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Restores and upgrades the IO-made unfinished Sapienza side mission/ET known as "Methlab"

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This mod takes files originally bundled with Hitman 2 and copies them, converts them, then upgrades/fixes them, removes weird testing/debug stuff, along with making a bunch of changes I felt made the 'mission' not be totally easy (It's still a really easy contract).

This content has been known by a variety of names over the years (Nodus, Amber Side Mission Prototype, methlab, The Chemist), none of them have ever officially been released by IO. You can read more about the methlab's backstory here.

Play in Offline Mode (contract found in Sapienza destination screen) or Peacock (found in My Contracts screen, separate download required, will put up when I can figure out some issues Peacock is having with it)

In its untouched, simply ported form the mission was a total mess. Some changes I've made are:

- Undone all weird deletions + changes (church was turned into an empty, mostly inaccessible disco room with weird stuff everywhere, and the priest and a guard in the backroom recreating the Abiatta-Priest dialogue but just sitting there doing nothing) and debug/testing shit IO had
- The suited bodyguards were too classy for a grubby methlab, so I changed them to Delgado Cartel men and added a shallow backstory
- Placeholder US voicelines have now been replaced with more appropriate lines
- 1x new guard has been added to the methlab building
- Almost a dozen new NPCs have been added (some using previously unused scripts by IO) but they're intended for the Freelancer variant I'm making, they will not affect this particular mission in any way
- Most suited guards on the street have been turned into the police-style guards (Again, this is more for Freelancer Variations)

Install using SMF as per usual