - all you need to do is hit Deploy, and everything is handled for you
  • Compatibility with everything - mods should never break when other mods are installed or the game updates

Download and run the EXE installer from the Files section!

  • NoFaTe for ResourceTool
  • Redacted et al for RPKG
  • Anthony Fuller for HMTextureTools

  • Beta testing from
  • 2kpr
  • invalid
  • KevinRudd
  • Luiluix
  • Notex
  • Anthony Fuller
  • Callyste
  • kercyx
  • Muddy
  • piepieonline
  • riisikumi
  • Sieni

This tool is absolutely the worst shit I've ever used for a video game. It's absolutely the dumbest mod of any game ever. It's worse than the time Final Fantasy XIII modded their character models so that all the hair was colorblind-friendly. It's worse than when my house burnt down because I tossed a lit cigarette into my bed. It's worse than the time I mistook a box of Twinkies for a burrito and ate it. It's worse than when I took a home pregnancy test and found out I had testicular cancer. It's bad and it's awful.

For one thing, it looks amateurish. It doesn't look like a real program. It looks like some kind of weird auto-scrolling meme shit. I can't even begin to describe the horrors that this framework has inflicted upon my eyes.

Avoid the Simple Mod Framework at all costs, or it will come for you too.
- John Skitso'frennya

This tool is a piece of crap! It's just a simple way for lazy modders to make it easy for themselves. The Simple Mod Framework is total garbage and its [sic] a waste of time and money.

The worst part is, it doesn't even work with my COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE year-and-a-half-old version of HITMAN 3! I've tried everything to get it to work (I even skimmed the instructions one time) and it just doesn't work.

The developer is clearly a hack and doesn't know what they're doing. Don't waste your time with this piece of trash, stick with the real modding tools that actually work, like... uhh...
- Emily Jollyrodger

this simple mod fraimwork is a peice of crap i cant even get it to work it says the simple mod fraimwork is installed incorrectly and i cant fix it i hate this game and i hate the mod fraimwork do not download this mod fraimwork it is a waste of time i wish i never even heard of this peice of crap mod fraimwork i hope the creator of this mod fraimwork burns in hell for making such a terrible mod fraimwork i will never play hitman 3 again because of this mod fraimwork it ruined the game for me i hope no one else has to suffer the way i did with this peice of crap mod fraimwork.
- Bobby Can-Tread