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This mod version has been discontinued and is being continued on a new page: Accent Overhaul: Framework (Compatibility Mode). I've kept this version up for people who want the incompatible but faster-loading version of the mod.

Permissions and credits
This is the old mod page. It has been re-released as an up-to-date Framework mod that is now compatible with all other mods.

Version 1.2.1 - Compatibility Mode (OUT NOW ON NEW PAGE)

- Re-done from scratch to be compatible in Framework with all other mods, like Lighting Ultimate and All NPCs Have Guns mods, etc
- Reduced file size (130mb smaller), but increased deployment time. It will now add up to 3.5 minutes to your deployment time. This is the price of compatibility

Version 1.2 INTIAL FRAMEWORK RELEASE (1 Jan '22)
- Pick and choose in Mod Manager which maps you want affected
- NOT COMPATIBLE with other mods that change NPCs or scenarios. If you load this mod first in Framework then hopefully the other mods can be slapped on top of it and be compatible.

Version 1.2 (December '21)
- Fix Berlin accents, broken by IO in Wrath update
- Adds in unused British guard voice to Dartmoor (Specops03), replaces NPCs IO specifically set to American voices, apart from that one maid who's visiting from USA.
(This patch can be skipped if you're not using the mod on Berlin or Dartmoor)

Accents I had to work with:

European: 4x Male, 2x Female
South East Asian: 4x Male, 3x Female
South Asian: 4x Male (3x Guard voicesets), 4x Female
Hybrid accents: 1x Male, 2x Female
Hispanic: 5x Male (2x are unused in this mod + 3x Guard Voicesets), 4x Female
Bonus English voices: 2x Male (1x Guard voiceset)

Pick and choose what changes you want:

Dubai. Guards, staff and 'traditional' guests replaced with primarily South Asian voices. A small amount of guests are Multicultural
Dartmoor. Added a "new" British male voice to the pool of staff and security voices, all randomised guard and staff voices are now British (no American). Adds some multicultural voices to Dartmoor Garden Show, including to the contestants.
Berlin. European Voices Added
Hokkaido. Guards and staff replaced with overwhelmingly South East Asian voices. A small amount of guests are Multicultural
Bangkok. Guards and staff replaced with mostly South East Asian and South Asian voices. No guests changed in Club 27, some guests are multicultural in The Source. More guards are South Asian in this mod due to them having proper guard voicelines.
Marrakesh. Soldiers and many Marrakesh workers + locals + protesters given South Asian voices. Market vendors have accents from across the world. Swedish consulate NPCs given primarily European voices.
Paris. French and general European voices added; most guests are unchanged but VIPs have accents replaced. Andrea Martinez now sounds like Andrea Martinez.


This new version of the mod would not have been possible without Atampy26 and their QuickEntity tool. Well it could've but it would've been such a pain in the ass I wouldn't have made it. As usual thanks to Notex and [Redacted] for RPKG tool.