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Mutant Menagerie fills the Commonwealth to the brim with all new creatures gathered from a wealth of public access sources. These new, lore-friendly creatures come with unique drops and hand-placed spawns. This mod also adds in dozens of dynamic spawns for new, vanilla, and DLC creatures alike!

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 The Sole Survivor stood exhausted at the shores of a murky, discolored lake. In their mind, rapidly playing on a loop, the events of the last eight hours laid themselves bare. Staring southward across this dammed up old reservoir - the Survivor truly began to understand. Their life, one which they had known so well just this morning, would never be the same. The Survivor took in their surroundings - wondering if it could have really been two centuries since he had visited the surface. In the wake of the bombs, the perceived end of humanity, stood a new and wholly alien world. From the ashes old ruins sprouted a wasteland of perpetual, nuclear autumn. The rusty horizon was teeming with life as strange as it was familiar. Ducks chirped and quacked just feet away – lacking most of their feathers and, the Survivor presumed, their flight. On a muddy dune to the southwest, a beaver covered in jutting spikes and jagged bone spurs crawled out of the water – to the shock and dismay of a startled, two-headed buck. And on the shoreline opposite the Sole Survivor, meeting their wandering gaze, a bulbous, bloated muskrat clothed in matted fur and yellow boils – Standing nearly at the height of a grown man.
               Here on the shores of this forgotten lake, The Sole Survivor recognized that the world had never truly ended. Life changed, adapted, and evolved – adopting the ruined husk of the old world as its new ecosystem. As a deep, lurching croak echoed out from an unknown source somewhere off past western tree line, the Sole Survivor was met with one final truth. Any humans left alive in this brave new world no longer stood at the top of the food chain. Finally collecting their thoughts, the now-focused Survivor brushed off their worn jumpsuit, unholstered their trusty pistol, and began making their way onward. They would conquer the beasts of this new Commonwealth. They would find their son. There wasn’t a mutant in all of Massachusetts big or vicious enough to stand in their way – or so they thought. 
Welcome home.


1.2 Coverage:

Part 1: Overview

As of update 1.3, this mod adds 32 NEW and LORE-FRIENDLY creatures, of all shapes and sizes, to Fallout 4’s Commonwealth! It also introduces lore-friendly creatures from Fallout 4’s DLCs to the Commonwealth through the use of dynamic spawns. All spawns have been placed into the open world by hand to mitigate overcrowding the Commonwealth - and to give the Commonwealth's ecosystems a bit of an artist's touch. With Mutant Menagerie, the Commonwealth is about to become a much livelier place!



1)    Dynamic Spawns

Many of the spawns added in this mod utilize custom leveled actors designed to introduce random, level-appropriate creatures each time the actor respawns. These dynamic levelled spawns are split into predators and prey – with the intent to create fully-fledged and randomized ecosystems throughout the different biomes of the Commonwealth. These spawns do not utilize creatures that are already too common in the Commonwealth (IE mirelurks), electing instead to prioritize new creatures and creatures from the DLCs. Most creature spawns are found in the wilderness areas of the Commonwealth rather than urban areas. For performance reasons, there are no creature spawns in the ruins of Downtown Boston.
2)    DLC Creature Integration

DLC creatures have been added to the Commonwealth through dynamic and levelled spawns. Ambush encounters have been hidden throughout the
map for some creatures, ensuring that your next adventure into the Commonwealth’s wilderness will have a few surprises. Lower level, reduced-stat variants of high level creatures were also created, ensuring that endgame beasties like gulpers, anglers, and cave crickets can appear occasionally in the early game to spice up combat without entirely steamrolling the protagonist. Great care was taken with these spawns, as with all others, to ensure that they fit into the world without feeling crammed in or overwhelming in any way. They are meant to spice up your experience, not entirely redefine it. 
3)    New Creatures

This mod adds a wide roster of 32 new mutants to the Commonwealth – all of which are nonhumanoid and as lore-friendly as possible. There are hand-placed spawns for all creatures in addition to their integration into my dynamic spawns. The new creatures are split into three categories – Heavy Hitters, Hybrids, and Game creatures. Ambient “Game” creatures roam the Commonwealth avoiding hungry mutants and trigger-happy hunters. Heavy-Hitters seek to rough you up and ruin your day. Most fulfill special roles in the combat sandbox to challenge the player - making the game much harder. Hybrids generally land somewhere between the two categories - playing a more neutral role in the ecosystem. They all have levelled variants, legendary variants, and drop loot of increasing quality to match.
4)    Cooking and Crafting

