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Replaces most of the US/UK accents of European, Asian and African NPCs. French accents in Paris, Asian accents in Bangkok and Hokkaido, Europeans in Berlin and the Swedish Embassy, more South Asian accents in Dubai, and less US/UK accents in Marrakesh locals. Pick and choose the replacements you want

Permissions and credits

So many big changes have happened since the precursor "Accent Improvement Mod" that it warranted a new release

Accents I had to work with:

European: 4x Male, 2x Female
South East Asian: 4x Male, 3x Female
South Asian: 4x Male (3x Guard voicesets), 4x Female
Hybrid accents: 1x Male, 2x Female
Hispanic: 5x Male (2x are unused in this mod + 3x Guard Voicesets), 4x Female

Pick and choose what changes you want:

Chunk0patch11 = Dubai. Guards, staff and 'traditional' guests replaced with primarily South Asian voices. A small amount of guests are Multicultural
Chunk3 = Dartmoor. Added a "new" British male voice to the pool of staff and security voices, all randomised guard and male staff voices are now British (no American). Adds some multicultural voices to Dartmoor Garden Show, including to the contestants.
Chunk4 = Berlin. European Voices Added
Chunk22 = Hokkaido. Guards and staff replaced with overwhelmingly South East Asian voices. A small amount of guests are Multicultural
Chunk24 = Bangkok. Guards and staff replaced with mostly South East Asian and South Asian voices. No guests changed in Club 27, some guests are multicultural in The Source. More guards are South Asian in this mod due to them having proper guard voicelines.
Chunk25 = Marrakesh. Soldiers and many Marrakesh workers give South Asian voices. Market vendors have accents from across the world. Swedish consulate NPCs given primarily European voices.
Chunk27 = Paris. French and general European voices added; most guests are unchanged but VIPs have accents replaced. Andrea Martinez now sounds like Andrea Martinez.
Chunk0patch40 = Where all the accents are stored, it is 700mb, DO NOT DELETE THIS

Differences from "Accent Improvement Mod"

You should be able to tell the improvements from the previous mod just by reading above, but Dubai and Marrakesh guards now have functioning guard lines. Swedish consulate, Berlin and Paris non-suited guards not as much but I've tried to leave frisk and trespassing zone guards as US/UK so you still get frisk and trespassing lines. Many Bangkok guards now have South Asian (Hindi) lines since they include frisk and trespassing lines, etc.


This new version of the mod would not have been possibly without Atampy26 and their QuickEntity tool. And as usual thanks to Notex and [Redacted] for RPKG tool.