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Provides the necessary data to enjoy Ghost Mode, a retired game mode from HITMAN 2, directly in HITMAN 3 for Steam.

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What is it?
This mod provides the necessary data to enjoy Ghost Mode in HITMAN 3, a retired game mode from HITMAN 2.  The Steam build is required; you cannot use this with the Epic Games Store version!

Installation Instructions
  1. If you have not already, install Simple Mod Framework.
  2. Download the .zip for this mod, and copy the "Ghost Mode" folder into your Simple Mod Framework's "mods" folder.
  3. In Simple Mod Framework, click "Enable" next to "Ghost Mode", and then click "Deploy Mods".
  4. NOTE: It will take approximately 30-45 seconds to deploy the Ghost Mode mod due to some added images used on the match preparation screen.  Trust us, it's worth the time!

How to Play
Since Ghost Mode is not available directly from IOI, you will need to connect to a community / custom server by downloading the LocalGhost Patcher.  Then, you can connect to any server in the LocalGhost Patcher dropdown that has "Ghost Mode" listed next to the URL.  Then, once you launch HITMAN 3 and connect, you should then see a Ghost Mode option in the menu.

Different Steam Versions
Due to there being two versions of HITMAN 3 on Steam (the paid version and the demo), both you and your friend must be playing on the same version of HITMAN 3.  In other words:
  • Demo players can only play with demo players
  • Paid players can only play with paid players

If you own a paid version of HITMAN 3 on Steam and want to play with someone who only has the demo, you can obtain the demo by executing the following in a Steam console:

app_install 1847520
Do not copy and paste this command, as the Steam Console seems to not like it. Instead, manually type the command.

Known Issues
  1. Game crashes may occur when playing Ghost Mode.
  2. Your opponent will look like a black silhouette, instead of the ghostly look from HITMAN 2.  We're not certain how this effect is created in-game, so until then, we are not able to fix / remove it.
  3. Most, if not all, custom servers do not support random matchmaking.  Instead, use the "Invite User" option to send a direct Steam invite to whoever you wish to play with.