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A remake of The Seafood Massacre from Hitman: Contracts/Codename 47. New NPCs, outfits, Time of Day, map changes, unlisted Mission Stories.

Permissions and credits
Chongqing Noodle Massacre
Welcome to the first fan-made true bonus mission of the Hitman franchise, and what's ended up being the first bonus mission on an H3 map. I'd say in scope it sits somewhere on roughly the same scale as a Patient Zero mission. This takes one of the smallest missions from C47/Contracts (The Seafood Massacre/The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant) and re-imagines it in Chongqing. Despite being one of those games' smallest missions, it still took ~7 months to make and I want to kill myself. But before I do, here's the mod!

- Eliminate the required targets (Changes based on which version you pick)
- Hide the Red Dragon Negotiator's body
- The Red Dragon Amulet must be left on the meeting table to implicate the Red Dragons

Requires the Simple Mod Framework. Import this mod's ZIP file using the Mod Manager and then deploy. Run the game in offline mode (or Peacock if you have the plugin). Go to the Chongqing Destination screen.

1.1.3 (7 May '24)
- Fixes Peacock Plugin
- Integrates Peacock Plugin to SMF mod
- Converts mod to "SMF-Friendlier" formats (Reduces 'warning' messages)
- Moves Police Outfit hero versions to chunk0 for future use in an outfit mod
- Fixes possible previous issue where police outfit was hostile on apartment roof

1.1.2 (2 Feb '23)
- Fixes outfits being ruined my Freelancer file migration to chunk0
- Gives Random woman mysterious glasses
- Re-enables CCTV in The Block and Courtyard
- Adds trespassing zones for The Block
- Karaoke Music no longer causes crash when you exit session in range of it
- Improves arcade lighting
- Adds daytime LUT that has been missing entire time and I didn't notice
- Improvements made to random lady's apartment
- Relevant keys given to arcade manager and ICA apartment guy
- Crime scene tape added to upper floors of The Block
- Fixes gaps in trespassing zones of restaurant
- Various backend changes to reduce file size and (hopefully) decrease deploy time
- Enables auto-updating

1.1 (25 Aug '22)
- 4 officers added to Master Mode
- Replaces Indian sentries with Asians who now have guard lines
- Classic soundtrack no longer echoey (Thanks 2kpr), music now generally quieter (thanks Invalid for conversions), rough 'dynamic' music for night time
- Small tweaks (Hobby knife removed, Peacock-accessible ledge into ICA Facility removed, ledge to back of restaurant now 'illegal')

1.0 (11 Jun '22)
- Tweaks Blue Lotus route to be slightly faster
- BETA: Adds "Classic Soundtrack" option. Very buggy: Echoey, cuts out if game has too many sounds, only plays one track per mission, yadda
- Makes sniper harder to deal with, but not too hard
- Adds 2 police to Laundromat Roof
- Adds/expands translations
- Tweaks some light stuff in Laundromat
- MASTER MODE: Adds annoying camera to laundromat
- PEACOCK: Plugin now has functioning stashpoints

Massacre at the Chongqing Noodle Restaurant

This is the Codename 47/Daytime version of the mission. Like in C47, Blue Lotus is not a target and your briefing is just text from Diana. A lot of effort (much more than I expected) was put in to make this daytime version of Chongqing better quality than the ToD Mod; in coming weeks I will replace ToD Mod with this version of Chongqing

Differences between Time Of Day Changes and this mod:
- All puddles were built into the ground models and were manually removed
- Managed to remove all rain sounds
- Wetness was built into every ground piece's texture, so had to replace the textures of every piece of ground (resulting in a different look)
- All Lights/Signs were turned off instead of deleted entirely
- Different sun position that actually lights up the main square and restaurant alley
- Removed some 'fake lights' IO put in some places like The Block
- You no longer start with an umbrella at default spawn
The Noodle Massacre

This is the Hitman: Contracts/Night time version of the mission. It comes with its own briefing video. It has all the same objectives as original (Must kill all three targets). The blue/red/purple lighting has been replaced with yellow/orange/green to better reflect Contracts lighting. Some police wear ponchos to protect from rain. All new NPCs have wet logic (But it's not perfect)

Special Features:
- A sniper system that's better than the one in Berlin (that one is programmed to miss you on first shot, and always hit on second. This one will hit based on if the line of sight is clear)
- All new NPCs have dynamic wet logic built into them, and even their faces/bodies can have rain drops fall on them (H3 did not do this)
- Some NPCs have randomised scripts (uncommon in WoA, though was done in the original Contracts mission)
- Witness system: if someone catches you doing something suspicious and you are not dressed as a Red Dragon, a witness symbol will appear above their head and you must eliminate them before you exit. They do not count as targets. If you let too many witnesses amass you will fail the mission.
- VR Enabled (Not that special, but just so you know)

Differences from original:
- You can wear police disguise, but as a drawback all police will see through it
- If you wish to dump Red Dragon in a sewer, you will need a crowbar (couldn't figure out a way around that, there are plenty of crowbars on the map tho)
- Updated to have the modern things you'd expect of a World of Assassination map (cameras, etc)
- You can escape via any point you wish
- Red Dragon does not have a gun (It conflicted with the evacuation script I wrote for him)
- Due to Chongqing's layout you start sorta close to everything, so Blue Lotus can't be killed as easy and Red Dragon arrives at restaurant sooner (You'll have to choose your strategy carefully)
- We weren't sure how the original determined at what point you fail the mission in regards to witnesses, so we have our own system, and if you get too many witnesses you fail.

Major Bugs:
The mission has minor bugs and things we wanted to improve, but here are the bugs that could notably ruin the experience for you
  • If you play the game like a madman (mass murderer) the witness system may break and you'll be unable to exit mission
  • Chief may T-pose and stand around if he’s under a lot of stress

Future updates?
This mod will no longer be receiving any notable updates.

Kevin Rudd: Outfits, Wet logic, Time of Day/weather change, Lighting changes, Basic Scripting, Map Changes, Briefing Video, mission script, etc
Piepieonline: Advanced Scripting (Including: Sniper system, Witness system, Meal poisoning script, Amulet objective script)
Kercyx: Crash troubleshooting, Puddle removals, French Translations, turning lamps off/green
2kpr: Improvements to Classic Soundtrack mode
Invalid: Model/clipping fixes for all police outfits, police jacket strap and belt, music conversions
Georgikens: New Female Civilian outfit
AnthonyFuller: Peacock Plugin (and general advice)
Luiluix: Blue Lotus design and textures
Muddy: ICA shipping container replacement
Translations: Quartz Tan (Simplified Chinese), Kercyx (French), killer666 (Russian, The rest)

Thankyou to Atampy for a "randomised acts" template and for modding tools, thanks also to Notex and everyone else in the Glacier2 Modding Discord who gave advice/tools that helped this project (I'm sure I've forgotten someone)