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A user interface overhaul mod for Hitman: World of Assassination.

Permissions and credits
  • Cleaner, more minimalistic HUD.
  • Improved Menus with better flow and QOL features
  • Customizable Backgrounds and loading screens
  • Various Localization Improvements
  • Inventory Management and Sorting Features

Handy Links:

  • Atampy26: Permission to use Readable UI as a base for earlier versions of the mod, SMF
  • Anthony Fuller: General help, JSON fixes, Sniper Assassin Co-op Support, Freelancer Tile, Help with Peacock Support
  • Musicalmushr00m: Concept Art/Logo Variations, 2016 Style Objective Scaling, WOA Beta Style Background
  • Invalid: Ghost Mode tile code/ Ghost Mode H3 Art/Hitman 2016-styled maps
  • Dribbleondo-Van-Pelt: H3 Vidsquish Script
  • Rdil: Help with the Escalation menu
  • Beneddyguitar: 2016 Backgrounds
  • Soapine: Moral Support
  • Nasi: Japanese Translations
  • SunnyPigPig: Chinese Translations
  • iamPanka: Italian Translations
  • Cookie303728: German Translations
  • VoodooHillbilly: Typo Fixes
  • Zweistein101: Ornamental Pistol Fixes

Thank you to all the people who've downloaded the mod, thanks to the people who've helped out and thanks to the people I've become friends with over the the
course of developing this mod. I've made memories I will cherish forever and I hope to continue my modding journey.

If you want to support the development of the mod, I have a Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/burnthewitch