Players can cook new recipes, scrap or sell critter parts, and roleplay the wasteland hunter of their dreams. Exploring the Commonwealth’s wilderness and hunting with Mutant Menagerie is meant to provide a viable alternative to the dungeon crawling loop that Fallout 4 is known for. One of my goals with this mod was to add a Red Dead Redemption 2–inspired hunting loop to the game. Pelts vary in quality from poor, to good, to perfect. Meat, on the other hand, comes in two categories – regular meat and prime, plump, or succulent meat (creature type dependent). A critter’s size is indicative of its quality, so keep an eye out for the bigger animals! Heavy Hitters also provide similarly-lucrative loot items, but they won’t give them up easy. Mutant Menagerie dares you to explore the wild, gather ingredients of all kinds, and embrace your inner hunter-gatherer extraordinaire! There are even new recipes that prioritize common vanilla fallout 4 ingredients, allowing you to use previously boring items from the vanilla game in new ways. New items sell for more than their vanilla equivalents, new recipes will require more time and effort to craft, and the benefits for your creations will be top-tier – forcing you to decide whether you want to sell that roasted critter or use it during your time of need.

5) Scripted Integration (BETA)

Creatures are now broken up into proper factions or families. New Mutant Menagerie creatures and some DLC creatures are integrated into the leveled lists of other creatures - increasing the variety in creatures you will encounter. Now, instead of a pack of simple radroaches, you will encounter roaches, ants, boombugs, and other small insects! Instead of a pack of molerats, you'll encounter rad-shrews, rad-rats, pig rats, and even the dread cave rats! Additionally, vanilla creatures have a chance to drop Mutant Menagerie loot items.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind, some vanilla files had to be edited to properly integrate new creatures. Examples of this include checking the "calculate for each item in the count" box for the vicious dog LCHAR, or fixing the rad-rat leveled actor to reference the basic traits of its LCHAR (which actually seems to be an oversight by Bethesda). If you are uncomfortable with these changes, don't use the Beta plugin! 


Regarding "Lore Friendliness"

Why Did I Make This Mod?

Incompatibilies and Bugs







Final Note: If you made it this far, you now know everything you need to know for this mod! I recommend downloading the mod now and going in blind for the full experience. After you're done exploring, feel free to check out the Bestiary below for lore on all the new critters. If you check out the Bestiary below before playing the mod, be warned - there are many spoilers below. Enjoy the mod!

Part 2: The Bestiary
What are they eating, when they’re not eating you?”


"It's okay to eat them. Everything else out here does."


"AKA the ones that might NOT kill you on sight!"


"Trust me, you're more afraid of them than they are of you."


"They really just wanna be left alone"


Recommended Mods
We get by with a little help from our friends.”

The following mods are mods I recommend running alongside Mutant Menagerie for the best possible experience, in no particular order:

Faded Glory - A Post-Apocalyptic Soundscape - Practically the soundtrack of this mod, as it never left my load order during development.

Commonwealth Conifers Redux (Autumn)
- The environment mod that never leaves my load order. True to the nuclear autumn tone and style of the base game. Mod was taken down due to the Nexus controversy, so linking a video showcase until a mirror is uploaded somewhere else by the author.

Wasteland Imports - Goodies from all across the Wasteland... - Very close to the spirit of Mutant Menagerie in what it does. Additive, expansive, and lore friendly in its integration of items from other Fallouts - this is a perfect compliment to Mutant Menagerie. In fact, this mod hasn't left my load order since 2016, and Mutant Menagerie's recipes were very much built to work alongside Wasteland Imports seamlessly.

You Are SPECIAL - An excellent perk and skill overhaul for your next playthrough. works great with mods like Mutant Menagerie that are meant to expand on the different possible playstyles in Fallout 4 - further enhancing your RPG experience.

NAC X - NATURAL AND ATMOSPHERIC COMMONWEALTH 10 - Legacy Edition - In my opinion, the best weather mod out there. Its enhancements to the Glowing Sea in particular are fantastic, and are front and center in the screenshots for Mutant Menagerie.

The Fungal Forest - The Fungal Forest is a fantastic addition to the Glowing Sea, and is featured in many of the screenshots on Mutant Menagerie's page.

FO4 Photo Mode - This mod is how all the screenshots for Mutant Menagerie were captured. I love it dearly and will never uninstall it.

IHO - Immersive Hunting Overhaul - A fun and immersive hunting overhaul for Fallout 4. Adds a more in-depth hunting mechanic, and the mod author has worked hard to add support for Mutant Menagerie - specifically. Give it a try!

We made the hot files on our first day, and maintained our spot for a whole WEEK!! Thank you so much for your support everyone! I'm SO happy to see so many people enjoying the mod and the new creatures!!